Top 5 Accelevents Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

If Accelevents isn’t meeting your needs, explore our recommended Accelevents competitors to find the perfect platform for your event—whether it’s in-person, virtual, or hybrid. 

We’ve analyzed user feedback to help you make an informed decision on choosing the best events management platform. Don’t settle for mediocrity—choose an innovative alternative to Accelevents and captivate your audience.

What is Accelevents?

Before we dive into alternatives, let’s do a quick overview of what Accelevents is known for and what are some of its drawbacks. Accelevents offers in-person, virtual, and hybrid event solutions. 

This platform simplifies event management with its user-friendly interface and adaptable features, catering to events of all scales. From small gatherings to large conferences, Accelevents streamlines processes such as registration, attendee engagement, analytics, and data management.

Check out Accelevents’ review in depth.

Key Features

Here are some prominent features offered by Accelevents:

  1. Ticketing & Registration: Create diverse ticket tiers featuring early bird discounts, VIP perks, or bundled experiences. Collect attendee data through custom fields for dietary restrictions, interests, or accessibility needs. You can embed registration forms on your website and send automated email confirmations and reminders to anyone who registers.
  2. Attendee Engagement: Foster interaction with live polls, Q&A sessions, and chat features during presentations. Incorporate gamification elements such as earning points for attending sessions or visiting booths to encourage participation. Offer on-demand content like recordings or downloadable materials to enrich the learning experience.
  3. Event Check-In: Streamline entry with Accelevents app check-in via QR codes or enable self-print badge options on-site. Utilize kiosk mode on the Accelevents Admin App for assisted check-in and badge printing by staff.
  4. Gamification: Motivate attendees with a points system rewarded for various activities like session attendance, networking, or poll participation. Recognize achievements with badges and create leaderboards to inspire friendly competition and increase engagement.
  5. Badge Printing: Design professional badges with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, including attendee names, photos, and access levels. Integrate with registration and check-in for instant badge printing upon arrival.

Accelevents Pricing

  • Free Version: They offer a free trial period.
  • Professional: Starting from $5,000 (recommended for hosting a single event)
  • Business: Starting from $12,000 (Best suited for growing organizations with multiple events)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing (Tailored for operating events across various departments)
  • White Label: Custom pricing (Designed for when your brand needs to shine)
  • Platforms Supported: Web, iOS, Android
  • Free Trial and Demo: Available

User Accelevents Reviews

  • “Accelevents is the most robust and user friendly option I have found after exploring many online event platforms. From setting up the agenda, speakers, virtual exhibit hall, and ticketing….everything is incredibly intuitive.” – Michael S., Small-Business Owner
  • “I am struggling to understand why the default event times displayed on our “landing page” shows EST when the events show CST. It may be because I am in EST when creating them, but I cannot figure it out. It would also be helpful if I could customize the “footer” link colors. Not a deal breaker, as I can customize so much else.” – Bill W., Director of Marketing
  • “Accelevents is an incredible all-in-one online event platform – landing pages, event pages, networking, and live and recorded sessions. There are opportunities to customize just about every part of the experience to make it 100% your event. The customer support was incredible – quick to respond, and very helpful and knowledgeable.” – Mary-Beth S., Virtual Assistant
  • “JavaScript-based code can sometimes cause a challenge when multiple event managers are looking at working on the same element at time. The last to edit save feature of the asynchronous but automatic saves can create a dueling piano situation for event managers.” – Andrew E., CMO

One user on G2 mentioned that the platform presents a significant challenge due to its steep learning curve. Another user noted that there’s a bit of a learning curve when getting started with the platform. They found the interface for setting up the page to be somewhat confusing. Additionally, they mentioned the challenge of training attendees on how to use the platform, which led them to create a training and instruction guide for users.

Below are some Accelevents competitors worth considering. 

Top 5 Accelevents Competitors and Alternatives To Look Out For

  1. vFairs

On first spot in our list of the best Accelevents competitors is vFairs, a versatile online event management platform for hosting a wide range of events, whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Our platform’s adaptability lends itself well to various purposes, spanning from career fairs and video screening interviews to conferences, networking events, and more.

vFairs stands out for its comprehensive event management approach, offering a full range of solutions for both virtual and in-person events. Our platform is designed to create immersive environments covering virtual venues, lobbies, exhibit halls, and auditoriums. To facilitate networking virtually you can benefit from features like chats, audio/video calls, roundtables, smart matchmaking and spatial connect.

For managing in-person events seamlessly, organizers can leverage vFairs event technology including products like registration and ticketing software. As an organizer, you can get a dedicated app for event check-in and badge printing. You provide your exhibitor a lead capture app solely focused on securing leads, capturing notes and later exporting to their CRMs.. 

