Accelevents Review: Virtual Event Platform, Pricing & More

Accelevents is an all-in-one event management platform that should definitely be on your list of options if you’re looking to host a virtual, in-person, or hybrid event. We understand how tricky it can be to choose the right event platform for your next event. 

This Accelevents review will help you find out all the important information regarding the platform, and all the things you need to consider. 

What is Accelevents?

accelevents Review

Accelevents is a leading event technology platform that offers event solutions for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Accelevents helps empower event organizers so they can enjoy the benefits of global reach, create real human connections, and have sustainable business growth.

Accelevents offers remarkable and advanced features to cater to any industry. With so many solutions to choose from, the tool can provide any conference from career fairs to fundraisers. Users can enjoy various features such as breakout sessions, networking, interactive gamification features, workshops, live chats, digital marketing collateral, and more. 

This platform is redefining event hosting with its user-friendly navigation and a set of fully customizable and engaging features. With its in-depth, and actionable analytical reports, users can analyze and plan their future events with ease. 

Accelevents Key Features

Here are some admirable features offered the platform offers.:  

1. Event Customization 

you can design a digital event environment that will make your event stand out. Brand your event with the  event registration customization option. The platform offers three preset themes for you to get started. The customization options you can avail include:

  • Event Landing Pages: Select text, images, colors, labels, and buttons to have consistent branding in your event
  • Event Hub: Customize each section of your event such as session areas, engagement features, side navigation labels, lobby, and more
  • Tailored Registration: Tailor your registration process with fields that can be customized so you can personalize the experience for your attendees

2. Integrated Live Streaming 

With integrated live streaming, your attendees can enjoy videos all across the globe. You can have up to 100,000 attendees or more for each event. Accelevents also offers hosts and the speakers to communicate before the live session. In addition, users can download the recordings of the live performance right after the event. 

Accelevents can be integrated with numerous other tools such as Zoom, RTMP, Facebook Live, YouTube, and more. 

The integrated live streaming option includes:

  • Accelevents Studio: Broadcast your video sessions with built-in Accelevents integrated production studio 
  • Third Party Streaming Options: Integrate with any tool of your choice for live streaming 

3. Attendee Engagement 

The outcome every host wants with an event is strong attendee engagement and long-lasting connections. The attendee engagement features allow attendees to schedule 1:1 meetings and connect with new people via matchmaking.  

Here are some  attendee engagement features:

  • One-to-one Networking: Encourage communication with Accelevents matchmaking features 
  • Workshops & Drop-in Lounges: Level up with interactive games, career-building activities, and roundtable discussions
  • Welcome Video & Lobby Activity: Get introduced to the event with the welcome video and lobby activity  

4. In-depth Analysis 

Reporting and analysis features are as important as the event itself. They offer comprehensive and in-depth insights into the event. This way, you can plan your next event effectively. 

Hosts have the ability to download activity data to make sure attendees are engaged during the event. Accelevents offers numerous features to encourage networking during the event. They include networking breaks, session chats, Q&As, and polls. 

The analysis features include: 

  • Dashboard & Session Reports: Shows registration performance, ticket sales, and attendance numbers 
  • Engagement Insights: Provides data of attendee engagement  
  • Exhibitors Lead Reports: Gives detailed lead retrieval data of exhibitor booths 

5. Gamification 

Accelevents offers gamification features to enhance attendee engagement, so your attendees can really enjoy your event. These features help your attendees get involved, interact, and make connections. 

The gamification features includes leaderboards, trivia games, and more. With a little competition, you can add some excitement to your event. 

Accelevents Pros & Cons

Accelevents is known for its ability to provide unique event experiences. Here are some pros that will help you understand the best aspects of its services:


1. Ease of Setup 

Accelevents is known for its easy setup process with great customer support provided by their sales and product teams. Users have mentioned that this setup is easy, simple, and clear. 

The support is always available when needed and users really like how intuitive the platform is. 

2. Product Direction 

When it comes to providing clear product direction, Accelevents provides clear product direction so users know exactly what to expect from the platform.This also apprises users of  any additional costs incurred. 

Users who have been using the Accelevents platform for quite some time state that the product has grown leaps and bounds in a small amount of time and has now become a self-service solution. 

3. 1:1  Networking 

Networking with Accelevents is easy and quick. Along with networking lounges, attendees have access to breakout rooms, private chats, and matchmaking. This encourages attendees to connect and communicate with each other, making the event more interactive and enjoyable for them. 

Users have reviewed their 1:1 networking as a great addition to their platform and attendees seem to really enjoy this feature. 


Here are some cons you must consider::

1. Webcasting Integrations 

Accelevents offers third party integrations with numerous platforms. However, a G2 user had experienced issues with Hubspot integration as it was not seamless.

“The only challenge we faced was the HubSpot integration – we would have liked more information to come over to HS, such as the ticket type and any ticket add-ons.” Amber S – Client Marketing Specialist

However, vFairs has been great with integrations. It offers consistency  when you opt for various integrations.. In case of any glitch, the team is there to help solve the issue in minutes. 

2. Email Automation 

A few users at G2 have mixed feelings about the email automation and customization features. Some users seem to be satisfied with these features, while others expect more. 

