Times have changed. And with that, how financial institutions carried out recruitment has also majorly shifted. 

To what? Virtual recruitment. 

From investment banks to savings and credit associations, insurance companies and brokerage firms, all are moving to virtual recruitment. For that, they require the best virtual career fair software available. One which will take care of all their requirements, smoothen out the process for them. 

If you are one of these teams looking for a virtual career fair software and planning on taking your career fair to the next level in the virtual landscape, we have some pointers for you.

When searching for virtual career fair software there are a few features to look out for. Keeping these in check will help you put together a winning virtual career fair, managing to attract the right pool of talent. 

1. Capture Relevant Attendee Information

When you are inviting your audience to register for the event, capture information about them which would help you in your decision making. From career interests, university, degree, to even the city they work in. You can collect resumes and cover letters in registration too, using a file upload form field.

Adding these fields in the registration form builds your database, and helps you understand audience demographics. This registration page is also mobile device friendly so your audience can easily register from the mobile. 

2. Use the Search Filter

When you have captured all the relevant attendee information, you can easily search for attendees using the search filter. The built-in search resume filter helps you filter out prospects and find the right talent for your organization, based on the criteria you have set. 

search filter

3. Book Meetings and Schedule Chats 

Networking, and connecting with people in the industry is essential when it comes to career fairs in the financial services industry. The virtual career fair software you decide to go with for your financial institution must facilitate easy networking between the organization, its department booths and the attendees. 

meeting scheduler

1:1 networking and group video chats will help an easy flow of communication. Moreover, the booking an appointment feature, which allows attendees to schedule chats in advance ensures that no one misses out on meeting the relevant department. 

Check out how Unilever Turkey redefined recruitment with an interactive virtual career fair. 

While you chat with potential employees and have multiple interviews lined up, you can easily understand who exactly you are chatting with by viewing their user profiles. You can see basic information from the data you have collected during registration, as well as any additional information the user may have chosen to fill in. Moreover, you can retain the context of the chat by adding notes and tags to the chat that are only visible to you and your team. You can export it afterward with chat transcripts. 

4. Draw in Audiences with Interactive Webinars  

The virtual career fair software must support webinars. Webinars are a great place for your organization to not only talk about your company values and culture but also to talk about the various departments, and the types of vacancies there are available. You can build your employer brand while also interacting with potential employees. 

Educate the incoming audience about the history of your company, in a fun and engaging way. 

With live Q&As, polls and surveys, the host can talk to the attendees, understand their perspectives and pivot the conversation to what interests them, and what they are keener to learn about. 


While you can make full use of live webinars, you can also host pre-recorded or semi-live webinars. Choose the option you are comfortable with and can easily work with. 

5. Brand Your Virtual Department Booths

Your virtual booths can be allocated to the various departments in your company. These booths are completely customized and branded as per the needs of your organization. Additionally, you can select the avatars placed at the booths. These are ethnically diverse and dressed in different attires, thus helping you connect with the targeted audience. 

branded exhibit booths

6. Opt for a Device-friendly Platform

When choosing the virtual career fair software for your financial institution, keep in mind that attendees can be on the go, or connecting from different devices. Mobiles, tablets and laptops, any of these can be used, hence ensure your virtual career fair software is compatible with multiple devices. This creates ease for your attendees and helps boost engagement and participation at your event when audiences are not restricted to one device. 

Key Takeaways

Virtual recruiting is the future, not only because of COVID-19 but also because of the many advantages it brings to the table and how it allows organizations to move beyond borders while cutting costs. 70% of talent professionals think virtual recruiting will become the new standard. So when you are searching for a virtual career fair software for your financial institution lookout for the following:

  • Customizable registration forms to capture the information you need 
  • Filtering out resumes to find the ones most suitable to your organization’s needs 
  • Ability to book and reserve chat slots so everyone has access to the exhibiting departments 
  • Educational and interactive webinars to engage audiences 
  • Virtual booths which can be branded as per your needs and can host content
  • Mobile-friendly software to cater to people logging in from mobiles and tablets

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