Collecting and nurturing your virtual event leads has become easier and quicker with vFairs. We’ve added a new integration with Marketo to make your marketing efforts more seamless. 

Your days of manually pulling up event lead data and copying it into your marketing application are now gone. You can now connect your Marketo account with your vFairs event. This automates the process of pulling leads from a vFairs event and auto-populating them in your Marketo account, in real-time.

What is Marketo?

Marketo is a go-to application for marketers to track leads and nurture them along the conversion funnel. It helps you set up marketing automation, email marketing campaigns, lead management, and revenue attribution. With these functions, you can nurture your leads and turn them into life-long paying customers. 

How will this help you?

Your leads come from multiple channels and applications. Collecting and consolidating all of them into your marketing solution can waste a lot of time and take you away from your actual work. 

With our new integration, you no longer have to go through the hassle of pulling up event attendee data from vFairs and manually creating corresponding leads in Marketo. Our integration takes care of that for you. 

What will you need for the setup?

You’ll need a vFairs event and a Marketo account.

How to set up the integration 

To integrate Marketo with vFairs, follow these quick seven steps.

  1. Access the backend of your event via youreventURL/backend.
  2. Once you see your dashboard, click on the ‘Integrations’ tab from the side-bar menu.
    an image of the vfairs backend with the integration menu
  3. Click on ‘Add New Integration’ to add a new integration.
    an image of the integration page
  4. Select ‘Marketo’ from the list of applications available to integrate with vFairs. You can either
    – click on the applications available under the Select Integration Software tab or
    – head to the Integration Details section and select ‘Marketo’ from the Integration Software dropdown.
    an image of the marketo integration details
  5. Set the Integration Direction to “From vFairs”.
  6. Use the Marketo help documents to get the following pieces for your application and fill them in here:
    • API Access URL
    • API Access Client ID
    • API Access Secret Key
  7. Set the integration status to ‘Active’.
  8. Test the integration. The system will show a test successful message. All fields of Marketo will show once this test is successful. You need to map vFairs’ fields to Marketo’s fields.
  9. Once the fields are mapped, save the integration. 

Your vFairs data will now be sent to Marketo once created in the vFairs database.


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