Educate Employees about Company Benefits with a Virtual Benefits Fair

Help employees understand and choose the right benefits plan by connecting them with providers in real time.

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Help Employees learn about Benefits through an easy & interactive online event

Empower benefits providers with rich tools like webinars, presentations, brochures and chat forums to deliver the full scope of employee benefits plans to your global workforce.

Landing Page

Create awareness among employees using a custom landing page

  • Designed as per your needs

    Promote your Benefits Fair among existing employees & new joiners using a branded landing page. Shape your message to show your commitment to employee wellness and share tips & advice.

  • Grant Access Through SSO

    Simply integrate your Single-Sign-On service to allow employees to access the online event. Alternatively, pre-register your employees or collect registrations with a custom form.

Virtual Environment

Drive employee engagement with an intuitive & highly visual experience

  • Visually Rich Environment

    vFairs Virtual Benefits Fair specializes in providing an immersive & interactive experience that is easy to learn. They require no downloads or Flash, are mobile-compatible & work on all modern browsers.

  • Modelling Services & Templates

    Want to make employees feel at home by showing your office campus? We can customize virtual lobbies, halls and booths to your preferences with our digital recreation services.

Content Sharing

Educate about Company Benefits through Digital Content & Multimedia

  • Share Engaging Content

    Enable your Benefits Partners to upload educational material like videos, presentations & documents to allow employees to learn more about them.

  • Offer a Virtual Briefcase

    Enable Employees to download any piece of content to their device for future reference.

Chat Recruitment

Accelerate learning by enabling employees to chat with Benefits Representatives

  • Group Chatrooms

    Enable Benefits providers to interact with multiple employees at once and answer frequently asked questions in a group chat

  • Text, Audio & Video Chat

    Of course, some employees might have questions specific to their situation. Facilitate them by providing a 1:1 chat option for private conversations with Benefits Provider.


Empower Benefits Providers to deliver training sessions through Live Webinars

Allow your benefits representatives to present training material and share tips with hundreds of employees using webinars. Make the session interactive by enabling them to conduct a Q&A session.


Gamify Your Event to Amplify Engagement

  • Pop Quizzes

    Quiz your audience to assess attentiveness and retention

  • Leaderboard

    Grant virtual points and reward attendees based on them carrying out a certain favorable activity.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Give users several clues and ask them to find objects hidden across the pages, rewarding them based on their discovery

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Reports & Analytics

Understand how effective your Virtual Benefits Fair was with engagement reports.

With detailed reports, you can understand attendance trends and engagement patterns. Reports help you answer questions like “What content was downloaded the most?”, “Which benefits provider was the most popular?”, “What webinar was the most engaging?” & more. Measure your event ROI to understand how to improve next time.

A+ Customer Support

Our Unbeatable Support Team Has You Covered All The Way

Our Clients “love” our customer service and dedicated event managers. Here’s why:

  • We take care of everything: event set-up, design, customizations, content uploads and more
  • A super responsive email helpdesk
  • Weekly status calls with the event manager
  • Delivery Times as Low as 10 days
  • Offices in US, Canada and the Middle East

Localize Your Event with a Multilingual Platform

Cater to your local audience by engaging with them in their own language.

Organizations that trust vFairs to power their Virtual Benefits Fairs


  • How long does it take to setup a Virtual Benefits Fair?

    A typical Virtual Benefits Fair that has around 10 Virtual Booths can take 10 weeks to set up. This includes configuring branding elements, designing booths, uploading content and scheduling webinars. Customizations to the default features, however, can take more time and are estimated on a case-to-case basis.

  • What mobile devices do you support for your solutions?

    vFairs events are accessible by all mobile screens including smartphones (Android and iOS), tablets and laptops.

  • What kind of technology is required to run a Virtual Benefits Fair?

    vFairs runs on the cloud so you or your participants don’t need to install software to access the online Benefits Fair. All you need is a standard web browser and a stable internet connection.

  • Can Video Conferencing be used in multiple modes?

    Yes. Experts can host live webinar sessions at the event and can also upload pre-recorded tutorial videos. The virtual booths can also be enabled for video chats to fully deliver on the purpose of the informational event and resolve all visitor queries succintly.

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