10 Best Event Ticketing Platforms in 2024

Before entering the event venue, the majority of attendees typically interact with the registration platform. Any glitches or interruptions during the ticket purchasing process can be a major turn-off, potentially leading to frustrated users or, worse, lost sales. Since a flawless user experience is essential to encourage ticket sales and leave a positive first impression, you need the right event ticketing platform to make it happen. 

However, amidst many available options, event organizers find it daunting to choose one of the best event ticketing platforms that aligns with their budget and offers all the features they may need. 

This blog will delve into the 10 best event ticketing platforms, understanding their standout features, user-friendliness, and overall effectiveness. 

Review of Best Online Ticketing Platforms

Let’s dive into the list of the top ticketing platforms for events that you can use:

1. vFairs

vFairs is an all-in-one event management platform that streamlines your registration process and helps you market your event and execute it. vfairs is one of the best event ticketing palatforms The event ticketing platform oversees event registrations and financial transactions with dynamic and highly customizable registration forms, tiered ticket segments, and integration with popular and secure payment platforms. It takes the first spot in the list of the best event ticketing platforms because you can manage ticketing and registration in one platform with all the data synchronized in one place. Let’s check out vFairs ticketing platform features in detail:

Ticketing Tiers 

The vFairs ticketing platform offers diversified pricing options with tiered structures tailored to different attendee segments. It enables group registrations so that companies can purchase tickets for all of the employees in bulk. 

Discount Codes

You can offer coupon codes supported by renowned payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe. There is an option to offer early bird discounts, group discounts, or a discount enabled for a limited time. 

Payment Confirmation

You get to enhance customer communication by promptly sending payment confirmations, complete with an invoice, directly to the registration email for swift and transparent transactions.


One of the top reasons why vFairs made it to the list of best event ticketing platforms is the security and safety of the platform as they are ISO 27001 certified. All the payment-related data is encrypted as vFairs has integrated popular payment methods. It offers credit card, PayPal, and Stripe payments for secure and smooth financial transactions. 

Direct Payment Channel

vFairs is not involved in the payment process and the organizers directly receive the revenue without any interference from a third party. 

vfairs payment integratins with paypal, stripe and mastercard

Custom Add-ons for Attendees

There is an option to offer enticing add-ons for attendees to customize their event journey by selecting specific sessions or content of their preferences. This flexibility enables attendees to get an exclusive and personalized experience. They can choose the sessions they are most interested in during registration and get exclusive access. 

User Segmentation

One notable feature of the vFairs ticketing platform is the automated segmentation of users based on their online event registration responses. This functionality categorizes attendees so you can offer access to event content based on specific user types, be it VIPs or general admission attendees. You can also send tailored notifications to respective segments to enhance communication. 

Seating and Accommodation Selection 

Users can select a seat in the auditorium for themselves at the time of registration if it’s an exclusive event. You can also add hotels and accommodation data so the users can choose from the available options and let you know their preferences. Add any custom options for the users to select from. 

Custom Event Landing Pages

Organizers can design branded landing pages for their events with all the details and agendas displayed for their attendees to see. These event pages help elevate your event marketing efforts. You can drive interest by adding exciting content like promotional videos and speaker bios. The AI Assistant can help you generate content for the landing pages in no time. 

vfairs custom event landing pages with discount codes for event registration

Customer Support

The vFairs team will provide complete customer support to set up the registration forms and ticketing tiers based on the client’s requirements. The team will also be there to help them with platform management for a smooth execution of their events. 

CRM Integrations

You can transfer all the data from the ticketing platform to your CRM like Salesforce or Hubspot. The CRM integration provided by vFairs helps automate data transfers, removing the need to manually do it. This makes it easier to track registrations and attendee data, increasing efficiency. 


You can track the number of registrations, attendee demographics data, and revenue collected with the ticketing platform. The event reporting dashboards give you a clear picture of what type of tickets are the most popular. The numbers can help you track attendee preferences at the time of registration. 

