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Over the past few years, the event industry has been revolutionized in a way that now it is not location or community specific. Anyone anywhere in the world can join an event and being it virtual it would help them feel like they are in the actual event. Metaverse has caused virtual events to be the ongoing thing nowadays and people all around the world are inclining towards it. Pandemics like COVID 19 has also increased the use of virtual events. The event environment is similar as of the physical event and it would make you feel like you’re in the event while sitting at home. There are multiple platforms that provide virtual event management and each of them has different expertise.

In this article we will talk about a platform called 6Connex alternatives in the metaverse.

What is 6Connex

6Connex markets themselves as a comprehensive, all-in-one event technology platform, that is changing the events industry by making it simple to manage and host successful events at scale and in any format – virtual, hybrid, or in-person. They highlight to have a technology that enables marketers and event planners to easily create a custom blend of in-person and virtual events that deliver a unique experience to attendees around the world.

The main features according to 6Connex that make them unique are:

  • Designing a customizable, branded, 3D virtual environment. This is done by them providing predesigned templates which are tempered according to the customers’ demand. This would be a whole virtual world in itself.
  • Providing personalized experience and relevant attendee information regarding registration and event activities.
  • Using artificial intelligence to show relevant information to the respective attendees
  • Agencies to help manage and analyze the event.

6Connex markets their services as divided in four levels:

  • Eventory – this is an initial stage where the organization helps in attendee engagement and provides analytical reports for you.
  • Launch – this is a self-service solution in which you manage your own event with templates provided by the firm.
  • Rise – hybrid and virtual event solution in which you can bring your best ideas in virtual reality.
  • Soar – advanced form of hybrid and virtual event solution providing multiple virtual environments and artificial technology for the best event experience.

6Connex Alternatives & Competitors


It is an all-in-one hybrid, in-person, and virtual events platform that gives you a lifelike experience within the virtual environment. What stands vFairs out is its amazing mobile app and all-around customer support. Some of the main features of vFairs are virtual hall, auditorium, poster halls, networking lounge, lobby, live feed arena, and mobile app. It involves integrations as well with multiple other platforms like Zoom, Wordly, Kahoot and Miro whiteboard along with others which depends on the customization. We are very flexible that way and always try our best to provide the best to our customers. Third-party integrations are available on vFairs than on any other virtual event platform. From real-time translations to games and collaborative apps, we have it all.

For Spring 2022 on G2, vFairs also has the High Performer badge in the virtual event platform category!

vFairs is one of the top rated 6Connex alternatives on G2

Key Features

Out of the World Customer Support

Our team provides the highest level of customer support from day one of the event preparation to the post event activities. It is the main policy of our organization to be consumer focused and cater to their needs. There is a 24 hour consumer support available all the time throughout the journey of the event. During the live days, our management team is on its toes and communicate with their clients constantly. They also provide instant solutions to any kind of the problems client requires during the live days.

Networking and Attendee Interaction

There are multiple features within the platform that help increase networking and attendee interaction with you and among themselves. These features include embedded chat, live webinars, lounge, live feed arena, poster halls and adding contacts within the mobile app, engage in gamification and having the ability to share business card. The embedded chat feature allows you to audio and video call attendees, it also has reserve the chat slot functionality where attendees can pre schedule meetings with the booth reps.

Mobile App

An efficient mobile app will help you to carry out the event on the go. This wouldn’t have to be location specific. Attendees can listen to a webinar, engage with booth reps and see the virtual event through their mobile phones as well. There are multiple steps specific for the app only to make it more mobile friendly.

Attached is the graphic of how mobile app looks.


Hopin is another alternative for 6Connex. They market themselves as all-in-one event management platform that makes it easier than ever to plan, produce, and relive event experiences. To put on a well-produced professional event, you don’t need any prior production knowledge. With professional and dependable streams, Hopin’s livestream studio enriches your event. One of the main things about Hopin is that it is designed for a wide range of events, from local meetings of a few dozen to large conferences with hundreds of thousands of attendees.

Reviewers have mentioned some of these pros/cons for Hopin:


  • Can cater to all kinds of audiences easily. From few tens to thousands of them.
  • Multiple ways for attendee interaction, from gaming and photo booths to one-on-one video calls, breakout sessions and polls.
  • Can be customized according to your needs.


  • Their packages cater to different levels of restrictions regarding access to apps which is not liked by the clients.
  • In terms of customizations and white-labeling of event pages, this is not available in Hopin. One cannot customize the default registration / landing page and set it on a custom domain.
  • The event has a 72-hour limit.


A platform which is an alternative for 6Connex, hosts online and hybrid events. They reflect themselves to be good for job fairs and career fairs with their efficient booth designs and ability to interact with customers on a basic and advanced level. Their main areas are exhibit halls and lounge where attendees can interact with on another and employees.

Reviewers have mentioned some of these pros/cons for Airmeet:


  • Efficient booths with 3D customizable designs that are easy for attendees to increase interaction.
  • User friendly mobile app for communication on the go.


  • Do not have many options for multiple virtual environments like lobby, poster halls and auditorium.
  • Less efficiency when it comes to hosting large number of webinars.
  • In the lounge, group call can happen with a limit of 50 people.


Eventbrite market themselves as event planners that plan, set up ticket sales, and advertise events of any size, as well as publicize them directly on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The platform is more focused on getting tickets for an event, setting up registration, finding a customized seating arrangement and then promoting it across different social media platforms.

Reviewers have mentioned some of these pros/cons for Eventbrite:


  • Efficient in social media marketing, email marketing, E-ticketing and customer reach when it comes to registering.
  • Show events on their platform based on location, culture and community you would be interested in.
  • Automated reports on the patterns of registration and sales generation.


  • Not an all-in-one platform. Only focus is on tickets and event promotion.
  • A platform doesn’t have the option for hosting events within itself.


On24 is another platform that is the alternative for 6Connex. They reflect to be a webinar-based platform which is more focused on face-to-face interaction and attendees communicating in video calls. The platform offers products which different levels of webinar engagement. This gives you the chance to hold live sessions based on your own demand from more engaging and customization to small sessions.

Reviewers have mentioned some of these pros/cons for On24:


  • Provides options for different levels of webinar hosting like Webcast Elite that deals with live, semi live and on-demand sessions with the most engagement and Go Live that deals with video centric events using minimal resources.
  • Provides analytical data on the event as well showing patterns of attendees.


  • Not an all-in-one platform. Only focuses on webinars of different types and their analytics.
  • Does not have the ability to have multiple 3D virtual environments and having different functions of them.

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6Connex Alternatives & Competitors

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