Splashthat Review: Comprehensive Event App

Splashthat is one of the leading event marketing companies that is well-known for its design flexibility and automation. However, many users feel that Splashthat’s interface seems outdated, and clunky which affects the user experience. 

If you’re looking to get a complete Splashthat review, then you’ve come to the right place.   

Let us help you find out what services they offer, what their competitive edge is, and which company provides similar services but better. 

What is Splashthat?

splashthat review

Splashthat is an event marketing platform that offers in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Splashthat helps businesses send email communications, manage attendees, and configure workflows to plan and execute events with a centralized platform. With Splashthat, administrators can easily set performance benchmarks and synchronize data.

Splashthat’s unique design functionality proposes built-in templates that employees can use to create event specific websites and emails. Team members can also create registration forms with custom fields to enter attendees’ details, such as name, job title, and email.  Splashthat aims to marry data, intelligent automation, and design to offer event marketing services.

Splashthat permits organizations to integrate their platform with other third-party solutions as well. With its Android and iOS mobile applications, users can manage registration processes remotely with ease. Users can get the annual subscriptions via phone, community forum, documentation, and other measures. 

Splashthat Key Features

Following are the unique features of Splashthat that gives them an edge over its competitors:  

1. Design

With Splashthat, users can start designing for every screen and touch point. Whether your team has professional design knowledge or not, Splashthat makes it easier for everyone to design and create fully customized event websites and emails.

Splashthat also has a content management system that makes it easier to create and manage the event assets while maintaining your brand image. Users can live-edit the marketing material which is also mobile friendly. Rest assured, Splashthat’s events look great on every device.

Users also have access to built-in email template designs that are created by Splashthat’s expert design team. You can make your own designs and save them for the future. The built-in design templates are fully customizable according to each client’s requirements. Therefore, users can easily make their own branded websites and emails.

However, a user has mentioned that designing anything on Splashthat can be tiresome even though the design at the end does look beautiful. 

This is what a user review for Splashthat on G2 states:

The design! It always looks beautiful when the finished product is in place. But designing the pages can be an absolute slog. There is no simple way to move anything, adjust any sizes, change any colors, etc.Jordan W – Executive Assistant

vFairs, on the other hand, offers a complete step-by-step guide on how to use features, how to customize them, and how to make your event branded. vFairs offers numerous designs and templates to choose from and complete customization. 

2. Marketing

Splashthat offers RSVP’s to build profiles of your attendees and their guests that helps the users capture audience data easily. Users can optimize every touch point of registration forms, smart guest lists, and email communications all under one platform.

With Splashthat’s marketing feature, clients get consistent data capture with required fields, and are given the option of adding custom fields according to their preference.  

Here are a few things they offer under the marketing feature:

  • Automate personalized event invites, reminders, updates, follow-ups and more with splashes invitation automation.
  • Identify and segment target audiences with intuitive filters that help segment audiences for multiple events.
  • Easily curate and promote multiple events with Splashthat’s white label event calendars for programs, campaigns, and series.
  • Events become mobile-friendly with Splashthat. The poster-style summaries of your event page provided by Splash are easily shareable via text, email, or social.
  • Users have a choice to add automatic markup which makes it easier for your events to get discovered without a developer.
  • Splashthat offers enterprise ticketing for paid events with delivery options, order limits and control ticket availability.

However, a Splashthat user on G2 mentioned that with Splashthat tool, invites go directly into the junk emails. He had to integrate with other tools such as Gem to send a huge number of emails. 

‘My one big gripe with the Splash tool is that invites go to the junk email box of attendees inbox. So we use Splash to send and track RSVPs, but then have to pull all comms after that into individual emails or Gem. Also, the mobile version does not work with my phone, either for editing or viewing pages.” Administrator in Information Technology and Services

vFairs seeks to provide its clients with easy techniques and tools. vFairs does not prefer clients integrating other applications because of a glitch in our platform. Therefore, it sends test emails out to our sample recipients before sending them out in bulk. This helps the vFairs team analyze if there’s a problem in the email format. The goal is to make sure attendees get the emails directly in their inbox. 

3. Workflow

With Splashthat workflow, users can stay on brand, own their data, and empower their teams to do more than expected. With workflow, data can be kept clean and accessible with this workflow with data standardization and accurate reporting.

Splashthat workflow also offers:

  • Flexible, role-based user permissions help the users show and manage event campaigns.
  • Users can create spectacular event pages in minutes and automate reminders, event invites and follow-ups for emails.
  • Splashthat helps users control cross-department messaging to make sure your team does not miss out on any important update.

According to a Splashthat user on G2, creating a site can take up to three weeks at Splashthat. Since time is crucial to clients, three weeks is too long to wait. 

“Want to set up your site? They take 3 WEEKS to get your instance created. I manage multiple accounts in Splash and am very well versed, but they still require on-boarding every time, mostly so they can collect money on it I’m assuming.” Agency in Marketing and Advertising

vFairs makes sure the processes are easy and quick for our clients.  Our Project Managers are 24/7 available to help clients with onboarding. Therefore, the processes are quicker with their help. 

