How can a virtual career fair platform help you get hired?


For a lot of us out there, 2020 has been a challenging year in terms of employment. While some were victims of company layoffs, others were recent graduates who were being ejected into the professional world at a time when companies were on a hiring freeze – we know it’s been tough.

We also know that when nothing else seemed to work out, virtual career fair platforms became a go-to as we tried to dodge the nightmare of unemployment. 

What is a virtual career/job fair platform?

A virtual career fair platform allows job seekers to connect with hiring managers from across the world. Not just within a certain organization, but in the case of virtual job fairs, across different companies around the world too. The platform fosters communication, helping employers find top talent, and candidates find potential employers on a single online platform.

How can a virtual career fair platform help you get hired?

While in-person career fairs have been the traditional way to get yourself hired, let’s talk about the additional opportunities that you can find at a virtual career fair, making it a better occasion to land a job.

1. Showcasing your skillset across the  board

Your resume is the first touchpoint between you and multiple hiring managers, even before you approach them. Do not forget that while you are looking for relevant positions, recruiters are also on the lookout for top talent. This means that an exceptional resume will help you attract recruiters and boost conversations, naturally increasing your chances of being hired.

2. Engaging with global employers

Since a virtual career fair platform is remote in nature, you are not restricted within your respective geographical boundaries. As a result, you can interact with, and increase your visibility, among global employers. The best part is that you can do so from the comfort of your home.  

3. Having group conversations

Participating in group chat rooms will also help you stand out and participate in various conversations that, in the case of in-person career fairs, isn’t quite possible. Learn more about how you can stand out at virtual job fairs.

Some virtual career fair organizers also set up a virtual lobby for you to interact with your peers. This allows you to get insights from other people’s experiences on the virtual career fair platform.

4. Learning about ideal positions by visiting their virtual booths

A virtual career fair platform allows you to access important documents and videos that hiring managers are showcasing – whether they’re about their organizational culture, employee benefits, or even the type of vacancies that are available. 

virtual exhibit hall

job listings

5. Setting up appointments with hiring managers

Unlike a physical career fair, a virtual career fair gives you the option to search for employers based on various criteria, and request to schedule a 1:1 chat during the event.

On the other hand, as explained earlier, this option is open to employers as well. They can simply filter relevant candidates and request you to meet them at a certain time to further conversations regarding job opportunities. 

search filters on a virtual career fair platform

6. Attending educational webinars and participating in Q&A sessions

Webinars are a great way to understand industry trends and improve your career path based on key outcomes. On the other hand, they also act as a tool to boost engagement with the help of two-way communication. Participating in Q&A sessions and reaching out to key speakers can enhance networking opportunities and therefore, the chance to get hired. 

virtual auditorium

Key Takeaways

Landing the job that fits your capabilities and fuels your aspirations is becoming easier day by day. virtual career fair platform are further building bridges between you and your potential hiring managers. Therefore, with the right tips, employment opportunities are simply a click away from you in 2021.

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How can a virtual career fair platform help you get hired?

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