vFairs 2023 Product Recap

As we kick off the brand new year, it’s time to reflect on the ride we’ve had with vFairs’ amazing developments in 2023. Ready for a quick spin through the features that made our year? Grab a seat, because here’s a snapshot of the coolest stuff that went down!

Let’s see our products and features that stood out last year to make this year’s events even better with these enhancements.

vFairs Lead Capture App

vFairs lead capture app is a powerhouse tool that reshaped the way exhibitors manage leads across trade shows throughout 2023. The app offers features for easy lead capture and management to streamline the entire process for you. 

Lead Capture

From scanning attendee QR codes and business cards to scoring leads with customizable tags, the app ensures a comprehensive and user-friendly approach to lead management. 

Collaborative team logins, real-time analytics through the dashboard, and automatic data export to CRMs or Martech solutions further elevate the exhibitor’s toolkit, making vFairs a pivotal platform for successful and streamlined event participation.

Key features:

  • Easy Lead Scanning: Empower exhibitors with the vFairs Lead Capture App to scan lead data effectively by scanning attendee QR codes, attendee badges, or their business cards.
  • Seamless Export Process: Admins can effortlessly pick and export leads captured by a chosen teammate, ensuring a seamless and efficient export process.
  • Lead Scoring with Tags: Score leads by adding tags to prioritize them, providing exhibitors with a systematic approach to lead management.
  • Streamlining Event Synchronization: Introducing a powerful feature enhancement that makes event management seamless and efficient. Event synchronization ensures a hassle-free connection between vFairs events and events created in the lead capture app.
  • Custom Lead Capture Form: Tailor your lead capture process with the Custom Lead Capture Form feature. Event organizers can customize lead capture forms with questions of their choice, ensuring the collection of pertinent information for unique event objectives.
  • Team Collaboration: Allow exhibitors to log in as a team for better collaboration, fostering improved teamwork and communication.
  • Real-time Analytics: Access real-time data through the analytics dashboard, providing valuable insights into lead capture performance.
  • Automated Data Export: Export and sync all data automatically with CRMs or Martech solutions, streamlining post-event data management.
  • Track Individual Performance: Booth admins and company admins can now download leads captured by specific teammates, simplifying the lead management process for improved efficiency.

vFairs Event Planner

Another game-changing addition to our suite of event management tools – the vFairs Event Planner! As we navigate the complexities of hybrid and onsite events, our Event Planner stands as the answer to the increasing demand for seamless hotel/lodging collation and management. 



Event Planning - Budgeting

Accommodation Management

vFairs took another step by simplifying the accommodation process for event attendees. Now you can enjoy a straightforward process for adding hotels, coupled with flexible options for real-time updates, ensuring adaptability to the dynamic nature of event planning. vFairs Accommodation Management serves as a vital component within the Event Planner’s toolkit, streamlining the management of hotels, room types, bookings, and attendee preferences.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Hotel Addition: Admins can add hotels with comprehensive details, creating a centralized hub for accommodation information.
  • Flexible Management Options: Admins can update or delete hotel and room information as needed, ensuring real-time changes are effortlessly reflected.
  • Real-Time Room Insights: Stay informed with a glance at the number of rooms booked and available, aiding data-driven decisions and a seamless booking process.
  • Streamlined Process Flow: The module offers a structured flow, from hotel addition to attendee opt-in and automated booking recording, reducing manual effort and errors.
  • Tailored Form Builder View: Integrated with vCore’s form builder, it allows admins to customize the registration experience, creating a tailored and efficient process aligned with event needs.

Hotel Bookings / Reservations

The Hotel Bookings/Reservations feature is designed to empower organizers to efficiently track and manage attendees’ bookings and reservations. With a user-centric approach, this feature offers quick summary reports that provide a comprehensive view of all bookings, facilitating easy navigation and decision-making for event organizers. 

Key Features:

  • Quick Summary Report: Access a consolidated and quick summary report displaying all bookings, streamlining the process of assessing and managing attendee reservations.
  • Exports Data Out of the System: Enhance flexibility by exporting booking data out of the system, facilitating integration with external tools, and ensuring data accessibility.
  • Change Logs of Booking Changes: Maintain transparency with detailed change logs, allowing organizers to track modifications made to bookings and reservations effectively.

Budgeting Module

The vFairs budget module empowers event organizers to manage their event’s finances with ease. With a user-friendly approach, setting a baseline budget becomes effortless, and the process of adding, editing, or deleting expenses ensures a comprehensive and accurate financial record. It provides real-time insights into the remaining balance, allowing admin users to make informed decisions and stay in control of funds throughout the event. It also offers a transparent overview of ticket sales revenue, enabling organizers to assess the financial impact of ticket sales and make data-driven decisions based on clear revenue calculations.

Key Features:

  • Baseline Budget Addition: Establish the financial foundation for the event with ease, setting a baseline budget effortlessly.
  • CRUD for Adding Expenses: Enjoy flexibility through CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operation for adding, editing, or deleting expenses, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate financial record.
  • Calculate and Show Remaining Balance: Dynamically calculate and display the remaining balance in real time, providing constant insights into available funds.
  • Show Ticket Sales Revenue: Gain a transparent overview of ticket sales revenue, facilitating informed decisions based on clear revenue calculations.