One of the users on G2 mentioned that he feels the email template builder could be more flexible and easy to use. Personalizing emails is also a difficult task due to these limitations. 

“It would have been nice if there was more flexibility around the email template builder but they told us this is being released before our next event. They’re constantly pushing updates so it would sometimes get frustrating when changes were made to the platform after we had already learned something.” Herman B – Assistant Vice President – Global Marine Practice

vFairs email automation process at vFairs comes with A/B testing to make sure your email campaigns are successful. Our email customization features are easy, simple, and straightforward.

How to Get Started with Accelevents?

Getting started with Accelevents is pretty easy. They provide you with ‘Try for free’ and ‘Request demo’ options on their website. For the demo, you will have to book a time slot according to your convenience.  Their sales representative will schedule a meeting at your chosen time. You may discuss your requirements with them and find out what their platform has to offer. 

If you want to opt for the ‘Try for free’ option, you will need to fill in a form with all your information so a sales representative can get in touch with you. 

It is also a great idea to make your account on their website to save yourself from filling in too many forms. 

Accelevents Pricing

Accelevents’ pricing is pretty clear and flexible. They offer packages per event, and  for unlimited events. Under their per event packages, they offer two options:

  • Starter Package

Starting at $500/ event, the starter package is the perfect option for small to medium-sized organizations that intend to host one event at a time. This package offers 20 sessions for 1-2 day events. The features include integrated live streaming, attendee engagement, interactive expo booths, ticketing & registration, event branding, and sponsorship opportunities. 

You also have the opportunity to power up with some add-ons such as, resistant importing, pro exhibitor live streaming, event support, extended hosting, and pre-event support all for different prices depending upon your requirements. 

  • Professional Package  

The professional package is priced at $5000/event and is a great option for organizations looking to level up the attendee experience with the most advanced features offered by Accelevents. 

This package includes unlimited sessions for unlimited event days. The key features included in this package are the same as the starter package, plus custom third-party integrations, dedicated account manager, enhanced attendee personalization, and advanced analytics. 

The unlimited event packages include the following options: 

  • Scale Package 

Starting at $125/month, this package is the best option for any organization that plans to have a series of events throughout the year. The package includes 20 sessions with 1-2 day events, and 250 attendee day credit. 

Scale package includes features similar to the starter package and you can always add on other features according to your event’s requirements. 

  • Enterprise Package 

The enterprise package starts at $1250/ month and is billed at $15,000 annually. This is a great package for organizations that want to utilize the advanced features to launch a series of events throughout the year. 

The features offered are similar to the scale plan, with additional features such as third-party integrations, branding opportunities, attendee personalization, and more. 

Final Verdict

Accelevents offers some amazing features. It has a strong platform and offers some great features that can help you pull off a great event. However, there are certain features that could be made better with regular updates to ensure a better user experience. 

vFairs, on the other hand, can offer so much more than just an event platform. It offers interactive features, great customer support, and a platform that helps you host your event like no other. 

vFairs: Accelevents’ Better Alternative


5 Reasons Why vFairs Is A Great Attendify Alternative 

1. Event Platform Like No Other 

When compared to Accelevents, vFairs offers better services such as webcast integrations and email customization and automation. The support team is outstanding and will be available to assist you 24/7. 

2. Backed by Years of Experience

The platform is backed by years of experience and therefore knows how to make your event successful with the right packages and features. These features include custom avatars, gamification, chat capabilities, networking, dynamic lobbies, and more. 

3. Incredible Customer Support 

Starting from onboarding till the end of your event, our team will stand by you to make sure you’re not doing this alone. Our professional team will help, guide, and assist you whenever you need them. 

4. Impeccable Feature Set 

vFairs offers features such as 3D virtual environment, customizable booths, networking lobbies, 3D avatars, gamification features, and much more.  

5. Customers Love Us!

vFairs has hosted hundreds of virtual, hybrid, and in-person events around the world and our customers love us. Our customers include Ford, Unilever, University of New York, and many more. 

vFairs vs Attendify

The comparison between Accelevents and vFairs, according to G2 reviews, depends on a combination of factors.

accelevents review

What Next?

Want to find out what we have to offer? Click here to contact us or feel free to request for a demo. Our sales team will be delighted to walk you through our platform. 

Want to check out some other options for your next event? Check out some of our other event management platform reviews to make your decision-making process easier! 

Accelevents Review: Virtual Event Platform, Pricing & More

Amna Akhtar

Amna is a content writer at vFairs and has been producing content for different industries. She has created social media content for various IT firms in the US. She loves to challenge herself by writing about different niches, which calms her ongoing curiosity to learn new things. When she’s not working on her pieces, you’ll find her somewhere outdoors, clicking photos of everything she finds beautiful.


Accelevents Review: Virtual Event Platform, Pricing & More

Amna Akhtar

Amna is a content writer at vFairs and has been producing content for different industries. She has created social media content for various IT firms in the US. She loves to challenge herself by writing about different niches, which calms her ongoing curiosity to learn new things. When she’s not working on her pieces, you’ll find her somewhere outdoors, clicking photos of everything she finds beautiful.
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