Practical Strategies for Monetizing Online Events

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Learn how to monetize your virtual events and boost ROI using multiple ticketing and sponsorship strategies.

About the episode

Compared to their in-person counterparts, virtual events cost less and capture more attendees. In theory, this should translate to more opportunities for making money. In practice, it’s daunting. Is event revenue slipping through your fingers?

It’s time to change that. We’ve invited event professionals from around the world to let us in on their online event game plan. Learn how the first Virtual Mall made money, how community events can leverage sponsorships, and how virtual events can create multiple revenue streams all at the same time.

This episode covers

  • The right ways to ticket your events.
  • How to maximize sponsorship value.
  • More opportunities for boosting event ROI.
  • Candice Davis

    Our moderator for this webcast is Candice, Director of Customer Success (USA) at vFairs. She helps empower customers with the resources they need to create unique experiences and successful events.

  • Alquincia Selolwane

    Our first guest speaker is Alquincia, Founder & CEO of Interimmersive LLC and the 1st Generation App Development Company. She has created an emerging industry as the first Virtual Commercial Property Developer by launching the Black Virtual Mall and the Black Virtual Convention Center. She has also been featured in Forbes Magazine. 

  • Laura Nelson

    Laura has been NJ Director of Community Relations with Rothkoff Law Group since 2019. She designs and implements world-class speaking events and full day educational symposiums along with marketing them as well. 

  • Kevin Cuyler

    Kevin is the Director of Technical Division Operations at PetroSkills where he supports the Technical Discipline Networks and Communities of Practice for PetroSkills’ Alliance Members.