10 Best Event Production Companies Around the World

Lately, event marketers have chosen to team up with event production companies to execute impactful events. That is because they orchestrate unparalleled moments, making life easier for planners and marketers. 

As the demand for unforgettable events rises, the top event production companies are setting new standards year after year. Only those aligning themselves with the changing dynamics can gain event excellence. 

If you plan to make your events stand out, you need to choose the right partners who have been in the industry. In this blog, we will discuss the top events production agencies you need to consider for your next event. 

What Do Event Production Companies Do?

Event production companies specialize in the coordination and management of events. Their core responsibilities involve strategic planning, logistical organization, and technical execution of various events. 

They assume control over critical elements, including lighting arrangements, audio-visual systems, stage design, event tech, equipment rentals, and more. Their role involves navigating challenges, harnessing creative solutions, and applying technical expertise to deliver immersive experiences. 

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10 Best Event Production Companies 

Whether you’re planning a corporate conference, a music festival, or a high-profile product launch, this list of the best event production companies is your guide to finding the perfect partner to bring your vision to life.

1. BCD Meetings and Events

Location: Worldwide

Services: Meetings management, experience and event solutions, production & content, venue management, brand experience & engagement, and more. 

Events They Produce: Corporate travel events, meetings, and more. 

BCD events logo
Source: BCD Events


BCD Meetings and Events, a globally recognized player, is considered one of the best live event production companies. They provide comprehensive solutions in meeting management, experience, and event services. For brand experience and engagement, BCD goes beyond traditional interactions, focusing on creating immersive and meaningful connections that resonate with attendees long after the event concludes.

Production and content services take center stage in BCD’s arsenal, where technical creativity meets the technical aspects. They deal with designing visually striking stages and developing compelling content. Their expertise ensures that every aspect of event execution captivates audiences and aligns seamlessly with the event’s objectives. 

BCD’s meticulous approach to venue selection creates the perfect backdrop for events, contributing to the overall success and ambiance of the occasion. This hybrid event production company offers virtual and hybrid digital platforms to facilitate remote or blended event experiences. 

2. Eventive

Location: Massachusetts

Services: Event style and design, branding, menu creation, event registration 

Events They Produce: Product launches, social events, film festivals, screenings, and more. 

eventive logo
Source: Eventivema.com


Eventive, a Massachusetts-based event production company, offers event planning, outsourced function coordination, and experiential marketing. At the core of Eventive’s offerings are its adept event styling and design services, elevating occasions to new heights of visual appeal and thematic coherence.

From branding events to product launches, Eventive excels in turning visions into reality. The company takes charge of the entire event lifecycle, from the initial setup to the post-event breakdown, offering clients a hassle-free experience. Eventive is well-versed in social event planning, adding a layer of warmth and connection to gatherings. Their attention to detail is reflected in services like event menu creation, where culinary experiences are enhanced. 

3. Colin Cowie

Location: LA, NYC, Miami, and across the globe. 

Services: Wedding and event planning.

Events They Produce: Weddings, Corporate Events, Charity/ Non-Profit Events, Grand Openings, Milestone Events like Birthdays, Bar And Bat Mitzvahs, and Anniversaries. 

colin cowie lifestyle event production comapny logo
Source: Colin Cowie Lifestyle


With over 30 years of experience, Colin Cowie stands as a seasoned event design and creative event production company. Operating from key locations such as Miami, NYC, LA, and more, their services are tailored to meet the unique demands of clients seeking top-tier event planning solutions. 

Specializing in wedding and event production, Colin Cowie offers outdoor event planning with creativity and attention to detail. Their focus on luxury catering adds a culinary dimension to events, enhancing the overall sensory experience for attendees.

One distinctive feature of Colin Cowie’s services is their vendor submission process. Employing a systematic approach, they engage with a network of trusted vendors, ensuring a seamless integration of various services for the event. This meticulous vendor selection process contributes to the overall success of events, aligning with industry standards and client expectations.

4. Bassett Events

Location: Toronto, Canada

Services: Graphic design and printing, decor and lighting design, table design, floral installation, sound, invitation & RSVP, budget development, vendor contracts, catering, event staffing, sponsorship management, video production management, multimedia production management, hospitality & travel, protocol & concierge activation, and event logistics. 

Events They Produce: Meetings, corporate events, conferences, and more. 

basset events logo
Source: Basset Events


Basset Events, based in Toronto, Canada, specializes in delivering private and corporate luxury events. Their offerings span the entire spectrum of event logistics, from initial planning to the execution of intricate details.

The creative event production company excels in print and graphic design, creating visually captivating materials for events. Decor design and fabrication are integral components of their services, ensuring that the physical ambiance aligns with the desired aesthetic. Lighting design and production, alongside sound design, contribute to the overall sensory experience, enhancing the event atmosphere.