With discount codes, you can track which marketing efforts were the most useful and helped sell more tickets. 

vfairs custom event reporting for ticketing and registration data

Onsite Check-in

For hybrid and in-person events, the vFairs platform offers a mobile app for easy check-in at the venue. A unique QR code is displayed using which each attendee can mark their attendance and enter the event. The badge printing app helps organizers customize branded badges and either print them in bulk beforehand to save time or print them onsite.  

Pros and Cons


“I needed a registration and ticketing platform, as well as an app and a support team. With vFairs, we got it all! I have been a customer for 6 years and will continue to be.” – Kelsey P. 

“We promoted ticket sales and workshops with direct links for individuals to make purchases. With an incredibly user-friendly app, vFairs allowed us to focus on producing a first-class event while everyone had a resource for information, and therefore fewer questions were asked of our staff.” – Karen S. 


“There were no major downsides to using vFairs. The price was very fair, the support was good, and my few recommendations after the event were noted and already in their queue for improvement based on other customers’ feedback.” – Corbin S. 

2. EventBrite

Eventbrite’s ticketing software offers a variety of ticketing options for attendees to choose from. eventbrite event ticketing platformThe platform is one of the best event ticketing platforms as it accommodates tiered ticket structures and integrates social tools for extensive event promotion. However, some users express concerns over the platform’s service fees, which can impact the overall cost for organizers, particularly those on tighter budgets. There are a bunch of hidden fees, including processing fees, per-event fees, and additional fees to process the fee. 

Here are some of the key features: 

Tiered Ticketing Options

Organizers can implement tiered pricing structures, offering different ticket types for various attendee segments. 

Discount Codes and Promotions

Eventbrite’s online ticketing system supports the creation of discount codes and promotional offers to implement strategic pricing.

Real-time Analytics

Organizers can track ticket sales, monitor registration data, and gain insights into attendee demographics. This data helps in making informed decisions and adjustments to event planning strategies.

Multi-Currency Support

Eventbrite supports transactions in multiple currencies, catering to organizers hosting events on an international scale. This feature is valuable for events with a diverse attendee base.

Pros and Cons


“The design of Eventbrite makes it very welcoming, simple, and easy to use. It feels less daunting than ticketing platforms like Ticketek which I believe creates a less stressful buying experience for the customer.” – Verified User


“They changed their payout terms at the beginning of the pandemic from daily payouts to holding all funds until 2 weeks after an event. I can’t use Eventbrite for my in-person events because I need the cash flow to pay expenses leading up to the date of the event. Takes some time to set up organization and automated messaging.” – Mark M. 

3. Webex Event 

Webex Event, known for its virtual collaboration tools, extends its capabilities into event ticketing as well. webex event ticketing platformThe event ticketing platform integrates with its virtual meeting features. Webex has a user-friendly interface for straightforward event setup. However, customers sometimes find ticket types inflexible and lacking easy editing options. 

Here are some of the features of the Webex Event ticketing platform:

Automated Confirmation and Communication

Webex offers automated confirmation emails upon registration, providing attendees with instant acknowledgment. Additionally, the platform supports communication tools to keep organizers and attendees connected with event updates and announcements.

Access Control and Security

The platform provides robust access control features, ensuring secure event entry. Organizers can implement measures such as unique event links and participant authentication to maintain a secure virtual environment.

Reporting and Analytics Tools

Webex allows organizers to keep track of track ticket sales, registration data, and attendee engagement. This helps in making informed decisions in the future.

Third-Party Integrations

Webex Ticketing supports integration with third-party tools and platforms, enhancing its overall functionality. This flexibility enables organizers to connect event data with other essential tools such as CRM systems or marketing platforms.

Pros and Cons


“We really liked the ticket purchasing feature, this made selling tickets for both in-person and virtual attendees painless. The reporting tool was helpful at the end, we were able to see who and how many people attended each event.” – Laura C. 


“I wish there was a way to edit the ticket type purchased when the tickets are the same cost. An ability for only backend users to edit/update ticket type would be a great add.” – Simona H. 

