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vFairs Virtual Events: Global Reach at Your Fingertips

Mesmerize your audience with captivating visuals, immersive tech stack, and a virtual experience like no other.

Loved by Organizations Worldwide

Planning, Hosting, and Managing a Virtual Event Has Never Been This Easy

vFairs offers a complete set of features and tools to get you geared up for your virtual event. Keep your attendees entertained, engaged, and excited with vFairs Virtual Events.

Dive into the Virtual World of vFairs

vFairs virtual events will transport your attendees into the world full of learning, creativity, and fun.

Charm your attendees with visually stunning, interactive, and immersive virtual exhibit halls

Get your creative hat on and design your branded exhibit halls, exhibit booths, and avatars to create a white labeled event. Encourage networking with text, video, and audio group and private chats.

Webinars that will hook you to your screens

Who says webinars are boring? With vFairs, we promise to take your webinar fatigue away with extremely cool realistic 3D designs, interactive activities, video integrations, and multiple presentation options.

Add a twist to your event with our super entertaining gamification options

Ignite the competition within your virtual event with virtual leaderboards, scavenger hunts, and trivia games. Request live feedback and opinions from your attendees with live polling during live presentations, webinars, and sessions.

Make networking plain sailing for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors

Foster connections between attendees and exhibitors with our live embedded chat, group chat, and private chat. Let attendees book appointments with our meeting scheduler and enjoy chatting in our breakout rooms.

Add a touch of our specialized features for that little zing

Change your event game with specialized features that will wow your attendees, and sponsors alike. Our specialized features include poster halls, shopping carts, auto-match profiles, job boards, and more.

Wide-ranging Virtual Solutions for All Your Event Needs

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Benefits of vFairs Virtual Event Platform

Build Connections Around the World

Network with people from different parts of the world and make valuable connections

Strong Value For Sponsors and Exhibitors

Showcase and promote your services to a larger audience

Notably Reduced Expenses

Enjoy lower costs and a higher ROI

Analytics at Your Fingertips

Get hold of in-depth real-time data metrics

Flexibility for Attendees

Be a part of the virtual event irrespective of where you are

Virtual Events: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Conferences, trade shows, career fairs, and seminars are widespread in the majority of businesses and large organizations.

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