vFairs Monthly Product Updates: March 2024

As the first quarter draws to a close, we’re moving full steam ahead at vFairs to empower you to create unforgettable events! Witnessing your success – relaxed and confident while hosting high-impact gatherings – fuels our passion.  That’s why we’re thrilled to share with you a fresh batch of product updates designed to simplify your event planning and management experience.

This month, we’ve been brewing up exciting features like enhanced badge design options, photo booth customization tools, improved email functionalities, DIY app & landing page designs, and more – all geared toward making your event organization process smoother and more organized. Let’s dive into these exciting new features.

Mobile App Updates

Maximize Efficiency with Mobile App Builder

Save time and effort by crafting your mobile app design your way with a mobile app builder. Simply add your customized banner image, apply your brand theme color, drag and drop the features you need in your app, fill in the fields with the required information, and you are all set to launch your app yourself.

Personalized Dashboard for Improved Event Experience

Stay informed with all your event data at your fingertips. Now you will have all the information about your event conveniently located in one place keeping you aware of your critical data and insights. Introducing a personalized dashboard on the home screen. This dashboard dynamically adjusts based on the user’s role:

  • Event owners can view essential event statistics, including total registrations, and check-ins, providing a comprehensive overview of event participation.

Event Statistics

  • Booth admins can gain valuable insights into booth engagement with metrics like total visits, document opens, and video plays. Additionally, they will get a reminder for their next meeting.

  • Speakers can track their session performance by monitoring the number of active sessions they’re presenting in, total attendee visits, and an upcoming session reminder to ensure they’re prepared.

Speaker Session Performance

Manage Notifications Preferences

Make the audience interaction smooth and keep the conversation going with improved notification settings. Whether they are browsing live feeds or having their one-to-one chat, they will never miss a beat.

Improvement in Live Feed Notifications:

Now users will receive push notifications when someone likes their post in the Live Feed.

1-on-1 Chat:

They’ll get notified instantly when someone sends them a message through direct chat.


If they’re not receiving notifications, a user-friendly troubleshooting module provides clear steps to resolve the issue. Enabling notification permissions within the app with guided instructions can solve the problem. 

Chatroom Level Notifications:

Users can receive notifications for both chatroom invites and new messages within chatrooms.

Notification Settings:

It’s easier now to control notification preferences from the dedicated “Notification Preference” section, allowing users to tailor notifications to their needs.

Chat Screen:

Whenever the user receives a new message, the message count will be updated instantly.

Follow the full update with detailed steps here.

An Upgrade to Agenda UI

Explore event schedules without endless scrolling. You will easily navigate it with our redesigned auditorium screen, featuring a space-saving layout and enhanced accessibility to information.

The redesigned session layouts prioritize essential information, ensuring you can quickly identify the details that matter most. This includes session titles, speakers, timings, location, and the View More Details option.

Virtual Event Platform Updates

Optimize Your Event Website with Our Landing Page Builder

Transform your event website into a standout platform with vFairs’ customizable landing page builder. You can access a wide array of design options, utilize drag-and-drop tools for visual structuring, and much more. Whether you’re spotlighting key event details, presenting webinar schedules, or facilitating networking opportunities, give your event a unique touch.

Advanced Photobooth Customization

Transform your attendee experience with a more engaging photobooth. Now event admins can create a photobooth more interesting for attendees with the suite of new features. The new suite gives you more control over the photo booth to manage the items you want to display including customizing standard frames and stickers according to your event theme, deleting and downloading individual images, displaying attendee’s names under their photos, and more.

Here are all these enhancements that are implemented:

  • Comprehensive Gallery List View: Now you can not only see all uploaded images and GIFs at once in the list view but also view the details like uploaders and like counts. Not only that but you can easily delete or download individual photos.

  • Stickers Library: With the stickers library, you have the option to choose from a pre-selected library of default stickers or you can customize your selection by adding or removing stickers. If you have deleted any sticker, you can simply restore it with one click. 


  • Custom Sticker Uploads: You can give a personalized touch by uploading custom stickers just according to the event theme. 

  • Name Display on Your Image: Now, attendee names are automatically associated with their uploaded photos. This way they can easily claim their photo booth creations, download them, and share them with friends on social media.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Get a personalized experience in a tradeshow while listing or buying any product with our excellent new enhancements for user satisfaction and platform functionality.

  • Product Variants Selection: Choose product variants based on color and size at checkout.

  • Enhanced Booth Management: Curate product catalogs by setting limits on showcased products. This ensures a curated selection that makes attendee engagement and understanding of preferences.

Efficient Inventory Management  “Available Quantity” Field

Prevent overselling and ensure better control over stock level with the introduction of the “Available Quantity” field. Now you can easily manage your inventory by specifying the maximum quantity of items available for each product.

  • Go to ‘Ecommerce Module Settings’ from the backend. 
  • Turn on the ‘Enable Available Quantity Management toggle.

