Top Virtual Event Ideas: 12 Creative Examples

Usually, hosting a virtual event is a challenging prospect for many, more specifically, for the unfamiliar group. At the same time, it has now become the new norm, thanks to the global pandemic. The Covid-19 has successfully spawned countless negatives that many of us never imagined in day-to-day life. 

However, this pandemic has also revealed some bright spots of human resilience at the same time. The better ability to connect, bond, and laugh together while experiencing joy with each other via 100% virtual means is definitely one of those bright spots. In the entire history, virtual events were never this normal. Maybe not a surprising statistic, but it’s important for you to capitalize on it as soon as possible with unique virtual event ideas. 

There is crazily increasing competition in the world of virtual events. It’s highly suggested that your next event step up its game in order to stand above the rest along with keeping the guests intrigued. In short, your virtual event will need to be more experiential, engaging, and of course, entertaining. 

We have brainstormed some virtual event ideas for you! You can manipulate these to any event you wish.

Virtual Event Ideas

If you are tired of the same old encounters at virtual events and still struggling to seek fresh creative ideas, this list of creative ideas will actually work. 

These ideas by vFairs are based on tried and tested event practices. To see tangible results regardless of your budget or event size, continue scrolling. 

1. Live Games and Competitions

One of the best working virtual event ideas include featuring sponsors and exhibitors with the help of different kinds of competitions or live games. It is a creative way if you wish to provide engaging demos to your audience while getting their full involvement. Not only this but such types of activities will have the audience checking back to social media pages of the event, just to see who won. 

2. Health and Wellbeing Activities

Being in a virtual environment becomes exhausting. Why not have a guided virtual meditation provided within your event. The majority of people have been struggling with physical as well as mental health due to all this pandemic situation. Keeping this in mind, incorporating such activities that are relevant to health and wellbeing into your event is one of the good virtual event ideas to switch things up. It will also deliver unexpected value to attendees.

For example, according to the format of your event, you can organize a short workout or even a meditation break in between sessions. Another option is having a separate stream for these kinds of activities. Your attendees can simply tune into those streams throughout the event for a change of pace and enjoyment. This can help destress your attendees. This way they can also be refreshed for another round of activities. Have an announcement that pops up during the event for attendees to head over to relax!

virtual exhibit hall

3. Virtual Concert

Bringing your event online doesn’t at all mean that you need to forget about entertainment. There is a long list of ideas for virtual events that can translate very well to your event. One of the most popular and entertaining options is musician performances.

Some of us love to let loose and enjoy a dancing session. You can have a virtual DJ session. Invite a DJ to come play. Get your attendees to dim their lights in their rooms. And (if they have any) attach their device to good speakers. This can be a follow up to the virtual cocktail hour. Or it can be a stand alone event. Just make sure they have some drinks to bring their guard down. 

vFairs has integrated a long list of musical guests into several of our virtual events. This adds a fun element while keeping the audience engaged. People are definitely missing concerts and many other in-person experiences. Take this as an advantage and incorporate performance to bring entertainment directly to the attendees. Very similar to the other parts of the industry, event entertainment companies are all ready to assist you with bringing different types of entertainment to your virtual event.

4. Attract Star Talent

We all know that content is king but do you know who we call the queen? It’s the delivery. There’s a bunch of virtual event ideas to consider, especially for very content-heavy events. This is because the delivery needs to be an 11 out of 10 in every possible manner. 

To achieve this goal, you can bring star hosts, moderators, or even speakers that are capable of owning the virtual setting and must know how to encourage engagement throughout the virtual event. It is highly recommended to carry out your research in order to optimize who is delivering your content, as well as energizing the audience while creating an exciting atmosphere.

Moreover, you can host a virtual open mic night and ask attendees to bring any talent they wish to share with them! They can then showcase their poems, songs, comedy acts, or anything under the sun! This would create a lighter mood for networking and also help everyone to get to know one another better.

5. Virtual Trivia Night

One of the quintessential game night options is Trivia. Also, it’s relatively easy when it comes to doing things online. A little healthy competition is never boring as people love showing off or sharing their random knowledge. You can come up with a theme to set the event stage. Further, you can divide participants into teams to help build excitement around it, ahead of time. In this way, they will know who they’ll be playing with and who is the opponent.

If you’re new to the world of virtual events, vFairs organize online trivia games being experienced at hosting the game along with energizing your attendees.

6. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

In your 3D designed environment, why not sprinkle some items in different spaces of your event. Gamify your event with a virtual scavenger hunt. When they log in on the day of the event, provide an announcement that shares the details for the game. As attendees ‘scavenge’ for and nab items, they gain points. These points can be displayed on a virtual leaderboard. This is a great way for attendees to explore other parts of your event, and to keep them engaged. 

If you are launching a new product, create more engagement with it through a virtual scavenger hunt. The audience could either seek out parts of the new product. Or they could look for a certain number of one item. As they find them, they gain points that could be displayed on a virtual leaderboard. The winner can take home the new product itself, or a discount. This will create engagement and more excitement about your new product as well.

7. Team Movie Night

One of the top virtual event ideas include hosting a movie night. You can have people vote on a selection of movies and get everyone together for a movie night. Watching the movie at the same time, even if they’re not physically together is one of the other creative ideas for virtual events. As going out for movies is another banned activity due to COVID-19, a team movie night will fulfill the urge for a fun movie night with coworkers or friends. 

All you need to do is have everyone join a conference call from which the movie will be streamed by you. Or you can also have everyone start at the same time by joining a group chat where they also discuss as they watch.

8. Fundraiser

One of the most authentic virtual event ideas is to show that all donations matter, no matter what the size. In this virtual event, you can encourage participants to join you with the purpose of giving something up and donating that particular amount to your cause instead. For example, if a daily can of soda is $.50, your audience can give that money to your cause and later use a hashtag to challenge others too. 

It’s virtual and a challenge, hence it works. You can use an easy mobile app to encourage people to donate. Also, make sure to share all of the mentions of people doing so purely on your behalf.

9. Virtual Mixers

A virtual mixer is a great way for people to get to know one another in a new environment. You can throw attendees into a virtual space and use the auto matchmaking tool that can match people up. Alternatively, you could use Zoom breakout sessions in order to do this. This virtual event idea eases people and gains some sense of familiarity.

Another tested idea is to assign a person to the live discussion of each of your sessions from the organizing team. This person will be responsible for making sure that the chat keeps going. The person will answer any platform or tech questions along with reminding the audience how they can use the chat function. 

Perhaps it seems a small detail that is absolutely free to implement, but it makes a big difference in the attendee experience. 

10. Virtual Cooking Class

What about adding an engaging spin with a virtual cooking class! All it involves is delivery of ingredients to participants and a chef that leads the group. During registration for the event, make sure to include signups for the class and their house addresses so you can send the ingredients prior to the class. 

Choose from any cuisine you want. Or base it on your target audience’s preferences! It could even be a virtual baking class or a virtual mixology class.

11. Online Tours

There’s one virtual conference idea that is ideal to give your audience a sense of traveling far away from their home/office. Your sponsors or speakers might work in some interesting places, but it depends on the sector you are currently working in. For example, you can offer 360-degree virtual visits to farms, factories, galleries, and other unique spots. 

12. Host a Giveaway

Last but not least, giveaways are always special and a good way to increase attendees’ engagement. They can be a fun addition to your virtual event. Although, the giveaway is not one of those simple virtual event ideas where the prize is simply handed to the attendee, there are some virtual goodies you can offer. Also, there’s an option of mailing physical incentives to your attendees following the virtual event.

For example, you can have the participants share something, using the dedicated event hashtag, about the virtual event on social media. The attendees can also complete certain actions during the virtual event. 

Key Takeaway

Virtual event ideas are a great way to boost attendance and engagement. Not to mention, they offer hosts to be as creative as they want to be through a powerful virtual event platform such as vFairs. Channel your creative abilities and make your virtual event one to remember! These creative ideas for virtual events also work great when it comes to engaging attendees, so it’s a win for everyone. 

Top Virtual Event Ideas: 12 Creative Examples

Hira Yousaf

Hira is a content writer at vFairs. She has been working in the SaaS content market for around 2 years. Hira is a Nutritionist but she believes writing is her true calling, so she looks forward to exploring different niches. When she's not writing, she's either on a trip making new friends or probably spending quality time with her cats, Rio and Dusty!


Top Virtual Event Ideas: 12 Creative Examples

Hira Yousaf

Hira is a content writer at vFairs. She has been working in the SaaS content market for around 2 years. Hira is a Nutritionist but she believes writing is her true calling, so she looks forward to exploring different niches. When she's not writing, she's either on a trip making new friends or probably spending quality time with her cats, Rio and Dusty!
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