How a Virtual Launch Event can Lead to Business Growth?

Did you know there are 4,333 billion internet users worldwide? Yes, that’s a sizeable number! On top of that, there are 3,534 billion users of social media currently. All these numbers indicate the undeniable importance of digital platforms for us which is only going to grow in the coming years. So, why not tap into this market and go for a virtual launch of products and services?

A virtual launch refers to the introduction of your product or service to the world through digital channels as opposed to traditional physical launch events. The number of people using smartphones and the internet is constantly increasing with every passing second. This makes it necessary for businesses to leverage technology and digital media to reach out to their target audience in a better, more efficient manner.

Data regarding total internet users, mobile users, social media users, and total world population is shown
Source: Hootsuite

We strongly believe in the power of the virtual launch of products and services. And after reading the following benefits of a virtual launch, you will surely believe in it too!

Reach a Global Audience Through Virtual Launch

A physical event restricts you to a limited audience. The venue can host a limited number of people and most of them come from within the same city. Hence, the reach of a physical launch event is very restricted. On the other hand, a virtual launch helps in reaching out to a global audience.

Anyone with an internet connection and a laptop/smartphone can join from any part of the world. Additionally, an online platform can host several times more people than a physical event venue. This further contributes to taking your product launch event global with a virtual launch.

Conduct a Cost-effective Event

In a physical launch event, there are numerous costs involved. These include but are not limited to the cost of the venue, logistics, parking lot, marketing, equipment, and staffing In the case of a virtual launch, most of these costs are avoided. There is no hassle of booking a venue, taking care of the logistics, training staff for good service, and worrying about the decor.

By handing over all the worries of a virtual launch to renowned platforms like vFairs, organizers can have a hassle-free event. If you choose to go ahead with vFairs, you will get a dedicated manager for your event to ensure its success. Isn’t that great?!

Collect Valuable Data with an Online Launch

It is hard to get credible data with a physical event. A virtual product launch helps in overcoming this problem. Since everything is managed online, it becomes easier to get valuable insights about the event. Questions like the following can be easily answered if you go for a virtual launch.

  • How many people registered for the virtual event?
  • How many people actually attended the event?
  • How many people watched the entire event?
  • After how many minutes people started leaving the event?
  • Which segment of the event received the most traffic?
  • Which segment of the event was the exit point?

With the help of this data, you can understand the behavior of your target audience and tweak your future events accordingly.

Enhance Engagement Through Chat Tools

In a physical event, it is hard for attendees to engage in a conversation with the company representatives due to space issues and time constraints. In a virtual launch, this no longer remains a problem. A virtual product launch comes with chat tools that enable the attendees to get in touch with the company representatives.

Virtual event hosting platforms vary in their services but most of them provide audio, video, and text chat facilities. This not only enhances engagement during the event but also enhances the overall event experience for the attendees, enabling them to remember the event for a long time.

Better Branding Through Webinars and Presentations

Webinars and presentations are very helpful in comprehensively showcasing your product or service in a virtual launch. All the salient features of your product/service can be discussed in a webinar or during a presentation. vFairs makes webinars even easier to attend for the attendees. There is no Flash plug-in required for vFairs hosted webinars which results in a more secure and convenient interaction while enhancing user experience. 


Virtual product launch is quickly picking up pace with organizations like Apple Inc. inclining toward it. The live streaming of the launch of iPhone 11 is an example of that. An online launch can make your business grow, capture more leads, conduct a cost-effective event, and get measurable insights. So what are you waiting for? Present your new product with style by hosting a smashing virtual launch event.


How a Virtual Launch Event can Lead to Business Growth?

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