Why You Need to Use the vFairs Mobile Event App


The pace at which event technology has evolved in the past 18 months alone is mind-boggling. From virtual events to hybrid events, from stand-alone webinars to fully functional, immersive event platforms to what will soon be a fundamental aspect of any event: the mobile event app. Whether it is planning, executing, delivering or post-event management, the mobile event app is an essential component of any event now. 

vFairs has always been committed to connecting people across the world with virtual and hybrid events. Our Dev Kitchen is always up to something exciting, bringing up new innovative ways that help us serve our customers better. This time they are serving the vFairs Mobile App. It’s hot and it’s all set to become the crux of events, be it virtual, hybrid or in-person event platforms

Imagine your hybrid or in-person events. You can’t expect your audiences to drag along a laptop right? Neither can you expect your virtual audiences to carry their laptops around? Your events will be 110% more immersive, flexible and accessible with the vFairs mobile app. 

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Let’s dive into why the mobile event app deserves all the hype it’s getting. 

What is a Mobile Event App?

A mobile event app is an app that compliments your virtual, hybrid or in-person event. It offers an immersive experience to your audience, with added flexibility and accessibility. It promises to drive engagement and hook in the audience by simply providing them a platform they can access on the go. From watching live or pre-recorded sessions to accessing content and connecting with a global audience, a mobile event app allows you to take your event to the next level. The all-in-one vFairs mobile app offers a range of features that facilitate your audience and create a tailored experience for you (more on that to follow). 

The question remains, why should you consider a mobile event app for your next event? What is in it for you? Let’s quickly go over the top key benefits of using a mobile event app. 

Features of vFairs Mobile App 

vFairs mobile app

The vFairs Mobile App had a few objectives to achieve. It had to offer an immersive experience, it had to be flexible and lastly it had to offer convenience for all stakeholders involved. This all-in-one app is divided into four themes based on these objectives. 

1. Check-In 

This is for the attendees coming to the live event. It helps them with contactless digital check-in at the event venue. 

2. Lead Capture and Networking 

It enables attendees to exchange contact information and share profiles. It simply facilitates them in capturing each other’s information that makes networking easier. 

3. Touchless Content 

It is essential to guarantee a safe environment for your attendees so they can easily consume content. Without worrying about unnecessarily touching and carrying heavy content from each exhibition stand. 

4. Reports and Analytics 

You need to measure the performance of your hybrid event, to understand how you can make improvements for future events. Insights and event analysis are your guiding light for the future. 

In addition to these four themes, one thing is for certain the vFairs mobile event app offers the same level of customization and flexibility that different event types require. The level of customer support also remains the same as any other vFairs event. Basically, everything that you love about vFairs is combined with the vFairs mobile app, which enhances the attendee experience and adds incomparable value to your event. 

How a Mobile Event App Compliments Your Live & Hybrid Events

Your mobile event app acts as a supplement to your live event. Event organizers can easily manage attendees’ check-ins and registrations. Attendees have a complete directory of other attendees and exhibitors. They can discover other attendees, look for exhibitors, share contact information or their entire profile with QR codes. If they meet someone at a live event, they can easily share their contact information. 

Moreover, just as in a virtual event, attendees at a live event can create personalized webinar schedules and access documents and videos. This also makes it convenient for attendees in case there are changes/cancellations in the agenda. For example, an attendee has added in a particular webinar session to his agenda. Right before he is about to walk across the huge convention center, he is notified that the session has been rescheduled. All through his app. This saves him time and inconvenience. 

Let’s dive into some specific benefits that a mobile event app has to offer. 

Benefits of A Mobile Event App

1. Simplified Attendee Check-In 

When entering the event, they can check-in via the app on their own. This contactless digital check-in allows you to efficiently verify and record attendee arrivals. It eliminates the need for additional resources to track down attendance. It automatically translates to simple, hassle-free and quick check-in. 

2. Easy Networking 

Your mobile event app opens up more opportunities for your audiences to connect with one another. They can be at the event site, at their homes, or anywhere else in the world, they will easily be able to connect with their fellow attendees. 