4. SurveyMonkey (PurplePass Ticketing)

SurveyMonkey’s registration platform called PurplesPass Ticketing offers a range of features suitable for event organizers, including free options for those with basic needs. The platform provides customizable registration forms, allowing organizers to gather essential information. survey monkey purple pass event ticketing platformWhile caters to users with straightforward requirements, those seeking advanced functionalities such as customer service and bespoke designs and branding might encounter limitations.

Basic Free Registration Option

The platform provides a free registration option. This option allows for simple event registration and data collection for up to 25 attendees without incurring costs. Generally, the attendee count at events is larger than 25 so, organizers would most likely need to use the paid version.  

Custom Questions

Event organizers can implement tailored questions during the registration process, gaining specific insights from attendees. This feature contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of participant preferences and requirements.

Registration Analytics

SurveyMonkey provides analytics tools for tracking registration data. Organizers can gain insights into registration trends to optimize the event planning process.

Payment Processing

SurveyMonkey facilitates seamless payment processing for paid events. Organizers can set up different payment gateways to collect payments from attendees during the registration process. However, users have shown concerns about how the payment integrations are limited. 

Email Communication Tools

The platform includes communication tools for sending event-related emails to registrants. Organizers can provide important updates, event details, and reminders directly through the SurveyMonkey interface.

Pros and Cons


“I really like the fact that there is a really good customer support that usually responds within a couple of hours once the ticket has been filed.” Henry C. 


“I really think the payment portal needs some improvement for integrations. However, once it was set up, it became an easy solution for smaller events. Not all of our ticketed options need to go through the bigger ticket merchants – Ticketmaster/Axs etc.” – Verified User

5. Cvent

Cvent is a comprehensive event management platform that includes features for event registration, ticketing, and attendee management.cvent event ticketing platform The platform excels in offering customization options and detailed reporting about the ticketing and registration data. However, users have noted complexities in the platform’s learning curve, and their event ticketing requires third-party data to fully function which can be a challenge.

Customizable Registration Forms

Cvent’s platform offers organizers the ability to create highly customizable registration forms. This feature allows for the inclusion of specific fields and questions tailored to the unique needs of the event.

Varied Ticketing Options

Organizers can implement diverse ticketing options, including tiered pricing structures and promotional discounts. This flexibility caters to different attendee segments.

Automated Email Communication

Cvent facilitates communication with attendees through automated emails. Organizers can send confirmations, event details, and updates directly from the platform.

Attendee Self-Service Options

Cvent enables attendees to manage their registrations through self-service options. This feature allows participants to make changes to their registration details. 

Real-time Reporting

Cvent’s reporting and analytics tools offer real-time insights into registration metrics. Organizers can track ticket sales and event performance through the dashboards.

Pros and Cons


“[Cvent] gave us a ticket-buying platform that complied with all our needs for our 5 day conference.” – Annabel H. 


“One of the challenges we have for our large events is keeping track of who has a ticket to sit and eat at the event (vs other people just hanging out). Wish there was a tie to some suggested vendors for best ways to use … event registration management to manage that part of the event.” – Verified User 

6. TicketManager (formerly InviteManager)

TicketManager is one of the best event ticketing platforms, especially for concerts, sports events, and live performances.

tikcketmanager event ticketing platform TicketManager Logo (PRNewsFoto/TicketManager)

The platform offers a user-friendly interface and multiple ticketing tiers along with promotional options to cater to the needs of different user segments. However, some people have expressed concerns about the platform’s user-friendliness making it time-consuming for organizers to set up.

Multiple Ticket Types

TicketManager supports the creation of various ticket types, including general admission, VIP, and tiered pricing structures. This versatility allows organizers to accommodate diverse attendee preferences and offer customized experiences.

Real-time Sales Tracking

Organizers can track ticket sales in real time through TicketManager’s reporting tools. This feature provides instant insights into the progress of ticket sales, helping organizers make adjustments.

Secure Payment Processing

TicketManager ensures secure payment processing for both organizers and attendees. The platform integrates with trusted payment gateways, offering a reliable and safe transaction for purchasing event tickets.

