ITKonekt Job Fair- Why It’s Time to Go Virtual

When you think of hosting traditional job fairs, you think about busy employer booths with representatives struggling to catch a break, the difficulties of managing the distinct needs of all exhibitors, searching for ways to boost branding outcomes, and of course, a lot of expenses being incurred to drive the event from planning to implementation.

Realizing the need to break away from these now outdated avenues, the recent ITKonekt job fair promoted employers and available vacancies across the IT domain for our client based in Serbia. From gaming developers to top industry leaders including Microsoft Development Center Serbia having partnered for the event, it was an excellent use of the technology platform to connect with job seekers and search for talent with technology focused expertise. How so? Read on to learn more.

Take Charge of Your Layout

No one wants to be restricted with defined floor plans and physical venue based limitations. This job fair was organized across four virtual floors: IT companies, Gaming, Education Institutes, and IT Start Ups. This simplified and extremely well categorized sorting allowed for attendees to focus on visiting exhibitor booths that mattered most to them, making it  easy to find companies based on how the floors were virtually segmented.

Help Your Job Seekers

The platform provided job seekers to search for jobs based not only on title, but also based on the employer booth they wanted to explore opportunities at. This information made it easy for hiring employers to focus their efforts and give more attention to answering concerns for the more active candidates, as compared to the passive event attendees.

Conferences and Webinars at the ITKonekt Job Fair

Information sharing and relationship building has never been easier for exhibitors. Very famous companies including LinkedIn and Microsoft had their representatives deliver webinars followed by Q&A sessions scheduled to interact with the audience, reach out in a personal way, and answer questions. No more repetition of details, and the ability to view these webinars at a later time added much needed convenience and outreach success than physical events could allow.

Employer Branding

With approximately 60 employers participating in the ITKonekt job fair, standing out and maintaining individuality was an objective that had to be met for every virtual booth. Booths had custom banners, some even animated, which were sure to get noticed and attract job seeker attention in the lobby, meanwhile sparking a positive association with the organization’s  presence and innovation powers.

These were just a few of the highlights from the ITKonect Job Fair hosted through our vFairs platform. As always, there was an abundance of other features ranging from ease of CV collection, audio/video/text based chat capabilities, to seamless registration processes that further drove increase in job seeker audience and participation.

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ITKonekt Job Fair- Why It’s Time to Go Virtual

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