Top 5 Boomset Alternatives: Your Guide to Boomset Competitors

Newly in, Hopin acquires Boomset, then shortly after, Boomset closes its doors.

Boomset appeared to be a rising star in the event management industry at one time. It offered users the promise of quick and easy registration, check-in, marketing and more. So when it closed it’s doors, savvy event organizers who relied on Boomset were left trying to fill the gap with a powerful tool they could rely on long-term.  

No worries! While Boomset may have exited the scene, we’ve got you covered with a lineup of the best event management softwares in the Boomset alternatives category. 

Top 5 Boomset Alternatives

1. vFairs

vFairs, recognized as the highest-rated virtual event app on G2, stands as one of the strongest Boomset alternatives. Offering a comprehensive suite of features, it’s designed to streamline both in-person and hybrid events. 

Think: branded registration pages, secure self-check-in via its mobile event app, badge printing, and QR code scanning all conveniently at your disposal.

vFairs doesn’t just stop at smoothing out registration and check-in, it’s your trusted partner for crafting memorable, personalized, and compliant event experiences that forge stronger customer connections. 

With vFairs in your arsenal, you can turbocharge engagement at any event—be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid—setting it apart from Boomset competitors. 

From an interactive activity feed and networking tools to agenda management, e-commerce tools,  Q&A sessions, polls, quizzes, gamification, and more, vFairs has all the bells and whistles to elevate your event experience.

Key Features

Mobile App

The vFairs mobile event app offers a comprehensive suite of features designed for seamless event management. It supports contactless check-in via QR codes to help attendees enter the event hassle-free. The app provides ample opportunities for branding to help planners create a unique event identity that matches their brand. You can also opt for a white-label version of the app to make it truly your own.

Organizers can improve attendee experience using the mobile app at the event. To facilitate networking, attendees can search for others using the app, book meetings and enter chat rooms. You can also provide advanced tools like smart matchmaking to help them meet people with similar interests. 

Event agendas and session management are crucial for organizing seamless experiences, providing attendees with clear and accessible schedules. The app also includes versatile, case-specific features like job advertising and digital certificates, catering to diverse event needs.

Digital resources such as detailed in-app analytics provide valuable insights for decision-making, while the ability to upload documents promotes a paperless environment, streamlining operations. Exhibitors benefit from e-commerce features, including product listings and order booking tailored for trade shows, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient event experience.

Event Customization

vfairs customization

Choose between configuration and customization to tailor your event setup to your needs. Configuration lets you adjust branded colors, logos, and text labels within predefined templates, providing a streamlined approach to maintaining a consistent and professional look. Customization, on the other hand, offers bespoke event designs, white-labeled apps, and custom features for enhanced engagement or ROI.

vFairs’ all-in-one event management software allows you to customize your event comprehensively, whether it’s virtual, hybrid, or in-person. Effortlessly personalize the design of virtual environments, landing pages, and booths to create a unique and engaging experience. Additionally, you can add custom fields to the registration form to capture information relevant to your specific needs, ensuring you gather essential data to optimize your event.

Event Ticketing

vFairs provides an all-in-one event management solution, simplifying event registrations and payments through its versatile ticketing features. Customize registration forms, implement tiered pricing, and enable group registration effortlessly. Payment collection is straightforward with PayPal and Stripe integrations, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

Tailor access to content for different user types with ease. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop form builder to craft personalized registration forms, offering options for text input, multiple-choice selections, and document uploads. This flexibility ensures you can capture all the necessary information for a successful event.

Event Reporting

vFairs keeps organizers informed with real-time insights into live event activity, empowering personalized event experiences by tracking individual user journeys. Organizers can comprehensively assess exhibitor performance and gauge attendee engagement through the mobile app, enhancing their understanding of event dynamics.

With pre, during, and post-event reporting capabilities, organizers gain a thorough understanding of the event’s success, providing valuable data for future planning and optimization. This comprehensive reporting ensures that all stages of the event are analyzed for continuous improvement.

The platform further streamlines data collection with an AI reporting chatbot, saving valuable time in gathering event data and navigating through lengthy CSV files. This tool simplifies the process, allowing organizers to focus on enhancing the event experience.