Moreover, vFairs offers a tailored mobile app for attendees, enhancing the event experience whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person. The app facilitates networking, webinar attendance, exhibitor exploration, virtual business card sharing, and event check-ins, ensuring a smooth and efficient event management process.

Key Features

  • Event Ticketing & Registration: vFairs all-in-one event management solution lets you efficiently manage event registrations and payments with its ticketing platform. You can easily customize forms, implement tiered pricing, and enable group registration. Payment collection is also a breeze using PayPal and Stripe integrations.

  • Mobile App: The vFairs mobile event app provides essential features for streamlined event management. It enables easy and contactless check-in with QR codes, supports branding and sponsorships, and facilitates efficient attendee networking. The app also offers engagement tools like live polls and timely push notifications. 

  • Onsite Badge Printing & Check-in: vFairs provides event organizers with a specialized app designed for badge printing and check-in purposes. The app conveniently displays the names of all attendees, scans QR codes, connects seamlessly with printers, and offers real-time badge printing and check-in statistics. 

virtual events

  • Virtual Events Platform: vFairs enables clients to connect with a global audience. The platform delivers a truly immersive virtual experience through stunning 2D/3D visuals.

User Reviews

  • “Design options at vFairs compared to other virtual event platforms were quite impressive! We looked at multiple options for our conference and when we got to vFairs, we knew that was the platform we wanted to use. They also provided great customer service from start to finish!” – Christine M., Grant Coordinator
  • “I think vFairs’ Event Management Platform is extremely robust and extensive. I like that they have the internal processes and procedures in place to help facilitate our events “soup to nuts.” The coordination and integration between the website, mobile app, on-site representation, and backend support helped us elevate our brand and offer an enhanced experience for our clients and event attendees.” – Sandra  D., Small-Business
  • “vFairs platform works great for us for virtual events as it’s easy to use for attendees and exhibitors. Moreover, their customer and project support is to a very high standard, ensuring good organization and support at any stage of the event management.” – Patrycja L., Small-Business
  • “We have been working with VFairs for over 3 years to deliver virtual recruitment fairs for nurses in the UK. All of the project managers and project teams are very knowledgeable, helpful and support us every step of the way.” – Tina S. Senior Event Executive

2. Cvent

When seeking an alternative to Accelevents, Cvent emerges as a robust event management platform. It offers a centralized solution for organizers to manage registration, ticket sales, on-site check-in, and attendee data collection seamlessly.

Cvent places a strong emphasis on seamless integrations, offering a range of features that cater to the needs of both event organizers and attendees. 

Although Cvent positions itself as an all-in-one solution, it is more commonly known for its event registration software. Users can capture payments, attach email workflows and get reports for data analysis.

Over the years, Cvent has acquired new technology from smaller companies and integrated it into the Cvent platform. As the technology is not natively built, users have experienced usability issues due to a lack of solid configuration between these tools within the Cvent platform. 

If you’re still looking for something more check out the best Cvent competitors.

User Reviews

  • “Cvent is constantly evolving to meet the event technology needs. The post event engagements or attendee hub engagement score reports are very useful that enables data driven marketing strategy.” – Vijayathivakaran M., Analyst Pharmaceuticals
  • “The email marketing is sometimes an issue; since it runs through Cvent servers it sometimes gets stopped by spam filters as spoofed. This isn’t a regular issue, however. For new users, learning the software can take time because of how robust it is. ” – Tori M., Enterprise
  • “ Cvent’s suite of event planning software integrates everything in one place. From your contact list to your venue RFP process to speaker abstracts to registration to mobile app. With the addition of Cvent’s Virtual Event Hub, which is an all-in-one option for live, online and hybrid events, it’s everything you need.” – Lori W., Director, Marketing & Communications
  • “That for my company, and I suppose most others, that it must be used alongside other software behind the scenes. In our case, that is EMM. If something is wrong in EMM, it’ll carry over into Cvent overnight. I wish it could be used 100% alone.” – Gina R., Enterprise

3. 6Connex

Next on our list of Accelevents competitors is 6Connex, a prominent provider of virtual event solutions for various teams, including human resources, sales, and marketing, on a global scale. Their offerings encompass webinars, virtual environments, and learning management solutions, all accessible directly from web browsers, without requiring software downloads.

Key features of 6Connex include customizable branding, virtual booths, gamification options, real-time reporting and analytics, attendee registration management, live chat functionality, and live streaming capabilities. Users benefit from strong engagement opportunities, facilitated by customizable virtual booths and real-time chat functionalities with attendees. Additionally, event organizers can easily upload marketing and sales materials.

