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Host Local, Go Global with vFairs Hybrid Events

Deliver a seamless and integrated event experience for both in person and remote audiences with the vFairs hybrid events platform.

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Why Host a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events are so much more than a livestreamed presentation. They connect attendees, exhibitors and speakers through fully immersive experiences across channels that increase ROI.

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vFairs Hybrid Event Platform Features

Create an immersive virtual venue for your hybrid events that mirrors your live event and expands your reach to a global audience.

Top Features of a Hybrid Event

Here are some vFairs features that help define your events success.

Stream Live Footage to Your Online Attendees

We work with your on-site event manager and A/V team to coordinate virtual and in-person presentations.

  • Broadcast your in-person presentation to your virtual audience
  • Host live Q&As with in-person and virtual audiences
  • Broadcast remote speakers to your in-person audience

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Facilitate In-Person and Online Networking

Your attendees can make connections regardless of how they are joining your event.

  • Enable attendees to connect using matchmaking features & user profile search
  • Allow physically present and virtual attendees to share contact info & connect through chat
  • Take input from attendees through hybrid polls, Q&As and surveys

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Offer On-Site Support

Use app features and integrations to guide your attendees through the live event

  • Verify attendee arrivals with contactless check-ins
  • Encourage attendees to exchange contact information safely via QR codes
  • Enjoy effortless navigation and help attendees find booths quickly

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Measure Your Event’s Impact

We generate comprehensive reports for your hybrid event so you can assess ROI.

  • Analyze virtual events activity and in-person registration data in one place
  • Fully functional reporting dashboard for hosts and exhibitors
  • Download chat logs and transcripts

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Benefits of vFairs Hybrid Events

Global Reach

Host locally while also reaching your audience from around the world

Value for Sponsors

Grant additional visibility to your exhibitors & sponsors in both online & live events

Networking Features

Extend cross channel networking opportunities between in-person & virtual visitors

Reports and Insights

Understand audience behavior by tracking check-ins, engagement & more

Content Sharing

Allow exhibitors to share content across channels in their live and online booths

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