Top 5 Eventbrite Alternatives and Competitors

Have you ever tried sorting through all those event platforms available in the market? We know it can be a complicated task, especially when each one boasts its top features. Businesses looking for the ideal event platform often find themselves struggling to find the best option.

In this blog, we’re diving into the world of Eventbrite alternatives and competitors. We want to be your guide through the sea of options, helping you find event sites like Eventbrite or even better than Eventbrite. Let’s dive in!

What is Eventbrite

Eventbrite is well-recognized in the event planning industry for its various features including planning and selling tickets to promoting events on social media. The platform focuses on securing event tickets, simplifying registration processes, and handling customized seating arrangements to enhance the overall event experience.

Eventbrite: Key Features

1. Eventbrite Marketplace

Eventbrite Marketplace makes creating a custom event page a breeze. Tailor it to match your event and organization, and then showcase it on the Marketplace to spread the word and boost ticket sales. The Marketplace simplifies recurring events, eliminating the need to start from scratch each time. While connecting with ticket buyers is easy through email blasts and reminders, it’s important to note that similar results can be achieved using Eventbrite’s built-in email builder and ad campaigns without listing on the Marketplace. Some other event platforms like Eventbrite even offer free event listings to help you attract more traffic to your event page.

2. Mobile Functionality

Eventbrite provides flexibility by enabling attendees to sign up via both web and mobile phone. Potential attendees can register directly from their phones when they come across event promotions. This enhances user-friendliness and can potentially boost return on investment by minimizing ad bounce rates. While Eventbrite offers a mobile app for users to browse through events of interest, it’s important to note that some Eventbrite alternatives offer much more customization options. 

3. Secure Payments

Eventbrite’s Payments feature transforms the event management process, streamlining payment collection for quick event launches and a smooth registration experience. With centralized revenue management, the platform consolidates financial tools, saving time and aiding business growth. 


Since Eventbrite isn’t a full-service event management platform, its pricing can be relatively high, especially when additional platforms are required. If your primary concern is streamlining ticketing, Eventbrite can be a suitable choice.

The platform may charge you a certain fee per ticket. Although there are no platform charges per ticket if your event is free. The platform offers three pricing editions: flex, pro and premium. 

User Reviews

  • “You can create recurring events, which we’ve found particularly helpful as we don’t need to keep setting up monthly events.” – Administrator in Marketing & Advertising
  • “There are other ticket portals which we have used but they always seem to be more complicated; we’ve never had to contact Eventbrite support as it’s all self explanatory.” – Ally G., Administrator
  • “There is no means to customize the ticket page. The ticket-buying page is confusing for users that are not IT savvy.” – User in Civic and Social Organization
  • “I have tried to attend a couple events. However, I never had access to my tickets, despite them showing up in my email. They have no number to contact.” – Verified User in Marketing and Advertising

While Eventbrite has certainly carved out its own space in the industry, it’s crucial to recognize that the event tech landscape is expansive. Sometimes, exploring beyond the familiar can lead to discovering alternatives that might align better with your specific needs. Here are a few Eventbrite alternatives that you can consider. 

1. vFairs

vFairs, rated as the top Event Management Software on G2, offers in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. The platform’s adaptability stands out, offering organizations a tailored approach for hosting conferences, trade shows, recruitment events, and more. What makes vFairs unique is its combination of separate product offerings and an all-in-one platform, providing flexibility in event management customization. 

From creating landing pages to comprehensive solutions, vFairs caters to specific needs, integrating virtual, hybrid, and in-person tools. The platform covers everything from registration and ticketing to virtual experiences and post-event analytics, ensuring compatibility with your tech stack and delivering exceptional value for all your event management requirements.

vFairs - Eventbrite alternatives

Key Features: 

Event Ticketing

vFairs all-in-one event management solution lets you efficiently manage event registrations and payments with its ticketing platform. You can easily customize forms, implement tiered pricing, and enable group registration. Payment collection is also a breeze using PayPal and Stripe integrations.

The platform also lets you tailor access to content for different user types. You can design a personalized registration form using the intuitive drag-and-drop form builder, including text input, multiple-choice selection, and document uploads.

Mobile App

The vFairs mobile event app provides essential features for streamlined event management. It enables easy and contactless check-in with QR codes, supports branding and sponsorships, and facilitates efficient attendee networking. The app also offers engagement tools like live polls and timely push notifications. 

Virtual exhibit booths, a floor map, and on-the-go webinars enhance the attendee experience. Use-case-specific features, such as job advertising and automated certificates, add versatility. The app supports digital resources, including detailed in-app analytics and the ability to go paperless by uploading documents.

Event Customization

vFairs all-in-one event management software offers full event customization features. You can utilize vFairs’ features for a tailored event experience, whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person. The platform lets you set up virtual environments, booths, speaker sessions, and content uploads effortlessly.

The mobile app allows for branding, agendas, exhibitor booths, sponsorships, and simplified badge printing with check-ins. You can also streamline pre-event marketing with branded landing pages, AI-assisted content creation, and user-friendly email builders. 

