Alumni Virtual Networking Fair

Help Alumni Create Networks with a Virtual Alumni Networking Fair

Your alumni networks are highly valuable assets to your institution. Keep them connected to you and each other through highly effective virtual networking events.

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Why host a virtual alumni networking fair?

Connect your global alumni body on a user-friendly platform that can be accessed from any device and help them build contacts with powerful networking features.  

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Virtual Networking Event Feature Set

Features that help your global alumni body build and develop professional networks.

Top Features of a Virtual Alumni Networking Fair

Multifaceted Networking

Your alumni can connect over text, audio or video chat within the virtual networking event platform. You can also take your event across channels with our social media wall integrations like

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 Profile Search and Filter

Your alumni can fill in their user profiles, and find other users based on interests, job titles, region, etc. using our profile search and filter functions.

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Get more alumni to attend with email marketing

Advertise your event with customized email marketing campaigns and landing pages. Send automated announcements emails and send reminders to make sure your alumni don’t miss it.

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Webinar Sessions

Host multiple webinars on useful topics and use Q&A sessions to keep your alumni engaged. We offer live, semi-live and pre-recorded webinars for more flexibility.

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Attendee Match Making

Facilitate networking with our attendee match making features and connect alumni with similar interests, educational backgrounds, job titles, career paths, etc.

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Event Gamification

 Keep your alumni coming back for more with our gamification features. You can host live leaderboards, scavenger hunts and trivia to keep your audience on their toes.

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Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Alumni Networking Fair

Global Reach & Accessibility

Let your alumni around the world connect with one another from any device.

Chat & Networking

Connect alumni via group or private chat in text, audio and video formats.

Interactive Sessions

Educate alumni with powerful webinars, breakout sessions and live Q&As.

Profile Search

Help build the right contacts by providing search and filter functions.

Document Hosting

Share career guides, checklists, tips, and other documents with alumni

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