Basset Events manages the execution of table design, floral arrangements, and invitation design, paying meticulous attention to each element. Their services extend to budget development, critical path planning, and vendor contract negotiation, demonstrating a strategic approach to event management.

5. BlackRock

Location: New York

Services: Online event management platform, webinar streaming, in-person event production.  

Events They Produce: Roadshows, speaker series, and more. 

blackrock logo
Source: BlackRock


Headquartered in New York, BlackRock is an event production company focusing on speaker series and roadshows. One standout feature in BlackRock’s event portfolio is the BlackRock Insight Series. This series serves as a noteworthy example of their commitment to addressing the latest trends, news, and pertinent concerns within their industry. 

They have an exclusively online format, enabling participants from any geographical location to engage. Although BlackRock maintains a presence in traditional in-person events, it strategically leverages webinars to foster regular connections with its audience.

This approach not only strengthens their brand presence but positions them as thought leaders in the topics they address.

6. Vantage 

Location: Worldwide.

Services: Events production, brand activation, multimedia engineering, artist management, creative services, and virtual events. 

Events They Produce: Wedding reception, welcome bar, music events, business events, and more. 


vantage logo for event production companies list vfairs
Source: Vantage

Vantage offers creative and technical event production services all around the globe. Experience design is their core offering that emphasizes the creation of immersive event experiences. This involves a strategic approach to designing environments that captivate and resonate with attendees. They deal with the conceptualization and implementation of thematic elements that define the overall ambiance of an event. This creates a visual narrative to enhance the event experience.

Apart from video production, show calling, and stage management, Vantage also manages planning, coordination, and engineering to ensure the technical elements function optimally. The global scope of their services indicates versatility and adaptability to diverse event requirements.

7. Rafanelli Events

Location: New York, Boston and Palm Beach. 

Services: Event planning, branding, consulting, and more. 

Events They Produce: Weddings, nonprofit galas, fundraisers, corporate events, private events, and more. 

rafanelli logo
Source: Ranafelli


At the helm of Rafanelli Events is Bryan Rafanelli, the Founder, President, and Chief Creative Officer. Renowned as one of the top celebrity wedding planners, Bryan Rafanelli leads a team that meticulously plans over 100 events annually. 

Rafanelli Events is known for orchestrating spectacular weddings, non-profit galas, and fundraisers. Their versatility allows them to cater to a broad spectrum of clientele, ensuring a tailored and memorable experience for each event.

In addition to their event planning, Rafanelli Events offers end-to-end services, encompassing event branding and consulting. 

The company boasts an impressive clientele that includes notable figures such as Barack and Michelle Obama, Allison Williams, Chelsea Clinton, and more.

8. Dreamsmith Events

Location: London, Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Central & South America

Services: Conceptualization, event production, brand strategy, designing, social media promotion, and more, 

Events They Produce: Custom luxury events. 

Dreamsmith events logo
Source: Dreamsmith Events


Dreamsmith Events offer tailor-made luxury events, with a focus on delivering unparalleled experiences. It has positioned itself as a go-to choice for those seeking sophisticated events.

It provides a range of services encompassing event conceptualization, social media activation, brand strategy, and designing. Their holistic approach ensures a comprehensive and seamless experience for clients, from the inception of an idea to its realization.

The company’s portfolio includes collaborations with eminent clients such as Amazon, Walmart, Ola, Nissan, and more. Dreamsmith Events extends its reach beyond London, offering its expertise in event planning across Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Central & South America. This expansive reach showcases the company’s capability to manage events on an international scale, gaining acclaim for its proficiency in handling holidays, weddings, and various celebrations. Dreamsmith Events has earned its reputation for delivering astonishing celebrations that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

9. Ashfield Event Experiences

Location: Worldwide

Services: Concept & design, production & technical, digital platform, consultancy & strategy, project management & planning, and venue sourcing.

Events They Produce: Corporate events, conferences, trips, music events, escape rooms, product launches, healthcare events, and more. 

ashfield logo
Source: Ashfield Event


Ashfield Event Experiences operates on a global scale, providing a comprehensive suite of services in event production. They specialize in creative event concept and design, content creation, communications, and engagement strategies. Their proficiency extends to production and technical aspects, ensuring seamless execution of events.

With a focus on adaptability, Ashfield Event Experiences offers digital solutions, including virtual and hybrid event capabilities. While being one of the virtual party companies, Ashfield also excels in consultancy and strategy, providing insights to optimize hybrid and in-person event planning processes. Their capabilities span from creative design to technical execution, making them a comprehensive solution for event planning and management. 