User Reviews

  • “vFairs took what we thought was impossible and turned it into the best experience we could have asked for.The gamification, the embedded zoom feature, the chat rooms, and the ease of engagement were all at the top of the list for our attendees and for our team.” – Emily A., Director
  • “The good points of vFairs were the level of detail – there was so much we could do and include in what we wanted, which was very useful.” – Ross. M, Mid-Market
  • “We would have liked the ability to edit and customize vFairs rooms on our own. This would have allowed us to preview different design arrangements, offering greater flexibility and immediate visualization, similar for the landing page.” – Realyn J., Small-Business

2. Cvent

Cvent is another alternative to Eventbrite that claims to have got you covered whether you’re hosting a small event or a larger conference with attendees from around the world. It offers diverse solutions for event planning, execution and for connecting your audience at virtual, in-person or hybrid events. 

With a focus on seamless integrations, Cvent offers a variety of features that add significant value for both event hosts and participants. Additionally, Cvent includes a ticketing platform for efficient management of event registrations and payments. Notably, Cvent’s event registration software boasts branded online experiences, marketing tools, payment services, and detailed tracking and reporting features. 

While Cvent offers a robust set of tools, it’s essential to note some limitations, such as potential complexity in navigating the diverse range of features and the associated learning curve.

User Reviews

  • “I love that all of our event registration information can be stored in one place that anyone in our team can access. This saves a lot of manpower hours in the pre-planning phase of events.“ – Justina H., Events Director
  • “I love that the event app offers Live Q&A during sessions instead of having to run around with a microphone not knowing what attendees will say.” – Laura A., Event Manager
  • “Some of the technology does not perform as intended. Support is available up to the event but on live days of support in the middle of an event it is hard to get problems solved in a timely fashion.” – User in Media Production
  • “The reporting for website performance as well as data collection is not intuitive and is very limited. They tried to build custom reports but we still couldn’t get the information we needed.” – Administrator in Marketing & Advertising

3. Whova

Whova is one of the leading event management system providers that is similar to Eventbrite. Whova’s event registration system provides a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for organizers, emphasizing essential website functionality and a seamless user experience.

It caters to both free and paid events, allowing organizers to pass on a small fee to registrants for paid events. The platform streamlines ticket creation, registration forms, and integrates with the event platform, reducing reliance on third-party services. 

While Whova enables customization for different ticket types and offers real-time sales tracking, users are not truly satisfied with their customer support team. Additionally, it’s important to note that the platform’s free option for free events may come with limited features, and organizers may incur additional costs for certain premium functionalities.

User Reviews

  • “Whova has everything you need for a conference platform – but without the ridiculous price tag! For small organizations, it’s ideal!” – Lauren M., Senior Executive Director
  • “Their customer service is top-notch. They are extremely accessible, super knowledgeable, and very friendly. We always feel like we are in the best of hands.” – Michelle S., Executive Director
  • “A major lack of customization is prevalent throughout the system — this, of course, leads to its simplicity.” – MJ C., VP Operations
  • “The technical support is mediocre at best, it’s not the most user-friendly conference app, and they changed pricing after the contract was signed.” – Angela B., Customer Event Coordinator

4. Ticketbud

When talking about Ticketbud vs Eventbrite, Ticketbud serves as an event organizers’ ticketing platform, emphasizing simplicity and efficiency in the event planning process. Building an event page ready to share in under 5 minutes is a notable feature, highlighting the platform’s user-friendly approach. Ticketbud’s tools facilitate the seamless promotion and sale of tickets, with the added perk of daily payouts for organizers.

On event day, the platform’s scanner, point of sale, and hard tickets contribute to a streamlined check-in process, minimizing queues and enhancing overall event management. Additionally, Ticketbud offers analytical tools such as link tracking and Google Analytics integration, providing organizers with valuable insights to optimize their promotional strategies.

While Ticketbud offers several advantages for event organizers, it’s important to consider some limitations as well. One notable drawback is the potential for subpar customer service. Some users have reported dissatisfaction with Ticketbud’s customer support, citing slow response times and difficulty in resolving issues.

User Reviews

5. Meetup

Meetup serves as a platform for discovery and establishment of local communities. Users engage with Meetup to expand their social circles, acquire new knowledge, find support, step out of their comfort zones, and pursue shared interests collectively. In the case of Eventbrite vs Meetup, it stands as a people-oriented platform where common interests transform into connections and friendships.

Meetup offers a space where thousands of like-minded individuals interact. The platform provides a search function to connect with social groups tailored to specific interests, whether it involves testing prototypes, networking, taking classes, learning languages, pitching to investors, or acquiring new skills. Additionally, users can explore and discover local events and groups aligned with their passions. Meetup extends the opportunity for users to take the initiative by starting their groups, drawing from a vast community of millions.

On the downside, some users have expressed the need to navigate through other apps to supplement their Meetup experience, indicating potential limitations in the platform’s adaptability to evolving user needs.

User Reviews

Key Takeaway

When exploring Eventbrite competitors, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and assess which program aligns best with your requirements. Rather than being swayed solely by attractive pricing, it’s advisable to evaluate all features and read user reviews of event websites like Eventbrite to make an informed decision.

For those in search of a comprehensive event management platform, vFairs emerges as a standout choice, especially when compared to Eventbrite. Noteworthy for its advanced customization options, vFairs goes beyond basic registration and ticketing, offering unparalleled flexibility for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Top 5 Eventbrite Alternatives and Competitors

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