10 Best Virtual Conference Platforms (2022)

Connecting online is one of the most adaptive ways of doing business since the pandemic. Virtual events have had a massive boom with around a thousand percent growth after the COVID-19 hit the news. The exciting part is that many companies prefer to continue with best virtual conference platforms and virtual events even as the pandemic-induced restrictions are lifted. 

In recent research, it is found that over eighty-eight percent event profs hosted one virtual event in 2021. Over twenty-eight percent of event profs hosted over ten virtual events in the same year. And although it has now become safer to host in-person events, the survey found that over ninety-five percent of event profs will continue hosting virtual events as part of their event strategy. 

Virtual conferencing is the most cost-effective and interactive way to network and connect with the target audience when combined with professional event organizers. Gladly, with the demand for virtual and hybrid events, many virtual event platforms have taken tasks on their shoulders.

The best virtual conference platforms offer a mesmerizing online environment for your audience and help with knowledge sharing and unlimited networking opportunities. 

vFairs: 2022’s Best Virtual Conference Platforms

If you are even slightly familiar with the virtual conference and management world, you must have heard about vFairs. vFairs is a leading virtual and hybrid events platform around the globe. The company offers a wide range of event organizing and management solutions. The platform has maintained a 4.7/5 star rating with over 12,500 reviews from its satisfied customers.

From featuring intuitive 3D virtual venues to virtual exhibit booths, content sharing features, networking features, and much more, vFairs is filling up its customers with endless advanced virtual event features!

To help you further understand how vFairs work, here are a few of the virtual event platform’s key features. 


best virtual conference platforms
Live webinar feature – vFairs

vFairs’s virtual event solutions offer businesses to use live, semi-live, and pre-recorded webinars to keep the audience educated and engaged. Not only that, but the platform lets you upload videos, presentations, and conference brochures to the resource vault. You can extend the life of your content by taking full advantage of vFairs on-demand hosting feature. 

Virtual Environment

best virtual conference platforms
Virtual exhibit hall feature – vFairs

The popular online virtual platform offers the best virtual environment with its animated 3D lobby. You can keep your attendees super engaged by replicating real-life venues in the digital world. vFairs lets you choose your preferred exhibit halls, booth design, and auditorium. 


best virtual conference platforms
Group chat networking feature – vFairs

When making your virtual event the centerpiece of all networking opportunities, there is no better choice than vFairs. vFairs allows attendees to connect through video, audio, and text chat. Attendees can also use matchmaking tools to build a better and stronger connection with people of similar interests. There is so much more to explore with vFairs networking features. If you are interested, then click here to know more. 


best virtual conference platforms
Polling engagement feature – vFairs

Once you have decided to opt for the virtual event, you must ensure the event has everything to keep the audience engaged. Keeping an audience active in a virtual event can be challenging. Still, with vFairs, one the best virtual conference platforms, engagement features, you have nothing to worry about. The platform lets you boost participation through Q&As and polls during the live event. You can also gamify your conference and go for push notifications and in-event alerts. 


best virtual conference platforms
Live attendee reporting feature – vFairs

To get real-time updates on how your virtual event is performing, you need to book your event with vFairs. vFairs reporting features let you receive real-time metrics such as how many people have joined the conference, webinar reviews, and booth visits. You can also download chat logs and transcripts of your event. The reporting tools are hands-on with tracking audience behavior and delivering insights from post-event reports. 

Customer Support

best virtual conference platforms
5 stars customer support feature – vFairs

Finding a virtual conference platform among a variety can be complex. However, to help you with this, we recommend you to connect with a platform that not only offers advanced virtual event features but has 5-star rating customer support. Luckily, vFairs offer 24/7 global support and a dedicated project team for your event. The virtual event platform provides live technical support and experienced end-to-end project support to ensure your events take off and finish smoothly. 

By now, you must have generated interest in vFairs. We recommend you not to wait around since almost every business is looking for the best virtual event platforms. To get a custom quote from vFairs, you can contact the vFairs team now!


Another virtual conference platform that you can opt for is WebinarJam. Although WebinarJam carries a 3.7 out of 5-star rating on G2, it still offers many features that can amplify attendee engagement. 

One of the critical features that WebinarJam offers is its ability to host 4-hour meetings, live tracking, and webinar with a group of attendees of over 5,000 and six presenters. 

WebinarJam claims to offer virtual events in HD glory. As per the official website, all you need is a strong internet connection, and an average computer rest of the technologies will be taken care of by the WebinarJam team. 

Moreover, the virtual event platform might not be a customer’s favorite. Many customers on GetApp, a business app, and software discovery platform, believe WebinarJam causes streaming delays. Moreover, some customers have also complained about the ineffective chat options for the attendees. 


Given the close competition with the most high-ranking virtual conference platform, vFairs, GoToWebinar is one of the most used webcasting software. However, the platform is not up to the mark with the chat options. Many users on TrustRadius, a trusted software review platform, believe that the app lacks a public chat area for effective networking and does not offer a medium where a team can assist their queries.