4. Integrations

With the integration feature, users can connect their systems and automate their workflow with Splashthat. It offers comprehensive API documentation and hands on tech-support that ensures reliable implementations.

With Splashthat integrations, you will be able to:

  • Measure return on investment (ROI) and show business impact with event data integration. Splashthat integrates with leading CRM’s, attendee tracking systems, and marketing automation platforms.
  • Enjoy flexibility and integrate easily with Splashthat technology.
  • Benefit from enterprise data security that is tested by external security professionals.

In spite of that, a few reviews at G2 show that some users have faced issues with integrations especially in the case of Salesforce and Zoom. 

“Some integration issues with Zoom have been frustrating but we’ve found a workaround.” User in Information Technology and Services

“There are some limitations sometimes when it comes to mapping with Salesforce but again, the support team always aims to help solve problems here. The Zoom integration is also not working correctly yet but it has just been launched so I expect it to improve.” Carla R

vFairs, on the other hand, is known to provide seamless integration with many platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle, and more. Our Project Managers also make sure to deliver a step-by-step walkthrough of each process.  

5. Analytics

Analytics provide a smarter way to use event data. With Splashthat, users can translate their event data into actionable insights that can directly improve ROI and the marketing strategy.

Splashthat’s analytics and insights can help the users with:

  • Understanding and interpreting event performance with custom data dashboards and real-time data visualizations.
  • Helps generate insights with engagement tracking, and attendee intelligence with Splashthat’s Experiential CRM. Users can filter, sort, and track attendee engagement with this CRM.
  • Automatically synchronize the event’s data across all systems in real-time. 

On the contrary, a Splashthat user at G2 mentioned that reporting with Splashthat is complicated and it is highly dependent on filters. 

“Reporting could be a little easier and less filter dependent. Customizable letters are difficult to copy to further events and ‘stages’ functionality could be a bit better.” Guilherme M – Data Manager

But vFairs delivers in-depth and explicit reporting. We offer features such as individual user journeys, real-time metrics dashboard, exhibitors stats, post-event reports. 

Splashthat Pros & Cons

Splashthat is known for its ability to provide perfect solutions to all your event marketing needs. Here are some pros that will help you understand the best aspects of their services:


1. Flexibility and Automation

Splashthat is known to be an extremely versatile platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. It is great at uniting registration, communications, list management, and experiential events all under one platform. Many users have rated Splashthat to be a great all-in-one event marketing platform.

The flexibility and automation of Splashthat’s platform builds a luxury event experience for its users. With the customization options available, users have the options to design their own branded event programs. Splashthat helps companies measure, market, and scale their event programs in a comprehensive manner.

For non-designers, Splashthat’s user interface works as a guide to provide duplicate templates when creating multiple events.

2. Ease of Building Websites

Splashthat offers various tools that help convert the users event page and build it efficiently and effectively. Many users have rated Splashthat as an event marketing platform that offers ease of building websites.

With Splashthat, everyone on the client’s team can create an event website without any programming knowledge. It is quick, extremely user-friendly, and saves time. With hundreds of options to choose from, users can also enjoy the built-in templates or can easily create one with their own brand guidelines.

Attendee tracking is easier with Splashthat, and users can export their information to use in other platforms without any hassle.

3. A Brand in Itself

Yes, you heard that right!

Splashthat plays a very important role in creating hype around an event that users may want to get out in the public. Splashthat is a familiar name, and therefore, a lot of people trust the platform.

User reviews show that many of them had opted for Splashthat specifically to create a buzz before the event. Many attendees or prospects are found to be more inclined to sign up for the events whenever users are trying to market their event through Splashthat.

This can also be verified with the results and a dramatic spike in how people engage with the marketing of the brand knowing about Splashthat. Their interface has decent features which helps users quickly learn how to work with it.

Splashthat is a deadly combination of great planning and an incredible event platform experience.


Here are some cons you must consider if you’re planning to hire them for you next event:

1. Not Easy to Set Up

A user on G2 has reviewed Splashthat as not user-friendly enough to set up. Another felt that Splashthat can be a tricky platform to work with when it comes to editing and formatting. He feels that the platform is rigid, and it takes a few in-depth training to be able to adjust things according to your requirements.

“Sometimes the integrations can be tricky to set up and the documentation online on certain subjects can be tricky to find.” Michael P – Marketing Operations Manager

“Splash can sometimes be a little tricky when it comes to editing or formatting. There are just some features that make it difficult for the user to adjust small things. It’s pretty rigid and you really have to know your ins and outs to successfully and quickly adjust things.” User in Computer Software

In comparison, vFairs is found to be user-friendly, and easier to set up and use. Users have also reviewed vFairs as a brand that fulfills their needs more than Splash does. vFairs offers continuous support throughout the initial phases of a client’s onboarding process. vFairs helps each client walk through the processes to assist them with setting up their event platform.

2. Virtual Platform is a Work In Progress

A user at G2 feels that Splashthat’s virtual platform looks great and feels as if it would work proficiently, but there are consistent bugs that hinder the user experience. 

