Bring Employers and Job Seekers Together with a Virtual Job Fair

Play matchmaker for organizations and qualified candidates with fully remote online job fairs, featuring virtual job boards and much more.

Help Organizations Find Top Talent a Virtual Job Fair

Provide recruiters with the perfect platform to share open roles, post job boards, collect resumes, and network with top candidates.

Help Top Talent Find Their Dream Job Opportunities

Invite job seekers and employers from around the globe to an interactive virtual environment, where they can meet, network, and interview. Maximize hiring results with real-time chats, resume databases, and other features.

Help Exhibitors Get Noticed and Attract Applicants with Custom Virtual Booths

Empower your exhibitors with gorgeous, customizable booths to promote their brand identity and culture. Employers can use self-service tools to design their booths and showcase what makes them special, ensuring maximum engagement and interactions with talented job seekers.

Enable Employers to Collect Resumes and Interview Potential Hires on the Spot

Using the resume database, employers can sift through applications — whether dropped at their booth or submitted on the virtual job board — and then schedule interviews with promising candidates directly on the platform.

Kick Your Virtual Job Fair Up a Notch with Employer-Hosted Webinars

Our online job fairs are a golden opportunity for brands to show their expertise, promote their organization, and have meaningful conversations using webinar and video tools.

  • No Flash required
  • Interactive panels
  • Live video conferencing

Help Employers Fast-Track the Interview Process with Text, Audio, and Video Chats

Offer unparalleled convenience to both employers and job seekers through real-time conversations and interviews at the event, without the need to switch tools or download additional software. Our virtual job fairs allow for unlimited one-on-one chats using audio, text, or video.

For Job Seekers

Learn about Employers

Allow job seekers to browse through employer booths & access company content for more informed interactions.

Search Jobs

Enable job seekers to search and submit resumes on the virtual job board for instantaneous employer response.

Connect with Employers

Allow job seekers to discuss positions with employers using chat tools to better match their expertise against the job.

Download Collateral

Provide students with the option to save brochures, forms and other collateral for future viewing and sharing.

Keep Job Seekers Fully Engaged in an Intuitive, Flexible Virtual Environment

Provide a seamless experience for candidates wherever they are, with a full-featured virtual space that is compatible with smartphones and tablet devices. Benefits include:

  • Virtual job board
  • On-demand videos and brand collateral
  • Live chat with employers and other attendees
  • Surveys, polls, and social media integration

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Deliver Timely Content for Job Seekers to Learn About Employers, in a Variety of Formats:

  • Videos
  • Photo galleries
  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Job descriptions

Offer Job Seekers an Easy-to-Use Job Board to Search Open Positions and Submit Applications

Streamline the application process at your virtual job fair with a real-time job board, where employers can list available positions and collect applications from interested candidates at the event. Attendees can access the job board at any time and filter their search for the most relevant openings.


Boost Engagement with Event Gamification

  • Trivia Quizzes

    Help job seekers retain knowledge from your event with custom trivia challenges, then save their answers to review later on.

  • Leaderboards

    Promote engagement at your event by rewarding points to attendees for favorable actions, with end-of-day rewards for point leaders.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Keep visitors on their toes and maximize interactions with the environment through cleverly hidden objects and corresponding prizes.

Measure the Impact of Your Virtual Job Fair with Detailed Analytics

Detailed reports during and after the event allow you to gauge the ROI of your event and refine your approach. Metrics can include:

  • Number of visitors
  • Average duration of visit
  • Number of chat interactions
  • Popularity of different booths

Leverage vFairs’ World-Class Support Team to Maximize Results and Ensure a Smooth Event

When hosting an online job fair, your peace of mind is our number-one priority. Our global support team is ready to help, 24/7 whether you’re just getting started, smack in the middle of your virtual event, or need help with reports when it’s over.

Cater to Your Audience with Multilingual Support

Ensure the best possible experience for attendees and exhibitors alike with event localization. Our platform supports English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Mandarin, and a variety of other languages.



  • How many visitors and exhibitors can the virtual job fair host?

    The virtual job fair can have an unlimited number of employer booths and can sustain thousands of visitors at any given time.

  • How can the event participation be monetized?

    Employers can be charged for virtual booth space and branding across the virtual landscape. You can also charged job-seekers for entrance by requesting them to purchase a ticket online and presenting its details at the time of login.

  • What tools are available to aid employers in finding relevant candidates?

    Employers can advertise vacancies on a searchable job board, can access the resume database developed during the event and shortlist relevant candidates by applying a set of robust filters. They can also conduct textual, audio and video interviews with the candidates directly from the virtual job fair platform. The booths can carry links to the employers’ career sites which further hastens the recruitment process.

  • Do you provide live personalized support?

    Each event has a dedicated event manager who assists the hosts in planning the event before it is live and ensuring its smooth operation when it is in action. The event manager and responsive customer support team is available round-the-clock when the event is live with people particularly up to speed with the unique mechanics of the event at hand.

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