I) Publicly Accessible Video Page

For Webinars, speakers usually like to share relevant videos to engage their audience. These videos act as a great supplementary tool and can help the speakers elevate their content a great deal. With the switch from Zoom to Screencast-o-Matic to record webinar videos, we designed an easy way for webinar speakers to upload their large video files during the session.

How to Use It?
Now, the speakers need only access https://app.vfairs.com/backend/index.php/job/upload. Here, they will upload their video, which will automatically be uploaded to Vimeo and the link simultaneously sent to customersupport@vfairs.com. It’s as simple as that!

II) Bulk Delete Users

In a new update that aims to streamline your data requirements, all attendee users’ accounts can be deleted from the back-end if you feel you could do without them.

How to Use It?

  1. Go to ‘Users’
  2. Select ‘More’
  3. Choose the option ‘Delete All Users’

However, bear in mind that this action is irreversible and so this feature must be used with caution. In fact, you will also be alerted with a series of warnings before the deletion action is validated. Moreover, it’s recommended that you first download a copy of these users to maintain a backup. This way you can always make use of these accounts later on, in case the need arises.

III) Zoom Registration Report

Some webinars require attendees to register prior to the session. This is always helpful, since it gives the host a tentative idea of how many people intend to tune in. Moreover, with prior registrations, the host can access the email addresses of the registrants and reach out to them before and after the session. This is always seen as an effective way to nurture important leads.
Now, these registrant lists can be captured in Zoom, provided you have the Zoom URL setup in the webinars section of the backend.

How to Use it?

  1. Click on ‘Events’
  2. Select ‘Event Reports’
  3. Under Webinar, select ‘Zoom Webinar Registration’

This will allow you to capture the entire registrants list for the webinar.


vFairs is the virtual events platform that is trusted by enterprises, government organizations, universities, SMEs and startups alike. With a configurable yet scalable foundation, it has powered thousands of events and hosted millions of users. From fully branded webinars and online events, to secure hiring events, our diverse platforms empower our clients to reach global audiences with absolute convenience.

To learn more about how vFairs can help you organize your next successful virtual event, contact us at sales(at)vfairs(dot)com or call us at (+1) 415.230.0098.

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