However, some users have observed areas where 6Connex’s visual presentation and technological advancements could be improved in comparison to other platforms.

User Reviews

  • “I enjoy the ability to customize the platform to fit the needs of any company or event. Everything is adaptable to echo the branding needs and the design team goes above and beyond to make sure that the event looks great for all.” – Meagan O., Manager
  • “Lack of integration with 3rd party features and complexity of manipulating graphic elements.” – Victor G., Small Business
  • “I personally like the personalization of 6Connex the best. With the ability to not only host a virtual event such as a live stream, but also have the capability of including company branding as well as other key features such as attendee registration, attendance, and key results from the chat feature.” – Justin G., Small-Business
  • “Considering the mobile screen experience of the exhibition platform, it is a negative feature that the real exhibition experience offered to users in the desktop version does not exceed. In this section, it would be useful to prepare a study on how the mobile version will be more user-friendly and reflect the real view as you do in the desktop version.” – Görkem Y., Senior Art Director

4. Eventdex

Effortlessly manage every aspect of your event with Eventdex, from initial planning and promotion to seamless execution and comprehensive data analysis. Whether you’re aiming for a successful turnout or planning an event from start to finish, Eventdex has all the tools you need to attract the right audience.

Eventdex offers a convenient alternative to Accelevents, with standout features like its room block management tool. However, despite an overwhelming number of features, new users may find it challenging to navigate Eventdex due to difficulties with HTML editors and templates.

User Reviews

  • “I would highly recommend Eventdex for anyone looking for an affordable registration tool that does more than just allow you to sell tickets to an event, a pretty robust tool.” – Corrine T., Events Services
  • “Not able to customize and code multiple tickets/badges for multiple events. Had to come up with a workaround for this. A bit difficult when it came to customizing the on-site printing fields & design compared to other vendors we’ve used before. (We needed to print a variable number of badges per attendee, not just one with a QR code that could be scanned for every event the person attended.)” – Emily C., Nonprofit Organization Management
  • “Eventdex offers almost all features at a fraction of cost than other similar software. It is easy to use and heavily customisable. Their customer service is excellent. I have been using Eventdex for 3 years and not even once I had issue with getting timely response from their team.” – Rajesh M., Events Services
  • “I liked the hybrid capability to host my event. The virtual platform provided a real-life experience as if attendees were present.” – Rekishia M., Health, Wellness and Fitness

5. Swoogo

Swoogo, an event management tool and the last on our list of Accelevents competitors is designed to handle the intricacies of organizing events, whether they’re in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

It provides a comprehensive event management process, covering everything from planning to post-event analytics. With features tailored to modern event planners, Swoogo offers a straightforward registration process for easy sign-ups and journey tracking. It also includes  tools for personalizing event websites, managing attendee data, and generating insightful reports.

One of Swoogo’s standout features is its intuitive design, prioritizing user experience. This allows users to focus less on navigating technology and more on crafting memorable event experiences.

Swoogo may not fully meet the needs of entities seeking exhaustive sponsorship management or intricate budget management features. In larger organizations where teams are highly specialized and each aspect of event management is overseen by distinct units, certain functionalities of Swoogo might be deemed unnecessary or lacking in detailed specificity.

User Reviews

  • “I really enjoy the many features Swoogo has! At first it was a bit overwhelming because there are SO MANY things you can do with this system, but as you start creating, thinking through your guest’s registration process, figuring out the tricks …” – Angie N., Senior Field Marketing Manager
  • “The mobile app features and functionality could be improved to have a more modern look and feel.” – Verified User in Information Technology and Services
  • “Not able to brand app. It would be nice to have the app searchable by the org.” – Jordan V., Small-Business
  • “The support team is extremely helpful and get back to you right away. The platform can be used in so many different ways to design amazing web pages to promote your event.” – Melissa R., Mid-Market.

Key Takeaway

Accelevents is just one option among many; exploring other platforms may lead you to one that better suits your event requirements. When choosing Accelevents competitors consider your unique needs, the ease of use of technology,  and the ability to customize and host scalable events to ensure a good experience. 

vFairs emerges as one of the best solutions in this case. With its advanced customization options, vFairs provides unmatched versatility for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. You can host your event, capture registrations and ticket sales, connect attendees and exhibitors, host webinars and other forms of content, offer countless sponsorship opportunities, capture leads, promote products, hire talent, and much more. 

You can do all this while using just one platform for a connected and coherent experience end-to-end. Ready to see our platform? Take our self-guided product tour.

Top 5 Accelevents Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

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