Gamify In-Person Events with Our QR Scavenger Hunt

As an event host, you can surely agree in-person events require a lot of resources and energy to execute. While in-person events are bustling, you have to brainstorm how you can have activities that are innovative, fun, and exciting for attendees. 

We are introducing yet another unique gamification feature for your in-person attendees, the QR Scavenger Hunt. This feature is sure to entice attendees and boost engagement at your event. The QR Scavenger hunt caters to in-person gamification and attendees can participate and find QR codes on objects located across the event. The best part is that attendees can scan these QR codes on their vFairs mobile app. Let’s check out how the QR scavenger hunt can be a benefit to your in-person event. 

This animation shows the qr scavenger hunt feature on the vFairs mobile app
This animation shows the qr scavenger hunt feature on the vFairs mobile app

Attract Attendee Attention

In-person events fascinate attendees for the activities they offer. QR Scavenger hypes up your attendees as they start hunting for items. It also encourages participants to be the first to locate all items and shine on the scavenger hunt leaderboard. Create a sense of fun and healthy competition among attendees with this feature!

Customize Around Your Event Theme

The QR Scavenger hunt is a versatile feature that you can customize according to your event. Whether you are hosting a conference, career fair, university open day, or a trade show, you can customize the QR Scavenger Hunt around your event theme. Place QR codes on items aligning with the theme of your event, or place them in the different event areas.


You can even go out of the box and come up with fun ways to hide QR codes on items for attendees to discover.

This illustration shows a list of items for the qr scavenger hunt
This illustration shows a list of items for the qr scavenger hunt

Build Up Competition 

Event activities draw more engagement when they have a fun and competitive element. Attendees are likely to participate with more interest to win. The competition also boosts engagement as attendees want to get ahead of the competition. 

The QR Scavenger Hunt instigates fun, competition, and curiosity among attendees as they hunt for items, gain points and see their names on the leaderboard. 

Create a Unique Gamified Experience

What sets apart the QR Scavenger Hunt from a regular scavenger hunt is the interactive experience it offers to users. Users do not have to worry about writing an item down or informing a representative every time they find an item. Each attendee experiences the scavenger hunt on their own as they locate a QR code on an item and scan it with their vFairs mobile app. This makes it a unique adventure for each player who participates. 

Foster Team Collaboration

If you wish for users to participate in the QR Scavenger Hunt as teams, it can become a great tool to gel in team members as they collectively play the game. You can sort team members, or divide departments into teams for a game that packs action and fosters teamwork. Teams can divide items amongst themselves or nominate players as they begin their search.

Direct Users to Exhibitors Booths & Live Sessions

The QR Scavenger Hunt allows you to be versatile with your game design. You can employ the QR Scavenger Hunt to direct attendees to sponsor booths, live sessions, and networking halls. It is up to your creativity to drive attendees to particular event areas to give them more exposure and a fuller event experience. 

Market Products and Services With a Twist

Driving users to products and services your event offers can be tricky and calls for creativity. Adding a lot of adjectives while describing the benefits of a product or service may not always do the trick. As marketing and advertising trends evolve, buying behaviors turn into experiences, and what better way to give users an experience with the QR Scavenger Hunt?

You can get inventive with your marketing strategy and drive users to products and services by placing QR in the nearby vicinity, or even on your products or services. This way, you can create a natural influx of customers and market better.

How Does the QR Scavenger Hunt Work?

The QR Scavenger Hunt is a fun and interactive gaming experience where a user scans a QR code on an item that you can place across the event. You can add as many items, and award points to each item on the backend. Users need to locate the same items in the physical venue. As soon as they hit upon an item, they need to scan it with their vFairs mobile app scanner and gain points. All players participating in the scavenger hunt appear in the Players tab on the vFairs mobile app, with top scorers appearing on the top. 


With the unique gaming experience, flexibility for customization, and potential for stirring up high engagement, the QR Scavenger Hunt is sure to be a crowd favorite. 

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Gamify In-Person Events with Our QR Scavenger Hunt

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