6 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content with AI

After all the hard work you’ve put into executing a successful webinar, its benefits should not end with the live event. Picture this: with just a few clicks, you can reuse your webinar content for different mediums and maximize the value of your webinars. So, any potential audiences that missed the webinar, don’t have to miss out on the value it provided. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t!

Repurposing content is extremely beneficial for busy event marketers and organizers.

  • You save time and effort by repurposing existing content instead of creating everything from scratch.
  • Keep your audience engaged with relevant content on different channels.
  • Establish the authority of your organization in the industry by providing valuable content. 
  • Boost credibility and enhance Search Engine Optimization of your website with consistent content flow. 
  • Enhance the viewing experience by breaking content into manageable sections.
  • Make webinar content accessible for those who couldn’t attend the live event.

With vFairs Webinar Summary and Chapterization tool, you can take your post-event marketing to the next level by repurposing webinar content quickly and at scale. You can find the tool at your event backend under the AI Assistant tab. You can find the detailed step-by-step guide here.

Now that you’ve opened the tool at the backend, let’s explore six ways you can use AI to repurpose webinar content all while staying on the same platform 

1. Generate Cohesive Blog Posts 

You no longer need to spend hours researching, writing, and editing to craft the perfect blog post. Instead, all it takes is a simple prompt. Just provide our tool with a title for your blog post, and watch the magic happen. The AI-powered webinar summary and chapterization tool will collect relevant information about your webinar and use it to draft a well-structured and informative blog for your audiences. 

 Instead of creating a blog about the entire webinar, you can also choose to focus on one section. This way, you can transform content from your webinar into multiple useful blogs and help a wider audience get insights from professionals. Now you can quickly proofread what the tool came up with and you will be good to go after some tweaks.

Vfairs webinar summary and chapterization tool to create blog post

2. Produce Webinar Summary

Gone are the days of meticulously sifting through hours of webinar footage and transcribing key points. Head over to the Webinar Summary and Chapterization section under the AI Assistant tab on the event backend. Our AI tool automates this process, offering you a summarized version of your webinar content that’s both concise and coherent. 

You can use the webinar summaries for promotion purposes and also to share with your audiences who might have missed the live event. In your prompt, you can specify any points you want included in the summary. 

Screenshot of Vfairs webinar summary and chapterization tool to create webinar summary

3. Use the AI Chapterization Tool 

When repurposing webinar content, it is essential to organize the information in a way that resonates with the target audience. AI chapterization tool allows you to structure your content according to your specific requirements. You have the flexibility to choose from three distinct chapterization options, each serving a unique purpose:

  • Topic-Based Chapterization: This prompt will segment your content according to the key themes or subjects covered. This not only makes navigation easier for your audience but also allows you to highlight specific areas of interest.
  • Speaker-Based Chapterization: If your webinar features multiple experts, the AI tool will separate the content into distinct sections for each speaker. This approach allows your audience to focus on the insights and expertise of individual contributors, making it easier to extract value from the webinar.
  • Time-Based Chapterization: Offer content in bite-sized portions by specifying the time-based chapterization and AI will segment your content accordingly.

You can even use this chapterization tool to help viewers navigate through the webinar and skip to topics of interest. 

Screenshot of Vfairs webinar summary and chapterization tool to create webinar chapters based on topic, speaker and time

4. Create Social Media Posts 

Managing your social media promotions has never been easier. You can now spread your webinar content across different platforms with just a few clicks while controlling your brand’s voice. 

Specify the social media platform you’re creating the post for and add a prompt. You can customize the tone of voice, and define what the post should be about. The Webinar Summary and Chapterization tool will spring into action, creating engaging social media posts with the right emojis and hashtags in minutes. 

This feature unlocks a world of convenience, saving you time and effort while achieving more with your promotional activities. The flexibility of this tool helps you generate different types of content for different platforms with ease. 

Screenshot of Vfairs webinar summary and chapterization tool to create social media posts

5. Craft Informative Newsletters

Seamlessly transition the insights and knowledge discussed in your webinars into engaging newsletter pieces. In your prompt, specify topics you want to discuss in the newsletter.

The AI tool then takes the information from your webinar, compiles it, and crafts a well-structured newsletter for your subscribers. This way you get to summarize the key takeaways and maintain the professional quality of the original content without spending any time.

Vfairs webinar summary and chapterization tool to create newsletters

6. Generate Engaging Emails 

Once you’ve hosted an informative webinar, you have enough valuable content to share with your audience through email. Traditionally, creating these emails would involve manually extracting insights, formatting content, and crafting personalized messages. But with an AI  tool, you can do it in just a few clicks. 

You can specify the purpose of the email, such as sending event updates or sharing webinar highlights. The tool will then take the content from Vimeo and turn it into a professionally crafted email ready to send to your audience. 

Screenshot of Vfairs webinar summary and chapterization tool to create emails

Final Word: Start Repurposing Your Webinar Content Today

You can unlock a world of possibilities for your post-webinar marketing campaigns through AI. Whether it’s generating blog posts, crafting compelling social media updates, sending out engaging emails, creating informative newsletter pieces, or structuring chapterized content for on-demand viewing, vFairs has made repurposing webinar content a piece of cake.

With vFairs’ AI-powered Webinar Summary and Chapterization tool, your webinars can now reach a broader audience and deliver your message more effectively. Book a demo with us to explore how you can not only save time but also enhance the quality and impact of your content. 

Check out this video of vFairs AI Webinar Summary and Chapterization tool:


6 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content with AI

Aqsa Ayub

Aqsa Ayub works with vFairs as a content writer and has been writing for six years now in different industries including tech, B2B, sustainability, social issues, and politics. Besides writing, she enjoys reading non-fiction books on history, politics, and biographies.

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