Top 7 Features to Use at Virtual Job Fairs 


There is no denying that hosting and preparing for virtual job fairs takes a lot of effort and hard work. Through job fairs, recruiters are representing their companies to potential employees, so everything should be just perfect. 

However, not all virtual platform features suit everyone the same. But the right virtual job fair software will enable you to create engaging and intuitive virtual experiences for remote attendees. 

Moreover, you should be able to help recruiters attract talent by offering an immersive virtual experience through interactive webinars, branded booths, and resume search or upload to connect with the right candidates at the right time. 

Therefore, the following list has all the key event platform features to help you achieve your event goals and ultimately, success.

Features to Use at Virtual Job Fairs

1. Custom Branding Options

One of the most important features of hosting an online event is marketing and bringing about excitement among your virtual event attendees. The best way to achieve this is through custom event branding options. Therefore your choice of platform should support branding. 

You need to find a platform that enables you to take full control of your event’s custom branding in all aspects of the event such as; the landing page, virtual booths, lobbies, and virtual exhibits. You should not only be able to upload your own marketing collateral to the platform but it should extend to the exhibitors too. The platform should allow your exhibitors to upload their logos, videos, and company’s image to showcase their unique stories. 

Most importantly, through branding prospects will be able to learn more about their potential employers through all sorts of marketing material such as perks and benefits, company’s policies, etc. A platform that allows you to do all that and more will take your event to the next level. 

vFairs branding options not only enhance the event’s space and improves student experience in a virtual job fair. But have proven to be one of the most significant parts of attracting attendees to the event itself. 

“The vFairs platform was very customizable, and the creation of the virtual environment was straightforward.” – Jamie B, Director

“There were so many options to customize our event and we received feedback from attendees stating it was the best virtual conference they ever attended and they really felt like they were there.” – User in Aviation & Aerospace

2. 3D Design Options

Setting up an immersive 3D space can help create memorable experiences for your audience as it mimics the real world. Hence, leveraging 3D interface designs is as important as selecting a venue for in-person events. 

Since a virtual job fair is so much more than just a webinar. Therefore, every virtual space such as a virtual lobby, exhibit halls, and auditoriums should have some sort of 3D aspect to make it pop out. 

Just as vFairs use animated avatars for a more immersive event experience. The platform lets you select from a range of avatars with various apparel, ethnicities, and ages. This makes your event more inclusive

“The overall aesthetic of the event provides our clientele with a wow factor that you do not see from other vendors.” – Chelsea A, Event Coordinator, and School Account Manager

“The platform is easy to navigate for visitors as it feels very “real-world”, with natural-feeling environments.” – Matt B, Multimedia Content Development & Production Expert

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3. Live or Pre-Recorded Webinars 

No event is complete without webinars. Immersive visual content is important to engage attendees. Therefore live sessions allow employers to share what sets their company apart and why students should apply. 

Some prefer to go with pre-recorded sessions while others prefer live sessions. Speaking of, live webinars are more impactful since they allow attendees to engage with recruiters in real-time throughout the event. Therefore to create an engaging experience; you need to make sure that your choice of event hosting platform has the ability to conduct live or pre-recorded sessions.

Additionally, it should enable attendees to interact with the speakers via moderated Q/A, polls, and other related engagement features. You need to find a job fair hosting platform with a streaming platform already integrated. Such as vFairs offers seamless integration with Zoom, Vimeo, WebX, and Youtube for live and pre-recorded sessions to eliminate the hassle of finding your own session streaming platform. 

It provides a seamless experience through fully embedded live or pre-recorded webinars. Additionally, the setup is quick and easy, with access to full functionality throughout your presentation.

“Integration of Zoom webinars allowed the live presentations to run smoothly.” – Margery S, Board Secretary, Conference Planning Committee Member

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4. Meeting Schedulers

Online meeting schedulers are specifically for virtual events. It’s a quick, and efficient way for all participants to connect with the right people. In the case of virtual job fairs, it allows job seekers to book on the spot appointments with employers.

Meeting schedulers adds extra value to your virtual job fair, making it more attractive to potential attendees.

5. Document & Video Uploads

host online job fairs Your event exhibitors, employers, in this case, should be able to post job openings and job descriptions on their booths. Which as a result will help potential job candidates to browse through information they need at their own pace and save it for later use with our virtual swag bag or a briefcase. 

Moreover, exhibitors should be able to embed videos to their virtual booth. These videos’ highlight company culture, their project success rate, milestones, upcoming projects, and other aspects to spark the interest of job seekers.

6. Virtual Job boards

One of the most important and popular benefits of hosting virtual job fairs is the seamless recruiting process. Virtual job boards make it easier for recruiters to hire candidates faster. Once you have posted jobs on virtual job boards, you will start receiving applications right away. After screening candidates’ resumes against set criteria through sorting and filtering; recruiters can schedule an interview with them on the spot with meeting schedulers without any delay. 

job boardOn the other hand, Job boards enable attendees to effortlessly search for jobs in the companies they’re most interested in and apply instantly. This streamlined recruitment process results in faster hiring.

Therefore the platform should allow exhibitors to implement these job boards in their booths to collect alumni resumes and build a candidate database. This helps employers search candidate profiles, schedule interviews with chat/video meetings, and hire quickly and efficiently.

7. Live Chat Options

Just as live polls and Q & A sessions are important for driving attendee engagement, similarly you should also look at networking features such as live chat with public, private, 1:1, and group chat options in your virtual job fair hosting platform. Because live chat allows students and job seekers to connect with a recruiter to discuss; company policies, compensation and benefits, expectations, and other valuable topics. This helps gauge audience interest. Moreover, chat will give you invaluable insights into the prospect’s needs. 

vFairs live chat feature enables event participants to keep the conversation going with a chat bar that lives across the virtual event. Additionally, it allows recruiters and attendees to connect over text, audio, and video chat.

“The ability to connect directly with attendants through chat and video functions made it an event to remember; and allowed us to build lasting relationships through an otherwise difficult period.” – Dan M, Communications Director

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Conclusion – Virtual Job Fairs

Hosting virtual job fairs may be new to some of you. But choosing the right event hosting platform with all the right features can help your event truly stand out. All the above-mentioned platform features will not only help you improve your virtual job fair experience. But you will also be able to control all aspects of your branding and of that of your exhibitors.

The good news is you can find all these features and then some more in the vFairs event hosting platform. vFairs has years of experience in helping colleges and universities to host successful career and job fairs. Quick and easy setup is just a cherry on top. 

vFairs allows you to get your event up and running in no time. Along with support from a dedicated project manager. You do what you do best i.e. generate meaningful content to grow your audience and let vFairs handle the rest. 

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Top 7 Features to Use at Virtual Job Fairs 

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