vFaris landing pages

Capture Registrations with a beautiful landing page.

Showcase your university’s unique culture and competency through appealing and functional landing pages that are sure to increase the number of visitors that your event receives.

vFairs virtual booth templates

Engage students with a crisp virtual environment.

With the following features, ensure that your visitors get a near-physical experience of the Open Day with the same level of engagement as a physical one:

  • Easy-to-navigate virtual space
  • Carefully designed exhibitor booths
  • High resolution and customized exhibitor avatars
vFairs video vault

Enable prospective students to learn about your university through text, images & videos using features like:

  • Video vaults carrying a host of informative videos
  • Brochures
  • Course Outlines
  • Photo Galleries


vFairs chat window

Interact with students using audio, video or text chat.

Ensure a higher engagement score for your Open Day through one-to-one and group chat features that allow students to have personalized conversations with your reps, increasing the chances of prospective students converting to applicants.

vFairs webinars

Offer Webinars to amplify their experience and allow prospects to participate in Q&A sessions through:

  • No Flash plug-in requirement for a more secure and convenient interaction
  • Interactive panels
  • Live video conferencing
graph chart

Measure your Event’s ROI with meaningful reports.

Gauge your event’s success through reports that provide statistics like:

  • Number of visitors
  • Average duration of visit
  • Number of chat room interactions
customer service icon

All this with a dedicated Event manager & super responsive Customer Service.

Take your next event to a virtual space with the comfort of having our nimble round-the-clock Customer Service team ready to accommodate your requests and concerns prior to, during and after your event.

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