5 Types of Exhibitions That You Can Take Online to Wow Your Audience


Like several other in-person events such as job fairs and conferences, exhibitions have also gone online to score the benefits of convenient and safe virtual events. 

Virtual exhibits are great for building brand awareness, preparing for product releases, and getting leads. They’re also different from their trade show counterparts. While trade shows aim to generate sales, exhibitions want to generate brand hype, draw attention to the displays, and put exhibitors on the map for their target audiences. 

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So keeping this in mind, what are some of the kinds of exhibitions that you can take online? We’ve compiled a list of exhibitions that truly shine in the virtual world. 

1. Art exhibitions 

Whether you’re featuring a single artist or a collection of them, art displays work great in virtual environments. They’re a visual treat and attract art connoisseurs from around the world. But the high-volume at these events can often be a nuisance to the overall experience. Most visitors would like to explore the works in peace, speak with the artists, and truly soak in the experience. All of this is possible only in a virtual environment. 

Take the example of the New York University Abu Dhabi’s exhibition, the NYUAD Art Gallery. It featured nine artists and art collectives that used technology to express themselves through art, and what better way than to use technology to exhibit it as well? The exhibition is online for the first half of 2021 and free to attend. 

2. Thesis displays

Undergraduate and postgraduate thesis displays are often open to the public. Most students put a lot of effort into their projects and can’t wait to show them to the world. These exhibitions also have a high attendance as industry experts, employers, researchers, and families and friends of the students, all make an appearance and engage with the exhibiting students. 

Thesis displays work great in an online environment. Some students also face stage fright or anxiety while engaging with strangers. A virtual exhibition provides them with a calm and relaxed environment to engage with visitors. From their respective homes, they can easily man their respective virtual booths and engage with incoming visitors. 

The Bates College presented their Art & Visual Culture students’ thesis display in an online environment. The Annual Senior Thesis Exhibition featured works that had been selected by the Bates College Museum of Art to be displayed at their museum. 

3. Technology fairs

The boom in technology has been felt across the world, with interest in the field rapidly growing in every demographic. CEOs, entrepreneurs, inventors, and tech enthusiasts fly across the world to attend these and stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of tech. 

But imagine how convenient would this be if the exhibition attendees didn’t have to make that long journey for an exhibition? Technology fairs can be taken online to showcase new inventions and improvements in the field of tech. They can host booths with new products and companies while also arranging speaker sessions with industry experts and exhibitors, and networking with other like-minded individuals. 

Consumer Electronics Show, the largest retail electronics show in the United States, went digital for their 2021 installment. Similarly, vFairs organizes virtual exhibitions for technology with futuristic designs, immersive displays, and interactive features. 

4. Healthcare and patient fairs

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Healthcare exhibitions usually cover breakthroughs, programs, technology, and providers. These fairs attract large crowds and raise awareness for the options available to businesses and the general public. 

Taking these fairs online helps healthcare facilities, research institutions, businesses, and professionals from around the world extend their reach. They’re also easier for patients to attend, who might find it hard to travel to the venue. 

And not having to make time for commuting or flying for conferences is also great when you’re a busy healthcare provider. 

Take the example of the Lymphoma Research Foundation. The LRF hosts conferences that shed light on lymphoma and connect healthcare workers with patient programs and new research. 

They used vFairs to take their event online and were thrilled by the ease of use and adaptability. Their audience was predominantly the elderly and a vFairs virtual exhibition helped them easily get around the platform, view different programs, and attend the event from anywhere in the world. 

5. Business to Business fairs

While businesses often exhibit at trade shows to sell their products and services to their consumers, B2B exhibitions are great for building brand awareness, networking with other businesses, making new connections, and placing your business on your consumer’s radar. It also helps bring together businesses in the same industry for a productive exchange of ideas and breakthroughs. 

The Digital Agency Network took their annual B2B Marketing Expo’s 2020 edition online. The virtual exhibition showcased the latest innovations, technologies, and strategies that the marketing industry had seen during the year. The organizer also let visitors choose their areas of interest and build their personal schedules for a hassle-free exhibition experience. 


While these are merely examples of what you can do with virtual exhibitions, the possibilities are endless. Virtual exhibition platforms of today are extremely sophisticated and offer a host of features that enrich the exhibition experience for both attendees and exhibitors. 

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5 Types of Exhibitions That You Can Take Online to Wow Your Audience

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