10 Takeaways from Toronto’s CME Expo 2022

vFairs was glad to be a part of the Canadian Meetings and Events Expo 2022 that happened on 16-17 August, 2022. The CME Expo 2022 is one of the biggest trade shows for event professionals that want to connect with their customers on a personal level. The event had a number of guest speakers, panel discussions, and was open to exhibitors from all over the world.

With in-person events being back, the CME Expo was a great way to get our head back into the game. 


As our team reps set up a booth at the CME Expo, we thought it would be great to list down how the event went. So, here are some key takeaways that can help you plan your next event whether you are going as an exhibitor, attendee, or are the host.


Key Takeaways for Event Planners 

Here are some key takeaways to help you host stellar events. 

#1: In-Person Events Have Changed

The pandemic made hosting or attending in-person events impossible, but they seem to be back now. However, in-person events and the technology being used in them is changing for the better. Attendees are more than ready to normalize using tech stacks like vFairs VenueGear. It can help take the manual load off of the organizers by helping with registrations, ticketing, badge printing, and sending out live event announcements.

#2: Mobile Apps Are Key


Most in-person events like the CME Expo 2022 incorporate tech like event apps for attendees and the lead retrieval app for exhibitors. These apps can be an all-in-one solution for hosts, attendees, and exhibitors alike. Our reps used the vFairs event app at the CME Expo and got a fresh perspective on how convenient it can be.

Apps can facilitate attendees and organizers in knowing what others are up to during a live event and make scheduling much easier. 

Key Takeaways for Exhibitors

Exhibitors can maximize their results from attending events like this through some simple measures. 

#1: Don’t Underestimate Swag


The event made it clear that swag and freebies attract more people to your booth, whether you like it or not. Our team gave away branded hoodies, bottles, tote bags, and vFairs swag boxes at the CME Expo. Not only did these items spike interest in our booth, they also acted as great souvenirs and tokens for attendees to take back home.

#2: Carefully Pick Out the Booth Location


The vFairs booth at the CME Expo was near the show feature stage, bringing significant traffic to our booth. If you are planning to go to an event like CME Expo as an exhibitor, your booth location can be really important. You don’t want to set up shop in a dingy corner where attendees have the least interest in showing up. 

#3: Add Some Booth Games

Apart from the location and amenities at your booth, you can also add games and lucky draws to attract more traffic. Attendees can enter a lucky draw if they watch a demo, talk to a rep, scan a QR code to visit the company’s website, or drop their business card at the booth. You can be as creative with this as you like.

#4: Bring the Human Element


Booths don’t necessarily have to look serious and corporate all the time. While you want to make sure that the booth represents your company’s ethos and brand, adding a little human element never hurts. While the vFairs team put up some balloons to add to the decor, an LCD screen with a photo or social wall is also a great eye-catching idea.

#5: Set An Objective    

Before setting up shop at an event like this, it is important to understand what you aim to get out of the event. Your objective could be anything from getting to know more people from the industry to generating leads for your business. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t set up the booth in a way that maximizes that output for you.  

#6: Engage to Make a Difference 

Most event attendees who come to your booth might be looking for a meaningful conversation. You can start by asking them starter questions like “Have you heard about vFairs?” or “How are you currently doing your events?” By asking booth visitors the right questions, you can figure out their pain point early on in the conversation. Meaningful and quality conversations can be the best takeaway from trade shows for exhibitors. 

#7: Track All Your Leads


Trade shows like the CME Expo 2022 usually facilitate conversations between companies and their potential customers. If an attendee seems interested in your product, it is important to track that conversation and get in touch with them after the event. Your sales team could email them after the event to set up a demo and move the lead up the acquisition funnel.  

#8: Get Involved In Activities Beyond Your Booth

Exhibitors shouldn’t take their eyes off the prize, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in other agenda items. Being part of a panel discussion or attending speaker sessions can also help you up your game. So, make sure to set time up for networking and sessions along with your booth duties.


Events like the CME Expo can be a great way to meet potential clients, generate leads, or just simply meet like-minded people. Whatever your objective is, in-person trade shows can facilitate networking like no other. The vFairs team had a blast at the event and we understand the sheer potential of human connections and in-person networking.

10 Takeaways from Toronto’s CME Expo 2022

Syeda Hamna Hassan

Hamna is a Content Writer at vFairs. She has over 5 years of experience writing content for SaaS, IT, and telecommunications industries. She is a storyteller, content marketing expert, and loves to write about the changing trends in the events industry. When she's not writing, she's over analyzing every FC Barcelona game.

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