Discover Fellow Participants 

With the vFairs Mobile App in hand, attendees are empowered to discover like-minded professionals attending the event. They can be in any corner of the world, yet fully accessible with the mobile app in the attendees’ hands. This also includes searching for relevant people at the physical venue, meeting with them and expanding their network on the go.  Instead of carrying and sharing a business card, or paper-based resumes, attendees can simply present their QR code and exhibitors can scan and get the desired information. Users can even choose and update the information they want to share. Contact sharing works across Admins, Exhibitors, and Attendees.

vFairs mobile app

Find Exhibitors of Interest

Attendees can quickly find exhibitors and booths of interest via the vFairs Mobile App. They can search through the exhibitor list and decide which ones they’d want to visit. They can also learn more from the booth detail screens. This is just another feature that facilitates attendee-exhibitor networking. 

3. Access to Content 

Attendees can view the documents and videos hosted in the app itself. Be it the videos in the videos vault or documents in the resources sections, or individual content pieces in each exhibitor booth. They have a ton of content available for them to browse through 

Watch Webinars On-The-Go

Whether your attendees are attending the event virtually or in person, they will be able to catch the live webinars & replays from wherever they are: at home or on the move. The vFairs Mobile app also allows your attendees to build their personalized agenda, divide the sessions by track and add them to their calendar. 

vFairs Mobile App

4. Simplified Navigation 

Seamless navigation and user interface means attendees can dive straight into the action without much of a learning curve. Moreover, the navigation menus are highly customizable. Choose the menu structure that best suits your event and show what’s important for your attendees. 

5. Additional Security 

Your mobile event technology provides additional security for your attendees. Mobile event apps have authentication features that ensure only the designated users have access to the event, its resources and fellow attendees. 

Within the vFairs mobile app, you can enable SSO (single sign-on) traditional email and password login or you can simply allow attendees to generate OTP to access your event. You can even set up two-factor authentication. Use the vFairs admin panel to configure these. This additional security to your event, making sure it is only accessible by the intended audience. 

6. Opportunities for Sponsorships 

Your sponsors have yet another opportunity to build their brand awareness and get some additional exposure. They have direct access to a specific target group. With greater accessibility of the platform, they have a chance to reach even more people. This direct channel translates into new revenue streams as well. Sponsors and partners have access to their audience for a longer period of time since the event is available for longer with the app. 

7. Increased Event Lifespan 

Your mobile event app is branded and fully customized and is available all year round. Networking opportunities and content are made available for as long as the host wants. It enhances connection and builds relationships beyond the few days of the event. It is in your attendee’s mobiles, accessible at the touch of a button so it inevitably boosts engagement levels. 

8. Go Green  

Your mobile event app allows your attendees to go paper-free at your event. As previously mentioned, in a job fair or a career fair, candidates won’t have to carry their resumes, they can easily share contact information within the app. Even remote attendees can share their profiles, resumes or any contact details with others. This makes it convenient for attendees. 

They don’t even have to carry heavy brochures and pamphlets they collect from each exhibition stand at a live event. They can access their resources from the app itself. On the other hand, the exhibitors won’t have to spend money or time arranging for printed collateral. 

vFairs Mobile App

Moreover, virtual & In-person attendees can visit the exhibit hall on the mobile app to access multimedia resources like videos, images, presentations, brochures & more. They can save these to their swag bag and download these or email to themselves. 

9. Extra Safety Measures

Let’s not forget the added safety that the app warrants. Attendees can exchange contact information via the app and share profiles instead of handing out business cards or resumes etc. Completely eliminating the need for contact (and exchange of germs might we add).

10. Detailed Reports 

You can easily measure in-person registration trends and get detailed breakdowns on virtual attendee activity (logins, chat, webinar, downloads etc.) to measure how well you did through the vFairs Mobile App. 

vFairs Mobile App

Parting Thoughts

Events have entered this new era where live events don’t look as they did before and there is a new experience offered with hybrid events. While virtual events seem like old news now, hybrid events are slowly getting accepted. Here, mobile event technology plays a crucial role. 

When hosting your hybrid event, part of your audience is present on-site whereas the rest of them are participating virtually. Give your onsite audience a mobile event app and you’ve just created a richer, more immersive experience for them. Your mobile event app acts as a supplement to your live event. 

For attendees at a hybrid event, this digital space is a complete world in its own. It also connects your onsite audience with the virtual one, opening up new avenues for networking. Both attendees have access to all the event features. They enjoy greater accessibility and a unique experience with the mobile event app. 

In short, it all comes down to the quality of experience that a mobile event app offers. You don’t want to miss out on that. 

vFairs Mobile App Has it All

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Why You Need to Use the vFairs Mobile Event App

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