vFairs E-Commerce Module: Easy Customer Management, Customizations & More

As a trade show host, you want to close more deals and bring in more business during your live event days. Listing products in your exhibit booth and taking orders will only take you so far. Luckily, vFairs offers an all-in-one e-commerce solution that will take your virtual, physical, and hybrid trade shows to the next level.

The all-new module will help you curate product listings in just a few minutes making it simpler and faster to run your event. It is easy to set up and track all your product sales. The platform adapts to your company’s workflows to follow the exact sales hierarchies for managing your customers. Additionally, you can add customizations to the product listing form. 

E-Commerce module

Let’s take a deeper look at all that you can do with the vFairs e-commerce module and how we’re making trade shows better:       

1. Advanced Customization for Product Fields

The new form for adding products to the event is fully customizable. Customization allows you a completely free hand on the type of information you want to add. You can add as many fields as you want like product name, image, description, price, category, etc. Moreover, it is flexible enough to add any type of product you want to list on the trade show. Add dynamic product details and show them on the front end seamlessly. 

2. Organize by Product Categories

You can also segment products into various categories. Customers can quickly find and place orders for the products they’re most interested in. Sales reps can do the same for their assigned customers. Instead of finding all products through a long list, they can filter through a category. All categories are completely customizable from the backend and you can create as many as you want.

3. Create Product Listings Faster

We have completely updated the process of uploading product listings at trade shows through this new module. Now, there is a simple form that you can build and customize for gathering all product information. The form fields are quickly populated through a CSV file. This means that you can upload all your products directly from the backend with just a few clicks. It takes significantly less time and you can do it on your own without involving technical development teams. 

The process is flawless as the vFairs team runs QA tests on each item that you list. This gives you much more control over the products, how you want to list them, and how quickly the process gets completed.  

4. Upgraded and Easy-to-Use UI

We have greatly improved the user interface of the e-commerce module to make it cleaner and more intuitive. The whole module has a newer and fresher look that makes the user experience seamless. The navigation bar makes it simple to move around the platform. The new product listings allow users to absorb relevant information easily and find products they need faster.

5. Seamless Sales Hierarchy Management

Each organization has a different sales hierarchy and the vFairs e-commerce module can help you incorporate yours into the platform. No matter how many sales executives you have, you can easily pair them up with their customer accounts and also add regional or area managers on top of the chain.

You can choose to loop regional managers into any communication happening between the sales reps and their customers. Sales reps can view customer carts, add products to their carts, and also place orders for assigned customers. With this module, managing orders through each sales region or representative is so much easier.  

6. Data-Driven Insights

You can control everything happening at your trade show with actionable insights and direct access to sales data. Whether you want to gauge the success of a particular product in a region, see how each sales rep is doing, or find the most popular products from your listing, you have all that data at your fingertips.

Organizers and regional managers can view customer carts, orders taken by each sales rep, the history of orders for each product, and so much more. This opens up new ways to deliver better customer experiences with changes backed by data. 

7. Simplified Customer Management

The e-commerce module makes it easy to manage orders from various customers. Organizers can upload and assign all customers to different sales reps and manage each account separately. Sales reps can then add or remove items from customer carts and even place orders for them.

This gives you more control over each account’s journey and makes order management a breeze. Since you will also have access to the order history of all customers, it is even simpler to repeat orders or keep an eye on all deals. Moreover, if you notice an abandoned cart, you can always get in touch with the sales rep or customer and move things forward.

Key Takeaways

Trade shows are a great way to showcase your products or services to a new or existing user base. The new e-commerce module makes the experience much more immersive for organizers and customers. The process of listing products, taking and managing orders, building a sales workflow hierarchy, and collecting purchase data from all customers is seamless. Moreover, the process takes much less time for event production and you can get the ball rolling much faster. The customization and control over product listings and access to customer data can help any event organizer boost sales and increase their ROI. 

Read more about all our latest product enhancements in our product updates blog. If you’re looking for more trade show features, get in touch with us and we’ll set up a demo for you.

vFairs E-Commerce Module: Easy Customer Management, Customizations & More

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