With fifty-three thousand customers, GoToWebinar offers a bunch of virtual event features you can choose from. From its flexible webinar modes to powerful data encryption, privacy features, customized dashboard, and easy payment processing, GoToWebinar is worth considering for hosting a virtual event. 


One of the most versatile online virtual event platforms, Livestorm offers browser-based software to customers hosting virtual events. 

If you are looking for ways to run a simple online meeting or opt for a full-fledged webinar session, then Livestream can help you run a smooth event. 

The top features of Livestorm include on-demand, live, and pre-recorded sessions, end-to-end engagement, dashboard analytics features, and real-time events updates. Besides offering some advanced features, Livestorm is not yet the perfect solution for hosting webinars. As per Influno, a business software review site, the platform can not schedule polls and offers automated webinars. 


Although Eventzilla is not an all-in-one event management solution like vFairs, it offers an all-in-one registration platform needs to make your event smooth. The platform makes it easy for businesses to deal with the registration, payments, attendance, and checking part of hosting a virtual conference. 

The key features include allowing you to schedule multiple speaker sessions, seamless check-ins, no coding required for registration work, and more. 

Nevertheless, unlike vFairs which offers one-time payment solutions, Eventzilla is not that great for customers looking for attractive pricing. As per customers on GetApp, the platform transaction charges are too high, making it hard to choose the medium for virtual events. 


If you are looking for ways to host a distraction-free webinar, you need to contact Demio. Demio offers a solid structure to registration, marketing, and promotion features to conduct a practical webinar. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that the platform does not sit well with the customers. On the GetApp, many customers have shown disappointment in Demio’s integration features.

Moreover, attendance management has become smooth with Demio. It maintains a member database, exporting them to CSV files and checking their registration status. 

Key features include networking opportunities and building a better connection with attendees. Further, the platform offers a vibrant event platform to boost audience engagement and helps you upload presentations directly from Demio. 

Click Meeting

If you want a virtual conference platform, if not the best virtual conference platforms, that offers the best solution for a career and trade show, then Click Meeting can be your partner. The platform is hands-on and accommodates a large audience. With its booth, marketing, registration, and networking features, you can host a significant event without any hurdles. 

The platform offers customizable email templates, real-time translation into fifty-two different languages, a private chat option, and the option to run low stream on Youtube and Facebook. Nevertheless, the platform is not entirely trouble-free. The significant drawbacks of using Click Meeting as per its customers’ reviews on Capterra are lack of customization, audio problems, and ineffective recording options. 


Unlike Click Meeting, Accelevents is best suited for small and medium sizes events. The virtual event platform uses software that lets you host a virtual or hybrid meeting with some interactive features.

The top features offered by the one of the best virtual conference platforms include creating custom events, a live session that is easy to monitor, active your event hub, segmenting audience according to demographic, and more. However, some customers on G2, the world’s leading business software and services review platform, showed disappointment with the platform’s lag time, leading to ineffective communication and session.


With limited features, Zoom is still one of the most versatile virtual event platforms. 

Zoom is not the best option if you want to conduct a large-scale webinar or virtual event. It can work fine for a primary virtual conference.

The key features include:

  • Multiple reality rooms.
  • A raise hand button.
  • A multi-desktop option—the ability to record sessions and more. 

Still, inconsistent cloud file sizes, too many subscriptions, add-ons, and lack of comment control might not be pleasing on the platform. 

Cisco Webex

Webex is a cloud-based virtual conference platform and made it to our list of best virtaul conference platforms offers various ways to make your event productive and interactive. 

The platform lets you host webinars and virtual conferences with over three thousand participants. However, as per the users, the user interface and system menu are not that compatible. Therefore, you should be ready to experience major audio issues while using the platform.

You can also access multiple interactive features such as a sponsor exhibition hall, many break-out sessions, robust data encryption standards, and more!

Key Takeaways

Virtual conference and events are going nowhere. If you are ready to host one this year, you might need to research which virtual event platform best suits your needs. To simplify the tasks, we have listed the top ten best virtual conference platforms in the content piece above!

You can simply click here and get in touch with the best virtual event platform to book a quote for your event right now!

10 Best Virtual Conference Platforms (2022)


Shahtaj is a content writer at vFairs. She has been in the content-creation industry for over four years, primarily serving Saas, tech, and entertainment organizations. In her spare time, she binge-watches tragic love stories, re-reads all of Nicholas Spark's novels and runs her food blog.


10 Best Virtual Conference Platforms (2022)


Shahtaj is a content writer at vFairs. She has been in the content-creation industry for over four years, primarily serving Saas, tech, and entertainment organizations. In her spare time, she binge-watches tragic love stories, re-reads all of Nicholas Spark's novels and runs her food blog.
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