Top 5 Concerns (& Solutions) About Mobile Event Apps

Events are making a buzz, and so are our mobile event apps. Whether virtual events, hybrid or in-person, businesses heavily rely on popular event platforms to make them famous in the industry. The best mobile event apps for events are essential to run an event in 2023.

Even with incredible popularity, event apps may become subject to an event’s failure. While there are tons of ways to work around the shortcomings of event apps, in this article, we will help you find the best mobile event partner for your next successful event.

But before that, let’s talk about your everyday concerns with event apps.

Can Event Apps Harm the Success of Your Event?

Let’s get one thing straight here; people are no longer only interested in becoming part of offline events. In-person events have started reappearing in the picture with all their glory. However, this does not undermine the fact that people are still interested in connecting offline. Here is when mobile apps come into play.

Mobile apps not only make it easier for in-person participants to take full advantage of the event but also helps them in taking networking to a new level even when the event is over.

There is no denying the fact that the percentage of desktop website visitors is decreasing drastically. It is mainly because event attendees are no longer interested in accessing event information through a browser or a URL. Like other industries, event planning and management have also given space to innovation with event mobile apps.

However, even with so much going around with mobile event apps, some organizers find it challenging to consider mobile event apps as the perfect solution for event success. Most organizers have a hard time dealing with native event apps. The native event apps can threaten an event’s success by working based on wrong assumptions and false promises. Furthermore, a mobile event app with clunky software, an overwhelming interface, and irrelevant content can push an event to disaster.

Nevertheless, nothing undermines that an app with fun and exciting features is a powerful tool for a modern-day event.

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Common Concerns with Event Apps and Their Solutions

After going through a bunch of everyday concerns people have with a mobile event app listed below, it is only fair for us to provide our readers with an ultimate solution.

With the emergence of events, many reliable event-organizing platforms appeared. One such platform is vFairs. vFairs is highly regarded for its advanced features that can make any event aim for success. There is much more to vFairs, which we will further discuss along with event app concerns.

Concern #1: Overburdening Users with High Use of Technology

Streamlined technology is fantastic. However, reading into users’ concerns, we discovered that some popular event apps ask for too much work from the users. So it’s safe to say that an app that creates too many jobs for the users results in users going adrift.

If your app forces its users towards unnecessary steps and bounces back and forth between feature operations, then you might lead your users into shutting the mobile event app once and for all.

Solution: Simplified NavigationEasy navigation - white labelling feature by vFairs mobile app

Seamless navigation and user interface are the critical solutions to keep users on board with your event and the mobile event application you chose. The easy way out from all the technology complications in your event is by choosing vFairs as your partner for event success. The vFairs Mobile app that lets attendees dive right into the action without forcing them into a learning curve.

Moreover, with the vFairs mobile application, the navigation menu is highly customizable. It means you have the real leverage to design the menu that best suits your event and attendees.

Concern #2: No Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting is the authentic source to measure the success of any event. Anything that goes awry during the event can be addressed with real-time reporting. However, not many event apps carry this feature. Clients looking for an event app with real-time analysis, tracking, and reporting can feel unsure about mobile event apps.

Solution: Reporting and Analytics FeatureReporting fetaure

You must measure performance with real-time reports and analytics to ensure your event is heading in the right direction. As we said above, not every event app carries this super-helpful feature, but if you choose the vFairs mobile app, you have nothing to worry about.

With the vFairs mobile app, you can get real-time reports and analytics of your event to make quick changes to steer your event in the right path. Also, the insights from reports will aid you in structuring a better event for the future.

Apart from the real-time report and analytics feature, you can always rely on vFairs promising customer support during your event. Similar to its platform, vFairs offer high-level customization and flexibility, which, combined with a 5-star customer service, is a recipe for a successful event.

Concern #3: Limited Incentives to Use the Event App

Mobile event apps that lack in providing any incentives to attendees in return for downloading their app can soon become a failure in the industry. Likewise, an event organizer that relies on a mobile app would want their attendees to fully immerse in this new experience and make the most out of it.

Solution: Networking and Discovering FeaturesEngagement feature by vFairs mobile app

With the vFairs mobile app, your attendees can connect most straightforwardly. Your attendees can be in their homes, outdoors, or anywhere in the world, and they will easily connect with other attendees and have an engaging experience through the networking feature.

Apart from multiple networking opportunities, the vFairs mobile app lets attendees discover like-minded professionals at the event. It includes searching for relevant people at the physical venues and expanding the network on the go. Moreover, with this feature, your attendees do not need to carry resumes or business cards on paper to share their information with others. Instead, they can present their QR code, and exhibitors and attendees can scan the code to fetch more information about the user.

Concern #4: Event Apps Are Not Secure

As the use of mobile devices has grown, businesses are concerned with how to secure mobile event apps. Organizers are always on the lookout for mobile event applications offering complete security for their users during the event.

Solution: Advanced and Additional Security Features

With the vFairs mobile app technology, you get additional security for your event, exhibitors, attendees, and more. vFairs mobile event app has high-level authentication features that ensure that only designated attendees are able to access the event.

With the vFairs mobile app, you can also enable SSO (single sign-on). SSO lets you create a traditional mail and password to log in to the event. It also generates an OTP to ensure only the designated people enter the event. Also, you can set up two-factor authentication for your event and make sure your event is only open to authenticated users.

Concern #5: Event Apps Are Cost Prohibitive

Many event planners and how they cite mobile event apps’ costs raise client concerns. Most event planners charge for only limited user access, which causes a burden on clients who want to pull in as many attendees as they can in the event. Not to forget that some event planners also subject mobile event application services to hidden charges, which makes mobile event apps, in general, unreliable.

Solution: Unlimited Attendee Access and No Hidden FeesAttendee search filter

With multiple advanced features, 24/7 customer support, and much more, vFairs also holds high recognition for offering its customers prices free from any hidden charges. Moreover, you can add as many attendees as you want instead of sticking to a so-called “free package” from other event planners that forces you to pay for every new attendee you add to the event.

Key Takeaways

Mobile event apps are the best thing to happen to the event management and organizing industry. With the high use of seamless technology, event planners are offering advanced features through mobile event apps. However, it takes a good eye to find the best mobile event app among multiple mobile event apps that provide clunky software and hidden charges.

Top 5 Concerns (& Solutions) About Mobile Event Apps


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