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In Person Career Fair Platform

Connect With Customers In A Whole New Way With Our Virtual Trade Show Platform

  • Showcase products to a global audience
  • Replicate traditional trade show experience
  • Engage with potential customers in real-time
  • Reach a wider audience
In Person Career Fair Platform

On-Site Career Fair Management
Just a Tap Away

Discover talent, streamline hiring: seamlessly connect managers with top candidates, track applications, and cultivate your future workforce.

We've hosted epic events for the world's leading organizations

Customizable. Adaptable. User-Friendly Your Career Fair Essentials

You can configure, customize and set up vFairs career fair platform to suit your event goals with a wide range of features.

Why Host An In-Person Career Fair with vFairs?

Create a single space for job seekers and hiring managers to interact with each other. Let candidates apply for vacant positions right away. Allow independent hiring reps to find suitable employees, schedule meetings and select the top talent!
Host your In-Person Career Fair today

In-person Career Fair Solutions

Streamline operations, boost engagement, and deliver unforgettable experiences for hiring managers and candidates.

Facilitate Candidate Registration

  • User-friendly and intuitive form fields
  • Quick account creation for attendees
  • Customizable options for different attendee demographics
  • Automated confirmation emails with event details
Facilitate Candidate Registration-min

Connect with Job Seekers

  • Attendee resume search and filter
  • Chat function for pre-event engagement
  • Job listing and resume collection
  • QR-based contact exchange
Connect with Job Seekers-min

Simplify Check-in Experience

  • QR Code-based entry for fast access
  • Self-service kiosks for on-site registration
  • Real-time attendee tracking
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Enhance Event Experience

  • Interactive booths with multimedia content
  • Engaging live presentations and discussions
  • Gamification elements for participation
  • Personalized agendas based on preferences
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Benefits of Choosing vFairs

Easy Applicant Tracking

Easy Applicant Tracking

Track applicants from registration to hiring by using the vFairs platform

Seamless Configurations

Seamless Configurations

Build your candidate database and easily export it to your ATS

Connect With Candidates

Connect With Candidates

Use multiple networking features to chat, book meetings, and pitch your brand

Dedicated Project Support

Dedicated Project Support

Enjoy end-to-end support for a problem-free event

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What Our Customers Are Saying

See how vFairs customers have hosted successful in-person events.


“We've been nothing but impressed with the vFairs product. The platform itself allows us to customize the way we deliver the content. We were even able to personalize our graduation ceremony and include all of our graduates names scrolling across the screen. It was awesome!“

vFairs was extremely easy to use, the system was intuitive and really took our annual event to the next level. The onsite badge printing solved so many prior years’ headaches for us.

Darci P.
  • Mid-Market

The coordination and integration between the website, mobile app, on-site representation, and backend support helped us elevate our brand and offer an enhanced experience for our clients and event attendees.

Sandra D.
  • Small-Business

vFairs’ on-site badge printing was easy and fast and made the check-in process a breeze. Both our attendees and our check-in admins were thrilled with the easy and speedy process.

Jessica C.
  • Mid-Market

The mobile app adds context to the in-person event and also allows attendees to network [while] gaining information about the event.

Dillon F.
  • Digital Designer
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Virtual Event Platform

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Event Mobile App

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a career expo?

A career expo is an event where employers and job seekers come together to discuss employment opportunities. It typically includes booths or tables where companies can showcase their job openings and meet potential candidates.

How do I prepare for a Career Fair?

  • Coordinate event logistics and scheduling
  • Secure venue and exhibitor spaces
  • Promote the event to potential attendees and employers
  • Manage registration and check-in processes
  • Provide support to exhibitors and attendees during the event
  • Collect feedback for future improvements

Career fair vs job fair - what is the difference?

Career fairs typically focus on a broader range of industries and career opportunities, including internships and networking opportunities, while job fairs are more narrowly focused on immediate job openings. Career fairs often include professional development workshops and company presentations, whereas job fairs are primarily centered on recruiting for current job openings.

What are the benefits of a career expo?

  • A platform for attendees to explore diverse career paths
  • Opportunities for networking with professionals across industries
  • Insights into industry trends and job market demands
  • A venue for employers to connect with potential talent
  • Workshops and seminars for professional development

How to talk to recruiters at a career fair?

Approach recruiters confidently with a smile and a firm handshake. Introduce yourself, express interest in the company, and inquire about job opportunities and company culture. Engage in active listening and meaningful conversation. Exchange contact information and express gratitude for their time.

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