Mobile Ticketing

TicketManager allows attendees to access and manage their event tickets directly from their smartphones. This feature reduces the reliance on physical tickets.

Integration with Promotional Tools

The platform allows organizers to enhance their event marketing strategies. This includes promotional codes, discounts, and special offers to attract a wider audience.

Access Control 

Organizers can utilize tools such as electronic ticket scanning and verification to ensure a smooth check-in process with controlled access during the event.

Pros and Cons


“It is great to be able to track everything and pull various reports and views. It is nice to be able to easily upload the whole season and only those tickets that apply.” – Kathy B. 


“Sometimes Invitation emails go to Spam boxes. Would like to be able to pull a report about invitation status (delivered, dropped, RSVP, etc.) for all attendees of an event at one time, instead of by each invitee individually.” – Meghan F. 

7. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is an event technology platform that offers solutions for event planning, marketing, and ticketing.bizzabo event ticketing platform It is known for its user-friendly interface and offers services for large to medium enterprises. Bizzabo made it to the list of best event ticketing platforms for its diverse ticketing, registration, and attendee engagement features. However, the reporting feature can be difficult to navigate as it doesn’t show the specific types of registrations in the reports. 

Secure Payment

Bizzabo’s ticketing platform is equipped with secure payment processing options. Organizers can confidently manage transactions, providing attendees with a secure and trustworthy payment experience.

Customizable Branding 

Bizzabo offers organizers the flexibility to customize branding elements throughout the ticketing process. From registration forms to ticket designs, organizers can tailor the visuals to align with their event.

Marketing and Promotional Tools

Bizzabo empowers organizers with a suite of marketing and promotional tools including email campaigns and social media integration. The event ticketing platform also facilitates integrations with various CRM and event tools.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

There are dynamic analytics and reporting tools that allow organizers to monitor registration metrics and track attendee engagement.

Customer Support and Help Desk

Organizers and attendees have access to a comprehensive help desk where someone from the team addresses their inquiries promptly, offering assistance throughout.

Pros and Cons


“This platform effectively covers various aspects, including ticketing, registration, attendee engagement, and event evaluation. Utilizing Bizzabo greatly streamlines our event planning process.” – Meghan M.


“Reporting features are difficult. I wish there was a way to see specific types of registrations easier. Example: all in-person attendees, all virtual attendees – no matter the ticket type.” – Lisa E.  

8. Splash 

Splash is an event marketing and ticketing platform that focuses on creating visually appealing event pages and seamless registration experiences.splash event ticketing platform It stands out as one of the best event ticketing platforms with a centralized system for managing tickets, orders, and refunds. However, some users have shared that many of the extras and services come at an additional fee. 

Early Bird Discounts 

The platform allows organizers to implement early bird discounts, providing flexibility in pricing strategies and encouraging early ticket purchases for events.


Splash includes a feature for organizers to set up giveaways, enabling them to offer complimentary tickets or special promotions to selected attendees.

Donation & Fundraisers

In support of charitable initiatives, Splash facilitates the integration of donation and fundraising options during the ticket-purchasing process.

Add-on Tickets

Organizers can enhance the ticketing experience by offering add-on tickets, allowing attendees to customize their event participation with additional options beyond the standard ticket types.

Limited Ticket Design Customization

Some users have reported limitations in ticket design customization on the Splash platform, expressing a desire for more extensive options to align ticket visuals with their event branding.

Pros and Cons


“I thought their ticketing system was a little tricky at first with cancellations, but they have recently updated that, and now it works great!” – Lisa N. 


“It feels like many of the extras and services come at an additional fee. Things that you assume are something you can simply set up on your own like integrations require their services at an added cost.” – Danielle N. 

9. TicketSource

Using the Ticketsource event ticketing platform, organizers benefit from features like customizable event pages, flexible ticketing options, and the notable absence of platform booking fees. ticketsource logo However, some users have reported that they charge an additional 3.5% administration fee when adding donations which can be inconvenient.

Customizable Event Pages

TicketSource allows organizers to create personalized event pages, providing a platform for showcasing event details, branding, and relevant information to potential attendees.

