vFairs Monthly Product Updates

Welcome back event tech enthusiasts! 

We’re thrilled to share with you the latest and greatest developments from the vFairs product team. From our cutting-edge AI updates to the launch of our new e-commerce module, and the addition of the vFairs App Store, we’ve got plenty to cover. 

We’ve also been busy implementing several other product enhancements, including an exciting new LinkedIn integration, exhibitor segmentation in email campaigns, and targeted notifications in the mobile app. 

So, let’s jump right in and explore all the amazing updates that we have in store for you this month!

vFairs AI Assistant

vFairs AI Assistant

Get ready to kick your event planning into high gear because we’re back with even more exciting AI integrations! Last month, we blew your mind with our AI-powered Email Builder, but we didn’t stop there. We’ve been working hard to bring you even cooler updates designed to enhance the creation of your event marketing content with ease and save you precious time developing promotional materials. 

So, are you ready to see what we have in store? Let’s get started!

Create Eye-Catching Social Media Posts

With vFairs AI Assistant, event organizers can now create amazing social media posts in a matter of minutes! The AI Assistant makes it easy to write posts for your event that stand out and increase registrations. Say goodbye to the hassle of brainstorming, drafting, and revising posts for hours. Get started with just a few clicks and make your event the talk of the town!

Generate Winning Email Marketing Promos

With vFairs AI Assistant, you can now create winning email marketing promos that are personalized and tailored to your attendees’ needs. Our AI Assistant can help you craft email content that highlights special offers, discounts, or products and services that are relevant to your audience. 

In addition, you can create dynamic subject lines that will capture the attention of your attendees and encourage them to open your email. With these features, you can be sure that your emails will stand out in your attendees’ inboxes and drive more engagement to your event. 

Effortlessly Create Compelling Landing Pages

Creating a landing page for your event is an important step in your online marketing strategy. vFairs AI Assistant makes it effortless to create a well-written, organized, and optimized landing page that captures the attention of visitors and compels them to take action. The AI Assistant generates a strong headline and writes event descriptions, benefits, and even FAQs for you. So, you can focus on other important aspects of your event!

Generate Video Scripts in Minutes

Creating a video script can take hours, but with vFairs AI Assistant, you can develop video scripts for event promos and sizzle reels quickly. Just provide your video topic and briefing, and the AI Assistant will generate a complete video script in minutes. Say goodbye to the hassle of brainstorming, drafting, and revising promotional video scripts!

Write Press Releases in Seconds

Generating creative and engaging press releases is easier than ever with vFairs AI Assistant. The AI Assistant can prepare a press release template that can be filled in with relevant information such as company name, news story, quotes from executives, and other relevant information. Additionally, the AI Assistant can review and refine your press release so that it meets the standards of professional writing.

Get Speaker Bios Quickly

vFairs AI Assistant can efficiently write speaker bios for you in a matter of seconds. The AI assistant can also suggest new ideas for improving the bios and provide feedback on the quality of the bios. It can research speaker information and make sure the bios are accurate and up-to-date, which saves you time by quickly finding the right information and creating a bio that is tailored to each speaker.

Prompt Conversations with AI-Generated Moderator Questions

vFairs AI Assistant helps event organizers generate a library of ready-made questions to prompt conversations and kickstart discussions. These questions ask attendees to share their opinions or experiences on a particular topic or provide deeper insight into a subject. Additionally, the AI Assistant suggests new questions based on the conversations you’re having, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ideas.

E-commerce Module

E-Commerce module

Are you looking to take your virtual trade show to the next level? Look no further than vFairs’ all-in-one e-commerce module

Our brand-new e-commerce module will help you curate product listings in just a few minutes, making it simpler and faster to run your event. With advanced customization for product fields, organized by product categories, and simplified customer management, the vFairs e-commerce module makes it easy to manage orders from various customers. 

Our upgraded and easy-to-use UI provides a seamless user experience, and our data-driven insights allow you to control everything happening at your virtual trade show with actionable insights and direct access to sales data. With the ability to set up and track all your product sales, the platform adapts to your company’s workflows to follow the exact sales hierarchies for managing your customers. 

vFairs App Store


Integrating your vFairs event with popular third-party apps can make your event processes much more streamlined and reduce the hassle of transferring data from one platform to another. The all-new vFairs App Store can help you reduce the time to market for launching a new integration with your event, avoid a long development process by improving efficiency, and reduce any platform switching costs as well. We have made integrations a lot simpler and quicker through this new feature.  

The process is easy to set up, and you can integrate through a self-serve module with just a few clicks. We have a list of popular apps live in the backend that you can quickly integrate with. These include Salesforce, Marketo, Zoho Campaign, QuickBooks, Cvent, Eventbrite, and many more!

LinkedIn Community Builder


The LinkedIn Community Builder is an interesting new tool to get your attendees excited about the event, increase event reach, share information and important updates, and stay connected even after the event is over. Community building can be one of the deciding factors for event attendance as well and fortunately, this LinkedIn integration can help you with it!

Once event attendees register for the event they can also join the event’s community page on LinkedIn through a popup within the vFairs platform. They can view other attendees’ profiles, stay connected with event organizers, and share the event with their friends and social connections.

Product Enhancements

At vFairs, we are always working hard to improve our platform and provide the best experience possible for our users. In this section, we are excited to share with you the latest product enhancements that will take your events to the next level. 

From exhibitor segmentation in email campaigns to targeted notifications in the mobile app, these updates are designed to make your event planning and execution smoother and more efficient. So, let’s dive in and see what’s new!

Exhibitor Segmentation in Email Campaigns

exhibitor segmentation rules in the vFairs web platform

We understand the importance of keeping your exhibitors in the loop about event updates and changes. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce this feature enhancement for email campaigns. With this update, you can create user segments based on the type of booth an exhibitor has, whether virtual, physical, or hybrid. This ensures that each exhibitor only receives the relevant information they need. 

These user segments are created automatically from the backend, based on the information in the “Accessible for” field in Booth settings. You can even send a targeted email to a specific exhibitor by searching for their user ID or email address. With this enhancement, you can communicate more effectively with your exhibitors and streamline your event planning process.

Targeted Notifications in the Mobile Event App

Event organizers can enhance the experience with the vFairs mobile app by only sending users relevant notifications during the event and saving them from spam. The vFairs mobile app allows organizers to send targeted notifications to specific user segments. For example, you can choose to send a notification to logged-in users only. Targeting notifications can help you get correct and timely information and updates only to the relevant attendees. 

Easily create the customized segments you want from the mobile app backend and then send out targeted notifications to each segment.

targeted notifications in the vFairs mobile app

Webinar Save a Seat and Waitlist

With this new feature, event organizers can now define the total number of seats in a webinar and give users the option to reserve a seat for themselves. And, to make things even better, we’ve added a waitlist functionality. If all the reserved seats are full, users will be automatically added to a waitlist. 

webinar save a seat and waitlist

This feature is fully synchronized with both the web and mobile platforms, ensuring that users have a seamless experience across devices. Additionally, users will receive email notifications on their seat reservations, as well as any changes to their status on the waitlist. With this new enhancement, we’re making it easier than ever for event organizers to manage their webinars and provide a great experience for their attendees.

That’s all for this month, folks! Keep an eye out for more exciting updates next month.

vFairs Monthly Product Updates

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