10. Encore Global

Location: North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Event Formats: Conventions & trade shows, immersive experiences, in-person & hybrid events, meetings & conferences, small meetings, virtual solutions, and weddings. 

Events They Produce: Conventions, tradeshows, conferences, corporate meetings, small meetings, weddings, and more. 

Services: Creative, production, and technology for events. 

encore logo
Source: Encore


With a footprint that extends internationally, Encore Global is positioned to meet the demands of clients seeking top-tier events. They made it to the best event production agencies list as they excel in managing various event formats. Encore is one of those companies that host virtual events with immersive experiences, along with in-person, and hybrid events. 

Encore Global provides creative services that focus on event strategy and design, event branding, and content development. Their approach involves strategic planning, creative design, and content curation, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience for event attendees.

They provide a comprehensive range of event production services such as staging, scenic and décor, show management, simultaneous interpretation, and convention and exhibit services. For technology, Encore Global covers audiovisual solutions, digital solutions, and event infrastructure services. Their expertise in leveraging technology enhances the overall event experience, from visual and auditory components to the underlying infrastructure that supports event execution.

Tip for Hosting Trade Shows: Since trade shows are fertile grounds for lead generation, the right trade show lead capture app can help you make the most out of your event and improve ROI. 

Does vFairs Offer Event Production? 

Even though vFairs is not an event production company, they do fulfill clients’ event production needs for the smooth execution of in-person events. vFairs works flawlessly with event production companies as our tech complements their expertise. vFairs partners with AV companies for live streaming services for hybrid events. vfairs logo

vFairs also offers onsite tech support and venue gear for a seamless in-person experience. The sophisticated tech stack and onsite support help event organizers execute rich events. The onsite badge printing and event check-in software and tech allow attendees to check in faster using QR codes. Organizers can design custom badges to display required information as per their event needs. They can even edit and print the badges on the spot. 

For those seeking a reliable event management platform to plan and manage their events, vFairs is a valuable partner. Get in touch with vFairs to explore how their innovative solutions can elevate your event planning endeavors.

Benefits of Working with Professional Event Production Companies 

Collaborating with event production companies offers a multitude of advantages that contribute to the success of your events. Here are the benefits of trusting event experts with your next event:

1. Expertise and Specialization

With a dedicated focus on event planning and execution, these professionals possess in-depth knowledge of industry trends, technologies, and best practices. Their specialized skill set ensures a level of proficiency that is hard to replicate without professional assistance.

2. Seamless Planning and Coordination

Event production companies help craft detailed timelines to coordinate logistics and manage vendor relationships. Their thorough approach minimizes the risk of oversights and ensures a well-orchestrated event.

3. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

By leveraging audio-visual equipment, lighting technologies, and event management software, special events production companies enhance the overall experience for attendees. 

event production comapnies managing virtual events

4. Cost Efficiency and Budget Management

Contrary to common misconceptions, hiring a professional event production company can contribute to cost efficiency. These professionals possess industry connections, enabling them to secure competitive rates with vendors and negotiate favorable terms. 

5. Risk Mitigation and Troubleshooting

Professional event production companies are adept at identifying potential challenges and implementing effective risk mitigation strategies. Their experience equips them to handle unexpected issues. From technical glitches to logistical hiccups, these professionals are skilled troubleshooters. 

Final Word

As event organizers and marketers venture into the execution of onsite events, this curated list serves as a guide for naming top-notch event production partners. With a shared commitment to excellence, these event production agencies set the stage for memorable events. 


What are event production companies?

Event production companies or events production agencies are specialized firms that provide a range of services to plan, coordinate, and execute various types of events, including live, virtual, and hybrid gatherings.

How do I find the top event production companies?

To identify top events production agencies, you can refer to industry publications, online event planning platforms, and reviews from previous clients. Our blog also highlights ten leading companies in the field.

Are there companies that specifically host virtual events?

Yes, there are several virtual event production companies or virtual party companies such as vFairs offering unique virtual platforms tailored to online gatherings.

What makes a creative event production company stand out?

A creative event production company stands out through its innovative approach to spatial and scenic design, impactful stage and lighting designs, and integration of cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall event experience.

What services do virtual event production companies offer?

Virtual event agencies provide a range of services, including spatial concept design, impactful stage and lighting designs, video production, audiovisual consulting, simultaneous interpretation, and custom event platforms for online experiences.

Are there agencies that specialize in hybrid events production?

Yes, there are several hybrid events production companies seamlessly blending both virtual and in-person elements to create engaging and inclusive event experiences.

How do I find live event production companies for music events or festivals?

To find a live event production company for music events or festivals, you can explore industry directories, attend industry conferences, and review past performances of music event companies specializing in live event production.

10 Best Event Production Companies Around the World

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