While the Coronavirus continues to affect the human population in more ways than can be described, the most unfortunate of them is the suspension of all physical contact across the globe. As a matter of fact, it is not just the clinical severity, but also the transmissibility that makes it an obvious threat to humans. Hence, locking down hundreds of countries, businesses and institutions and suggesting remote working conditions to promote social distancing.

So, given the fluidity of this rapidly developing situation, how do we still continue to maintain connections without sharing physical spaces? How can companies, along with other operational issues, align their human resource departments to hire and on-board employees remotely?

remote work conditions

Remote Hiring & Onboarding Tools Amid COVID-19

1. Virtual Career Fairs

Virtual Career Fairs allow companies ace staffing without compromising on talent quality, cost or hiring targets. In today’s quarantined world, where it is impossible to gather a crowd under one roof, employers have the ability to take their career fair to every participant’s own space, virtually. The following benefits allow organizations to hire top global talent remotely with the help of a Virtual Career Fair:

(a) Higher visitor attendance – while the online nature of a virtual career fair removes all space and time constraints, it can also be accessed using any smart device, enabling employers to reach a global audience even in the midst of a complete lock-down.

(b) Well-rounded candidates – employers can capture relevant applications using smart applicant tracking tools

(c) Easy exchange of information – without the need of paper, or any possible virus transmitting documents, virtual career fairs allow employers to provide candidates with company videos, FAQs and brochures.

(d) Real-time job board – a job board allows job seekers to stay updated on available positions while the employers to showcase their openings as they come. This benefits candidates to stay updated and apply for relevant positions, as employers can filter appropriate applications in real time and take processes further from there.

(e) Uncompromised employer branding – employers can brand their companies to a global audience with the help of branded custom virtual booths

(f) Increased employer-candidate engagement – using live text, audio and video chat, employers can interact with potential employees in order for an improved and effective analysis from across the world. Similarly, job seekers can have discussions and schedule meetings with company representatives for any or all sorts of queries.

(g) Measurable results –  monitor your event with real time reporting and measure your ROI with detailed reports at the end of each virtual event.

By providing a 3-D online platform, employers and job seekers can connect in a virtual setting mimicking the feel of a physical event, but without the restricting attributes known to be a source of frustration for recruiters.

virtual career fair

2. Video Assessment

Setting up calls, coordinating meetings, and aligning follow ups with candidates can be greatly nerve wracking and time-consuming. So, what if you could gather all your candidates on one online platform and streamline a standardized procedure for them to follow, saving you precious time to assess results?

In the current conditions, additionally, the lack of physical contact is not a worry for hiring departments anymore. Evalufy is a video assessment platform that helps you measure candidates against your benchmarks with customized assessments, video responses and collaborative scoring.

Not only does this free you from your tedious work that once made you bizarre, and is especially affected during the COVID-19, but also makes hiring more effective, letting you gauge the true potential of your pool of candidates.

evalufy video assessment

3. Web Conferencing 

The major focus during self-isolation is to ensure that this disconnection does not affect the interactions between candidates and employers meeting each other from across devices. For this purpose, tools such as WebEx and Zoom can help schedule meetings and send reminders before the event to ensure smooth flow of information between the two stakeholders involved.

zoom web conferencing

4. Remote Onboarding 

At a time when companies were hit by the the sudden and huge impact of COVID-19, everyday processes such as on boarding new employees were also one of the many process that were disrupted due to the devastating spell of Coronavirus. During this, while existing employers might still be aware of the regular protocols of their company, new and motivated joiners might find themselves clueless, as employers might be unable to transition them into the system due to the lack of physical interaction. To make things practical, quicker, and simpler, here’s what employers can do:

a) Afterhire

Afterhire offers a powerful onboarding experience to organizations allowing them to ramp up distributed hires with ease and gets them to peak productivity faster. The following key features make Afterhire the #1 choice of several top global organizations:

  • Accelerates productivity of distributed teams
  • Improves employee performance and retention
  • Reduces costs associated with manual, time-intensive onboarding tasks

In the age of social distancing, where it is imperative to retain top talent and keep them engaged to boost organizational productivity, Afterhire is a solution that equips you to conduct remote onboarding in a seamless and effective manner.

afterhire remote onboarding

b) Virtual Onboarding Fair

Hosting a Virtual Onboarding Fair can allow you to welcome and train new employees remotely, ensuring your processes, and their tasks are unaffected by the remote work conditions. At a Virtual Onboarding Fair, employers can benefit in the following ways:

  • Get employees to easily register for the online event using their employee ID and password
  • Allow employees to navigate through a range of on boarding processes to chose the booths that carry necessary information as well as access help desks at all times
  • Provide employees with documents, videos, brochures, presentations and all necessary forms
  • Allow managers to engage with new teams using live webinars
  • Allow the training staff to interact with employers using text/audio/video chat
  • Measure the ROI of your event with detailed reports

virtual onboarding fair

While a number of businesses might be new to the experience, it is advisable to speak to a representative to discuss hosting a virtual on boarding fair in detail.

5. Team Workflows

For any team to be in sync, and working towards a shared objective, it is necessary for them to gather together to discuss priority and regular task, deadlines, and so on. However, the gravity of the situation prohibits any such meetings. Therefore, tools such as Asana and Slack can allow remotely positioned teams to align themselves effectively, and on a daily basis.

asana workflow


While COVID-19 agreeably continues to disrupt physical interactions, it is entirely our job to contribute towards controlling the further spread that has been impacting various countries at this time. Shifting towards effective alternatives to physical interactions will not only safeguard the interest of you and your surroundings, but will also ensure your regular processes aren’t affected more than they already are being.

Isolation isn’t a sad reality as much as it is a safe, educated decision – and while we continue to make these decisions for the entire human race, we also have assisting forces to stay united and get through these difficult times without losing much.

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At vFairs.com, we strive to build a top-class online event platform that will help event organizers make memorable connections with their target audience. We’re obsessed with taking out the hassle normally associated with physical events and leaving organizers and exhibitors to focus on what’s most important: engagement with the audience.

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