Flexible Ticketing Options

Organizers can leverage flexible ticketing options, tailoring ticket types and pricing structures to accommodate various attendee segments and preferences.

Donations Integration

The platform allows buyers to donate during ticket purchases, providing an avenue for organizers to raise funds for charitable causes.

No Cancellation Fee

Organizers benefit from the absence of fees for cancellations, allowing for flexibility in event planning without incurring additional costs for unforeseen changes.

Commitment-free Experience

TicketSource has no contracts or minimum requirements so the organizers can utilize the platform without long-term obligations.

Pros and Cons


“The percentage that TicketSource takes from your ticket sales compared to the competition is a lot smaller and customer service.” – Andrew D. 


“Ticket Printing could be Easier, multiple Log-Ins (easy switch over) would make life easier, contact Manager very basic, some of the show/event based setup features could be further developed.” – James F. 

10. EventBee

Eventbee is a web-based event ticketing platform known for its versatility in offering single or multiple ticket types. eventbee event ticketing platformWhile users appreciate its comprehensive customization options for event pages, registration forms, and confirmation emails, some have raised concerns about the learning curve associated with the platform.

Complete Customization Options

Eventbee stands out for its comprehensive customization options, allowing organizers to tailor event pages, registration forms, and confirmation email contents according to their branding and event requirements.

WordPress Tickets Widget Plugin

The platform offers a WordPress Tickets Widget plugin, simplifying the integration of ticket selling into WordPress websites. This plugin streamlines the process, enabling organizers to incorporate Eventbee’s ticketing capabilities into their WordPress sites seamlessly.

Event Manager App for Android

Eventbee provides an event manager app for Android, empowering organizers with on-the-go functionality. This app facilitates tasks such as attendee search and offline check-ins, enhancing event management efficiency.

Integration with Streaming Platforms

Eventbee integrates seamlessly with popular streaming platforms like Zoom and Google Meetings, offering organizers the flexibility to transition their events into virtual spaces with ease. This integration enables virtual event hosting with just a few clicks.

Pros and Cons


“I like Eventbee because of its simple UI. We can create an event within seconds and Eventbee also provides two types of registrations, paid and free, which is very helpful. It also includes booking of 2 modes, virtual and onsite. Finally, Eventbee is an excellent platform for making a ticket-based event.” – Sumit D. 


“Here are the difficult things: takes time to learn; not all features are available in all plans; customer support is good but can get slow sometimes.” – Abhijeet S.


A proficient ticketing platform eases the intricate process of managing tickets for your events. Some ticketing solutions, however, have security issues and hidden costs that can mar the experience, especially on a larger scale. While smaller platforms may be good for limited ticket volumes, scaling up to hundreds requires a robust solution. 

As you embark on your event planning journey, carefully assess your requirements and opt for a platform that aligns seamlessly with your unique needs. A platform like vFairs, with its customizable, secure, and flexible features, exemplifies how advanced technology can streamline event ticketing. Some platforms offer only ticketing but using an all-in-one event tech platform works better as it offers you a solution for all your event needs. 


What platform is best for selling event tickets?

vFairs is widely recognized as one of the best event ticketing platforms for selling event tickets, offering user-friendly interfaces, secure payment processing, and efficient ticket management.

What is the best event ticket booking site?

For seamless event ticket booking, platforms like vFairs are considered among the best, providing users with easy navigation and a variety of events to choose from.

What are the best event ticketing platforms?

The market offers various top-tier event ticketing platforms, with vFairs consistently standing out for its comprehensive features, user-friendly interfaces, and reliable ticket management capabilities.

What is the best online ticketing platform for events?

When it comes to the best event ticketing platforms, vFairs leads the way, offering seamless online ticketing experiences, customizable options, and efficient management tools for event organizers.

Are there secure ticketing platforms for events?

Yes, vFairs prioritizes security in their best event ticketing platforms, implementing robust measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of payment transactions and attendee data.

10 Best Event Ticketing Platforms in 2024

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