“The platform looks like it should work great, but there were consistent bugs.” Matthew M – Event Manager

This issue can become a big problem if the client’s primary event type is a virtual one, and there is no consistent solution for issues such as unstable video connection with the audience. 

“I would only shy away from it if your primary event type is virtual and you have no other solution for stable video connection with your audience.” Matthew M – Event Manager

On the other hand, vFairs is known for its steady virtual platform that offers a great virtual event experience. In case of any issues or ambiguities, vFairs customer support team is available 24/7 for assistance.

3. Built-in Design Templates Need an Upgrade

A Splashthat user at G2 mentioned that the built-in email design templates look old-fashioned and clunky. 

“The lack of custom email templates. They all look dated and kind of clunky. They don’t match the landing page experience.” Shari A – Senior Public Relations Manager

Another user noted that a lot of the themes available are not appropriate for logo placement which proves to be a challenge for the clients. The logo either ends up being too large or too small. User suggests that Splashthat should make amendments to their design templates and integrate new features such as making edits to headers and footers.  

“Also, a lot of the current themes are not great for logo placement which has proved a challenge in the past, as they always end up too small. Perhaps more additions of header and footer options would help?” User in Information and Technology 

How to Get Started with Splashthat?

The process of getting started with Splashthat is quite simple. If you’re looking to book Splash for your next event, you need to go to their website and create an account. You can also sign-up for a free demo to understand what their services will be like.

Once you go through this process, it is beneficial to start a conversation with one of their customer representatives, so you know exactly what to sign up for.

They offer several different pricing plans, and the customer representative can help you make the right choice. You can also visit any of their offices in New York, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.

Splashthat Pricing

Splashthat’s pricing is straightforward. They offer four packages: Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Following are the details of each pricing plan:

a) Free Plan:

The free plan is for personal use and occasional small business events. It limits the users with how much they can utilize the marketing platform. The free plan includes branded registration forms, mobile check-in app, guest list management, contacts management with import and export, and basic design templates for emails and websites.

b) Basic Plan:

The basic plan starts at $12,500/year and is perfect for individuals and small teams. The basic package does not include the advanced features. It offers full features of registration, analytics, and integrations.

c) Pro Plan:

The pro plan is for more design and access control and starts at $21,500/year. The pro plan offers complete access to all the features except for a few advanced ones. With this plan, your team will have complete access to their design studio.

d) Enterprise Plan:

The enterprise plan is for solutions and workflows at scale but they haven’t mentioned any specific pricing. However, with this plan, users have complete access to the basic, and the advanced features.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we’d agree that Splashthat is one of the most popular yet useful event marketing platforms available. Users seem to really enjoy their services however, there are a few aspects of Splashthat where they are lagging.

Splashthat needs an upgrade when it comes to built-in design templates and virtual event platforms. These upgrades can improve the overall user experience. Users have also found Splashthat to be difficult to set up.

When compared to Splashthat, users have rated vFairs to be a more user-friendly platform and is easy to set up and administer. We provide continuous support throughout the setting up process for each client to make sure they understand how to navigate.

With a 24/7 customer support system, vFairs is always ready to lend a hand.

vFairs: Splashthat’s Better Alternative

5 Reasons Why vFairs Is A Great Splashthat Alternative 

1. Backed By Experience

vFairs has hosted hundreds of successful events over the years, be it virtual, or hybrid. Since vFairs is an event platform that is backed by years of experience and successful execution of hundreds of events, it is quite evident that it is a better option when compared to Splashthat.

2. Virtual Events Like No Other

With vFairs, your participants will never feel like they’re at a virtual venue. vFairs platform provides dynamic lobbies, custom avatars, and 3D designs that give it the actual venue effect. vFairs provides a unique experience when compared to Splashthat.

3. Seamless User Experience

vFairs offers a 3D virtual environment with animated avatars and event gamification. With continuous upgrades, vFairs makes sure that there is nothing hindering the user experience.

4. User-Friendly Platform

vFairs is an excellent alternative for Splashthat because vFairs is known to be a user-friendly platform for both attendees and hosts alike. It is extremely easy to navigate with the support provided by their team. 

5. A Remarkable Project Management Team 

vFairs assigns a Project Manager and its team to each client to make sure they get all the support they need.

vFairs vs Splashthat

The comparison between Splashthat and vFairs, according to G2 reviews, depends on a combination of factors.

Splashthat review

What Next?

Want to know how vFairs can take your event to a whole new level? Request for a demo today to start your vFairs journey.

Splashthat Review: Comprehensive Event App

Amna Akhtar

Amna is a content writer at vFairs and has been producing content for different industries. She has created social media content for various IT firms in the US. She loves to challenge herself by writing about different niches, which calms her ongoing curiosity to learn new things. When she’s not working on her pieces, you’ll find her somewhere outdoors, clicking photos of everything she finds beautiful.


Splashthat Review: Comprehensive Event App

Amna Akhtar

Amna is a content writer at vFairs and has been producing content for different industries. She has created social media content for various IT firms in the US. She loves to challenge herself by writing about different niches, which calms her ongoing curiosity to learn new things. When she’s not working on her pieces, you’ll find her somewhere outdoors, clicking photos of everything she finds beautiful.
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