Virtual Benefits Fair

Educate Employees about Benefits with a Virtual Benefits Fair

Host an interactive virtual benefits fair to communicate benefit information via live, semi-live or pre-recorded on demand webinars and customized benefit vendor booths, and clarify employees’ concerns with a virtual Q&A session.

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Why Host a Virtual Benefits Fair?

Empower your employees with an engaging virtual benefits fair complete with branded vendor booths and educational webinars, all the while reaching a global workforce, their spouses and families without any time and space limitations.

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Virtual Benefits Fair Features

Give employees a great platform to interact with benefit providers using interactive webinars, group and 1:1 chat, and Q&A sessions.

Top Features of Virtual Benefits Fair

Host Webinars and Q&A Sessions

Your employees can view live, semi-live or pre-recorded on demand educational sessions hosted by benefit providers and participate in live Q&A sessions if they have any questions and concerns.

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Share Resources and Videos

Add in resources and videos for your employees to view with their families at leisure. Your global workforce can access the event and browse through the resources at any time at their own convenience.

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Gamify Your Virtual Event

Boost event engagement with gamification features. Encourage your attendees to participate in scavenger hunts or trivia, or cover maximum virtual space through a virtual leaderboard.

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Create Branded Vendor Booths

 Provide your benefit vendors with highly customizable booths. Allow them to add custom graphics, banners and links to social media pages and websites along with relevant resources.

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Benefits of a Virtual Benefits Fair


Eliminate your set up, catering, accommodation, and printing costs

Global Reach

Reach your workforce, their spouses and families without space/time constraints 

Engaging webinars

Conduct engaging webinars and live Q&A sessions to answer employee queries

Device friendly

Enable your employees to participate on the go from any device

Ready reports

Easily measure employee turnout, engagement and ROI with reports

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