Self-serve Backend Features

Now you don’t need to manage all aspects of your event planning through tedious long procedures. With the self-serve backend, you can create and manage your event and its landing page more efficiently than ever before. 

Self serve Backend Features

Effortless Event Setup with Quick Dashboard Access

This quick setup dashboard allows you to easily view and edit event details including webinars, registration, users, and booths. This self-serve backend will help you manage and update all the critical information of your event and make rapid changes in no time.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Navigate and access all event details with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Efficient Webinar Management: Easily create, edit, and manage webinars within the quick setup interface.
  • Streamlined Registration Process: Swiftly handle attendee registrations and make necessary adjustments effortlessly.
  • Comprehensive User Management: Manage and update user information seamlessly for a well-organized event.
  • Booth Editing at Your Fingertips: Effortlessly edit booth details and configurations with quick and intuitive controls.

Abstract Management

Now you can easily manage your call to paper process with vFairs Abstract Management Software. The process is simple and integrated within one single conference platform providing efficient and centralized management.


  • Collect abstracts: The vFairs abstract management software helps you collect submissions with a dynamic form that is fully customizable and can be set up using a simplified form builder. Once you are ready to collect forms, you can send them to participating researchers where authors can submit their abstract documents, videos, and presentations.
  • Manage peer reviews: After the submission is completed, it’s time to set up the peer reviews for the submissions you’ve received. These reviews can be both single-blinded and double-blinded which means you can choose what author information is available to reviewers to make the process transparent. You can assign reviewers to review single or multiple abstracts based on their expertise. Reviewers can then review abstracts and score submissions which are received by participants through emails as successful submissions, rejections, or acceptance of abstracts.
  • Publish research papers: From the abstract submission software, you can take all your accepted documents directly to your vFairs online conference where you can showcase them as posters, presentations, slideshows, or live sessions. 

AI-Powered Tools

vFairs has launched a suite of AI-powered tools to provide you with ease and efficiency in event marketing. 

AI-Powered Tools for Event Marketing

Build and Market Events Efficiently with vFairs AI Tools

From swift customization of email campaigns to seamless social media outreach, script creation, and dynamic content generation for various event aspects, these advancements promise significant time savings. Craft personalized press releases effortlessly, capture real-time feedback through polls and surveys, and foster engagement with personalized notifications. The History Feature ensures easy content recall, while upcoming AI Integrations anticipate enhanced capabilities for a comprehensive AI-driven event management experience.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered email builder for swiftly generating and customizing email campaigns.
  • AI writing assistant for drafting creative social media posts for outreach.
  • AI reporting chatbot for real-time insights, going beyond traditional metrics to enhance attendee engagement and content effectiveness.
  • AI webinar summary tool to collect webinar data to draft informative blogs. Choose sections for targeted content creation.
  • Video Scripts feature for instant script generation.
  • AI-driven content creation for landing page copy, speaker bios, and questions.
  • Pre and post-event press releases with personalized templates.
  • Polls and surveys for real-time feedback capture.
  • Personalized Notifications for timely and tailored alerts.
  • History Feature for exploring past content generation requests.
  • Upcoming AI Integrations for job descriptions, event agendas, unique event themes, and real-time chat support.

Ticketing & Registration Updates

Transform Your Event Experience with vFairs Event Registration and Ticketing

The ticketing and registration system helps you deliver an exceptional event registration experience for your attendees. Managing ticket sales and event registrations can be complex, posing challenges in incorporating ticketing into registration forms. The new “Ticket Control” addresses this, offering a visually enhanced experience within the registration form, revolutionizing event management.

Event Ticketing

Key Features:

  • Enhancements and Configurations: Introduces tailored features like image uploads for payment methods and package settings for ticket availability, and easy tax incorporation method, simplifying financial management.
  • Customization and Positioning: Offers general and advanced settings for a personalized ticketing experience. Users can configure label texts and finely control the interface’s positioning, optimizing functionality and appearance.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Make registration smooth and intuitive with configurable “Payment Package Dependency.” It synchronizes ticket availability, package selection, and payment options for a seamless experience.
  • Group Control: Simplifies group registration, catering to events with multiple attendees, enhancing user convenience.
  • Effortless Invoicing: Users receive transparent invoices post-registration, providing a clear record of transactions for reliable ticket acquisition reference.
  • Ticketing UI Enhancements: Simplify the registration process with an enhanced ticketing interface for a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  • Global Payment Integrations: Expand your payment options with new integrations, including Stripe, Flutterwave, SensePass, and TouchNet, ensuring attendees worldwide can easily pay and participate in events.

There is a lot more to come in 2024 and we are excited to take you onboard in the journey of creating simplified and innovative events. Book a demo and learn how you can host amazing events with powerful features in 2024!

vFairs 2023 Product Recap

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