User Reviews

  • “I had a great experience with their team and… my assigned project manager was excellent! She was very patient and took the time to explain everything.” – Maria A., CEO 
  • “From the very beginning we were given focused support with plenty of training and assistance to pull off a major event in a short period of time. The platform and service are solid but, what sets vFairs apart are knowledgeable support team members and individualized handholding. Truly bar none!” – Megan C., Production Operations Manager
  • “vFairs offered a customized package to fit our unique needs. The staff have been incredibly supportive and easy to work with throughout the entire process. They always listen to our needs and work to come up with great solutions for all of our events. My customer success manager has always been responsive, helpful, and ensures everything is going well. My project manager is always incredibly prompt in handling my requests and makes sure that all of our needs are met.” – Jennifer C., Virtual Teaching Manager

2. Whova

The second spot on our list of the best Boomset alternatives goes to Whova,  which offers a comprehensive event technology platform that supports both in-person and hybrid events.

Similar to Boomset, Whova provides features for in-person events such as check-in, name badge creation, agenda management, attendee networking, and sponsor promotion, among others. It accommodates both free and paid events, allowing organizers to apply a small fee for registrations in paid events. The platform offers software for ticket creation and registration forms which integrates smoothly with the event platform, reducing reliance on third-party services.

However, while Whova enables customization for different ticket types and offers real-time sales tracking, users have expressed some dissatisfaction with their customer support team. Moreover, integration with other native conferencing software is not consistently smooth for many users.

Key Features

  • Event Badge Generation
  • Attendance Management
  • Live Polling
  • Real-Time Analytics

User Reviews

  • “I’ve attended 7 or 8 virtual conferences through Whova and always found it easy to use and keep track of where I needed to be. Communication with other attendees and speakers is easy. I enjoy using the app.” – Richard S., Defense & Space
  • “There are many features that cannot be turned off. There are emails that go out to attendees without notice. Definitions vary from the proposal stage to the implementation stage: a speaker is also considered an attendee, although they may not attend and just need to be listed on the paper presentation. The most frequent response from their Help Desk begins with “Unfortunately…” – Jason Paul G., Executive Director
  • “Easy, useful, we have used it for a tradeshow with about 600 attendees for 2 years now, definitely gets way more traction and use than any previous solution we’ve tried. Also perfect to use for lead tracking for exhibitors at a show.” – Bruce L., Rental and Services
  • “When arranging a meet up, your numbers are limited to 50 at a time and you are only allowed to offer two meet ups until you have four people having replied to say they will be there. At a conference with 1500 attendees, being able to message just 100 of them isn’t enough…particularly when some people clearly weren’t looking at their app so that invite was wasted!” – Dawn W., CEO

3. Webex Events (Formerly Socio)

Next on our list of the top Boomset alternatives is Webex Events. Webex offers an end-to-end event management platform suitable for organizing virtual and hybrid events. This versatile tool caters to the needs of both large enterprises and small businesses.

Webex events platform offers analytics for post-event insights, enabling organizers to measure event success and refine strategies. It proposes itself to be scalable and customizable, and offers interactive features for creating engaging branded experiences.

However, integration challenges with some third-party tools and resource-intensive requirements pose obstacles, particularly for users with older systems. It is also important to note that Webex is shutting down soon.

Key Features

  • Survey/Poll Management
  • Live Streaming
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Networking
  • Agenda Management

User Reviews

  • “The app enabled us to put a lot of different participant materials in a single, continually updated location (agenda, rules, announcements, hour-by-hour results, etc.) enabling our staff to spend much less time printing and distributing materials and much more time engaging with participants. ” – Evan G., Event App Producer
  • “The least helpful aspect of the Webex Events (formerly Socio) app was the training tool on streaming the sessions. We spent two days training only to find out the day of our event that streaming 4 consecutive sessions was nothing like streaming just one session.” – Laura C., Deputy Director
  • “From start to finish, we were well taken care of–from contract phase to event day. Again, we had the Orange Glove service so we had several trainings (staff, speakers, sponsors) and brainstorm sessions to help teach us about ways to maximize features and build an engaging virtual conference agenda.” – Julie H., Sr. Manager
  • “Webex is missing some basic features that are important to event professionals. There is no easy way to identify abandoned cart customers, for example. Tracking conversions from marketing efforts is a challenge as well since registrants must leave the site to register. Reporting is also rather basic.” – Phillip L., Small-Business

4. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is an event management software platform that provides comprehensive solutions for organizing, marketing, and managing events in various formats, including in-person, virtual, and hybrid, tailored to diverse business needs.

