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Accessibility Features

Make Your Events Inclusive With Our Accessibility Features

Offer assistive technology and web accessibility to attendees diagnosed with epilepsy, vision impairment, cognitive disability, ADHD, and more. Reach the broadest possible audience with strict adherence to W3C’s WCAG 2.1 at the AA level, ADA, and AODA compliance.

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Event Accessibility Features on the vFairs Platform

Make sure you are accommodating every audience member at your event with our built-in ARIA attributes and accessibility features including a screen reader, color contrast, text size adjustment, and subtitles. Further enhance web accessibility by adding keyboard navigation optimization, UI enhancements, and readability adjustments.

Help Attendees Personalize Their Website Experience

  • Event organizers no longer need to compromise the website’s design and UI to favor accessibility.

  • Users can alter the website’s design according to their needs and accessibility profile.

  • Attendees get to choose an accessibility profile from seizure-safe, vision impaired, cognitive disability, ADHD-friendly, users with blindness, and motor disabilities.

Develop Inclusive Content for Users with Visual Impairment

  • Help people living with visual impairments navigate the virtual venue by rendering text and images as speech.

  • Make your event much more accessible by assisting attendees with blindness to understand imagery with image alt text attributes.

  • Automatically create alt text for images using AI-powered IRIS and OCR image recognition technologies.

Host Accessible Webinars for All Audiences

  • Make your event more accessible for users with deafness or hearing impairment 
with live video transcription.

  • Reach a global audience by translating your live webinars into multiple languages with integrations like KUDO, Interprefy, Wordly, and SyncWords.

  • Allow users who are hard of hearing or attendees with deafness to participate in webinars with live captioning.

Create Inclusive Visuals for Colorblind Attendees

  • Make things easier for people diagnosed with color blindness by creating visuals accessible to all.

  • Enable attendees to access graphics around the virtual platform with simplified color contrast toggles.

Make Reading Convenient with Text Size Adjustment

  • Make written content more legible and easier to understand for people with disabilities.

  • Attendees with vision or reading issues can enlarge the text size according to their needs.

Simplify Platform Navigation with Keyboard Controls

  • Attendees can navigate the entire website using just their keyboard by pressing the Tab button.

  • Allow users to jump to any section, category, and link easily and in a matter of seconds.

Our Customers Love vFairs

“In a world where a lot seems to be changing and unfamiliar, this platform brought about a familiar setting for our attendees. The attendees really liked the look and the feel of the platform and how easy it was to navigate.”

Erin D

Event Manager

“vFairs platform is the best out there for virtual events. The capabilities of the platform are excellent and the flexibility you are given allows full customisation of any event. All of our participants were impressed with the event and had only positive things to say.”

Zofia C

“I am able to participate without anyone’s help in this virtual event. Total independence!”

Conference Visitor

CNIB Connecting The Dots

“vFairs is a breath of fresh air to other traditional Zoom/virtual meeting platforms. It gives quite a bit of visual interest and battles the ongoing Zoom Fatigue with interesting graphics and ease of use.”

Christy W.

Program Coordinator

Our Accessibility Certifications

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Whether you’re hosting events online, onsite or both, vFairs offers a customizable event platform and tech solutions to make your events epic.

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