Additionally, the system automatically marks items as “sold out” when the available quantity reaches zero due to orders, providing real-time updates on stock availability. To activate this functionality, simply enable the toggle in the backend settings, then add the “Available Quantity” field to your form using the Form Generator. 

Furthermore, you need to add order placement checks to maintain the count to track the number of orders placed for each item. Follow the steps below for this:

  • Go to ‘Ecommerce Module’ from the backend and click on ‘Items’.
  • From the Items Listing, add new or edit the existing items. 
  • Scroll down and enter the available quantity of that particular item in the ‘Ecommerce Available Quantity’ field. 
  • Click ‘Update’ to save changes. 

Event Management Platform Updates

Set up Your Event with An Improved Backend UI

Minimize your efforts in setting up an event with a new easy to use and visually appealing backend. With our new UI, you can navigate through the platform more quickly. Easily manage sessions and video library while effortlessly organizing speakers and attendee listings, and booth placements. Take advantage of our versatile tools such as the landing page builder, 3D room builder, and sponsor hub, all accessible through the organization dashboard. Plus, with enhanced mobile app builder functionality and simplified app settings, you can ensure seamless event management from start to finish.

Streamlined Backend Translations for Enhanced Multilingual Support

Manage translations for your event with our latest backend translations and terminologies updates. Now you can use the pre-provided translations for French and Arabic, which are automatically updated when selecting languages for events. You retain the flexibility to edit translations individually and add new keys using both manual and CSV methods.

Moreover, you can access and navigate through translation and terminology sections using pagination controls. The implementation of pagination ensures smoother navigation and faster load times, especially when importing all keys for Arabic and French translations.

Simply specify the languages the event will be translated for and follow the steps mentioned here.

Download Report Statistics for Email Campaigns

Gain valuable insights and do informed decision-making with actionable metrics provided by our comprehensive downloadable email reports. These reports will cover key metrics like clicked emails, opened emails, delivered emails, and bounced emails for each campaign. With this comprehensive breakdown, you can:

  • Track User Engagement: Monitor the number of recipients who click on links within your email, providing insights into user interest and engagement.
  • Measure Open Rates: Gain insights into the number of recipients who opened your email, helping you refine subject lines and content for optimal open rates.
  • Monitor Delivery Success: Keep track of the overall delivery success rate of your email campaigns, identifying any potential delivery issues.
  • Identify Bounce Rates: Pinpoint any issues with email addresses to ensure your campaigns reach the intended audience.

Streamline Booth Q&A Management

Experience enhanced control over your booth Q&A content with our latest update. Now, managing Q&A content for booths is more efficient and flexible than ever before. With two convenient options, you can swiftly clear Q&A history for all booths collectively or for specific booths individually. 

Utilize the bulk clearing feature by accessing the “More” actions dropdown within the booth listing in the backend, or opt for individual booth clearing. These new functionalities provide you with greater flexibility and efficiency in managing Q&A content, whether for all booths collectively or on a booth-by-booth basis, streamlining the management process and ensuring a clean slate for future events.

Get Insights with Redesigned Event Reporting

Experience improved accessibility to vital insights with the recent UX update to our V2 backend reporting page. Now, you can effortlessly navigate to commonly used reports like login, registrations, no-shows, payments, sessions, and booth stats. The revamped user interface allows you to filter reports based on daily, weekly, or monthly timeframes according to your needs. Plus, downloading reports has never been easier, streamlining your data analysis process.

To access reports:

  • Go to Event Analytics.
  • Select any report from the Event Stats tab.

Enhanced Registration Form Functionality

Gain instant insights and real-time previews with the new preview button. This preview button links to the URL generated for each registration form and gives immediate access to the finalized layout of the registration form.

Swiftly integrate registration forms into landing pages with the newly added embed code section. Simply copy the embed code present at the top of the form.


Simplify User Experience with Password Field Synchronization

Ensure consistency and simplicity across registration and login screens. With this update to the registration, payments, and packages module, you can seamlessly synchronize the password field between the registration and login screens. If you remove the password field from the registration form, it will automatically be removed from the login screen as well. This ensures consistency in your user experience and eliminates any confusion as you expect the same fields across both screens.

Integration Updates

Introducing New Enhancements in Zapier for Seamless Integration

Automate workflows and improve customer relationships with our new enhancements in Zapier. 

We have introduced two new trigger actions: “New Exhibitor Registers on vFairs” which enables you to integrate exhibitor registration forms with other CRM systems and the “New or Update Attendee on vFairs” which allows you to push attendee data not only upon registration but also upon profile update to other CRM systems.

Introducing Braintree – A New Payment Method

Offer ease and reliability to attendees with a new payment method. Braintree is a simple and easy-to-use payment method that caters to regions including the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, China, Malaysia, and New Zealand. Simply, edit the payment settings, add Braintree as your payment method, and fill the remaining fields as shown below.

We are ending this quarter on a high note and will come back next month with more exciting updates, so stay tuned and book a demo now to stay ahead among the event planners. If you want to save more time, you can jump right into our quick demo and see our products in action yourself!

vFairs Monthly Product Updates: March 2024

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