As an alternative to Boomset by Hopin, Eventzilla offers onsite event badge printing software that allows for customization of name badges with specific details. You can add logos, QR codes, event titles, and important attendee information like names and contact details. 

Eventzilla has positioned itself as a solution suitable for a wide range of events, including conferences, workshops, training sessions, social events, and fundraisers.  With features for adding abstracts and accommodation options, Eventzilla demonstrates its focus on the business market.

Eventzilla has some notable cons that potential users should consider. Firstly, it offers very few native integrations, which can limit its ability to seamlessly connect with other tools and platforms that event organizers might use. Secondly, it has limited marketing features, making it less suitable for those who need robust marketing capabilities to promote their events. Lastly, the platform results in low margins for low-ticket events, potentially impacting profitability for organizers dealing with lower-priced tickets.

Key Features

  • Use Registration Process
  • Badge Printing
  • Onsite Tickets And Registration
  • Contact List Management

User Reviews

  • “Eventzilla makes it easy to create events and customize how I want my event page to look like. It has a simple interface, making it easy for attendees to register for events. I am also able to send messages to my attendees all at once.” – Mayowa A.
  • “At the same time, the many ways you can customize Eventzilla also sometimes make it a bit hard to know where to look for what setting. I usually add a ‘test ticket’ for free to an event I create and then ‘test buy’ it to ensure everything is working as it should. That is a bit cumbersome, but is just a trade off for having lots of options.” – Tim K, Executive Coach
  • “Organizes registrations in one location, and forces the individuals to register themselves. (I don’t have to take phone calls/emails to register individuals into a spreadsheet and use a different system to collect payment)” – Cathy B., Administrative Assistant
  • “Some things are difficult to use for both admins and attendees. However, customer support is prompt.” – Robert G., Founder

5. Cvent

Cvent, our final contender among the best Boomset alternatives, is a cloud-based enterprise event management platform. By empowering businesses and event planners to manage, track, and analyze their events, Cvent emerges as a robust alternative to Boomset by Hopin. It enhances efficiency, improves attendee experiences, and ensures a meaningful return on investment.

It’s worth noting that Cvent’s pricing structure is not straightforward, and users often end up paying a lot of hidden fees. 

Additionally, some users find Cvent’s interface complex and not intuitive, requiring workarounds to locate and edit content. The company’s product growth strategy relies heavily on acquiring other technologies, resulting in a roadmap focused on integrating various modules. Cvent also charges for training by the hour at approximately $150, and the first year of professional services can cost around one-third of the software spend, adding to the overall expense.

In contrast, competitors like vFairs adopt different pricing models. At vFairs, clients are charged for specific feature add-ons, without billing based on attendee volume unless it exceeds a certain threshold, typically around 10,000 attendees.

If you’re looking for a little more, check out Cvents top competitors for more in terms of functionality.

Key Features

  • Customizable Branding
  • Live Chat
  • Survey/Poll Management
  • Agenda Management
  • Live Streaming

User Reviews

  • “Once I read and understand the program, it is easy with tutorials and articles in the help section to figure out what I want to do step by step. If those do not work there is an excellent customer service to assist.” – Mary Ann H., Event Coordinator
  • “Cost is a bit higher than other event management platforms, but tends to have very few glitches (if any) and provides excellent management of events from a couple of people to thousands. I have worked with other platforms that could not handle large groups without crashing, so the consistency in performance is a comfort. Oftentimes, you’ll find the cost of the platform is offset by time savings.” – Julie Michelle D., Program Manager
  • “Cvent is nice in that it has thought of many of the different scenarios planners need to communicate, offer registration for and track for each event. The integrated credit card processing makes handling the financial aspect of meetings much easier.” – Beth C., Executive Director
  • “I think that the reporting could be more robust!” – Nicole G., SMMS Operator

Key Takeaway

Among Boomset alternatives, vFairs emerges as the top choice for managing your next event. Unlike Whova, vFairs provides extensive customization options, including tailored design and registration forms. Compared to Webex Events, vFairs guarantees robust performance for events of any size. Event planners can easily integrate with several third-party platforms to expand their offering at the event which is a limitation for Eventzilla. Additionally, vFairs boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface, addressing the steep learning curve issues associated with Cvent.

With vFairs, you gain comprehensive event management capabilities that enhance engagement and streamline operations for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Experience the difference firsthand by requesting a demo with vFairs today!

Top 5 Boomset Alternatives: Your Guide to Boomset Competitors

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