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Event Lead Capture App & Lead Retrieval Solution

Lead Capture In Event & Lead Retrieval Post-Event Made Easy With vFairs Lead Capture App

Say goodbye to manual work. vFairs event lead capture app enables you & exhibitors to scan attendee badges, data or QR codes, add notes & sync leads with CRM & Martech solutions.

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Prove your event’s value with
vFairs Lead Capture App

Scan QR codes, snap business cards, or enter details manually for hassle-free lead capture.

Empower Exhibitors & Sponsors with Lead Sourcing & Search Tools

  • Provide more control to exhibitors to directly capture leads at any event by scanning business cards or manual entry.

  • Equip exhibitors & sponsors with attendee search and filtration tools to identify and connect with targeted participants.

  • Facilitate seamless lead capture by highlighting recommended attendee profiles.

  • Categorize your leads by giving them a rating, associating them with tags and adding notes.

  • Let exhibitors invite multiple team members to their accounts and work together to capture more leads together.

Effortless Lead Capture with Onsite Badge Scanning

  • Efficiently capture leads by swiftly scanning attendee badges or QR codes via the dedicated mobile app.

  • Instantly access comprehensive attendee details gathered during registration, and conveniently mark potential prospects as favorites.

  • Enhance lead context by adding notes to each contact, ensuring effective follow-up actions and meaningful conversations.

Integrate Lead Data Seamlessly with Your Tech Stack

  • Move lead data to CRM systems like Salesforce & Hubspot, or Martech solutions like Marketo.

  • Effortlessly transmit captured lead data, complete with accompanying notes, to any platform provider.

  • Ensure flexibility by exporting attendee data as a CSV file, allowing for in-depth offline analysis and processing.

Measure ROI with Actionable Insights

  • Provide real-time analytics dashboard to track attendee registrations and turnout data.

  • Measure leads captured per exhibitor and sponsor at the event through visual reports and dashboards.

  • Deliver comprehensive visual reports showcasing scan counts and other key metrics.

  • Plan strategic follow ups post-event by identifying top-performing exhibitors, sponsors & attendees.

Effortless Contact Exchange with Event Lead Capture App

  • Streamline the lead capture process by enabling attendees to swiftly download and exchange contact cards directly within the event lead capture software.

  • Manually enter data or streamline the process using QR codes or business card scanning and automate contact information collection within the lead management system.

  • Simplify event networking and lead generation by offering a focused lead capture solution, tailored to exhibitor needs.

  • Initiate communication directly from the app to follow up on leads, either by sending customizable emails or making direct calls.

1400+ Ecstatic Customers Can’t Be Wrong

“The possibility to capture lead one by one and the main benefit was to track any session and users behavior.”

Rafael N.

Marketing Analyst

“vFairs on-site badge printing was easy and fast and made the check-in process a breeze. Both our attendees and our check-in admins were thrilled with the easy and speedy process.”

Jessica C.

“vFairs solving badge printing and mobile app as well as leads for our sponsors. The main function is certainly badge printing. This allows us to have people quickly scan in and print the needed badge upon entry. “

Dillon F.

Digital Designer

“vFairs is an all-in-one platform that helps us host a full conference experience. It’s a great gathering place for attendees to log into and feel like they are part of something even if they are not inperson

Brittany C.

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Whether you’re hosting events online, onsite or both, vFairs offers a customizable event platform and tech solutions to make your events epic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lead retrieval?

lt is a process of exporting sales leads data from a lead retrieval app into a CRM and processing it further to scale your business.

What is lead capture?

A lead capture refers to gathering information about potential customers via a form or QR scan with a lead capture app.

How to capture lead in a trade show?

You can use vFairs’ event lead capture app to gather contact information by scanning prospects’ QR codes onsite or as they check-in.

What is lead capture for an event?

Event lead capture refers to collecting information on prospects or sales leads by scanning badges of those present onsite, through an online registration form or the event check-in database.

What is the difference between lead capture and lead retrieval?

Lead capture is the act of gathering information about a lead using a lead management app or a simple form. Whereas, retrieval means processing the data from the lead retrieval app and enrolling those leads into your business’s sales/follow-up sequence.

What is an event lead?

An event lead would be anyone present at the event who inquires about your product/services and submits their contact information.

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