You have a virtual event coming up and you don’t know where to start marketing. You’ve worked hard to build your virtual event platform. Now is the time to get cracking on event marketing. 

Let’s be honest. Acing event marketing has a huge influence on your virtual event’s success. So, where to start? Will 280 characters on Twitter do the job? No! 

You must dig deeper. Explore more options to send out your message. 

In comes email marketing. When marketing your event, it is considered one of the most effective channels today. It promises to deliver the highest marketing ROI of all the channels available.  However, it is evolving. 

Companies wanting to establish a greater connection with their audience are opting to set up automatic email campaigns. These automatic emails trigger based on a user’s actions. 

Why automated emails for event marketing? 

Automated emails are timely, personalized and hyper-relevant to the reader. They offer the right information at the right time, making them more likely to drive action. In fact, such emails are opened and clicked more frequently. They also have a proven track record of driving visits to your website and increasing revenue. That means you get more eyes on your event page from an audience who is highly engaged already. More traffic = more potential registrations. 

vfairs email marketing builder - scheduling

How does it work? 

You can set up your email once and as your audience meets the triggers you defined, the email will be sent to them. Guess what? You won’t even have to move a muscle. 

You want proof?

Over 75% of event creators choose email marketing as the most effective strategy. Moreover, event related emails have a 28% open rate. Add in a sense of urgency in the subject line and address the receipt by their name, and you have a chance to increase that number.  

vFairs’ aims to help you connect with your audience, drive visits and generate revenue for your business. Thus, our new email builder and automation tool has been built into the vFairs platform for the same purpose. 

Features which will help your event marketing stand out 


You can easily design emails and build templates of your choice through the backend modular template builder. You can use the easy-to-use drag and drop builder or choose from vFairs’ action-optimized existing templates. 


To reach specific audiences you can create segments and create email lists. These email lists can be used to send out relevant emails to a particular audience segment. 

Moreover, you can even add personalization tokens. These include names and event URLs among others to help you achieve your objectives. 

This also allows you to reach your audience at each stage of the event. For instance, before the event you can import contacts from a third party CRM software (for example, Hubspot, Cvent or Salesforce integrations). This data will be used to send event details to your target audience driving them to the landing page or registration form. You can also set pre-event reminder emails to those who have registered. 

vfairs email marketing builder


Add in specific triggers to send automated emails to your audience. Your emails can be pre-scheduled as you build your campaign. When your audience meets a trigger, they will be sent an automatic email. For instance, if your virtual event has started and someone hasn’t logged in, they will be sent an automated email reminder. When someone attends your event, you can send them an automated thank you email. 

vfairs email marketing

The process of email building and automation is easy and user friendly. So hop on, host stellar events with vFairs and stand out by leveraging the email marketing platform with our automation tool. 

Feature Walk-Through

To learn more, watch our vFairs expert Salman walk you through the feature and how it works!

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