American College of Cardiology Empowers Employees With Virtual Benefits Fair

Employees are strongly motivated to perform their best based on the benefits that their company has to offer. Directly impacting their morale, retention, and commitment to organizational success, there’s much to be gained by investing into your workforce’s well-being.

Acknowledging this opportunity to strengthen ties with their staff, the American College of Cardiology hosted a terrific Virtual Benefits Fair that was easy on their pocket, yet armed their employees (both onsite and remote) with essential information about available incentives to uphold their employer brand as one of the top places to work.


About The Host

The American College of Cardiology’s mission is to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health. A non profit medical association established in 1949, the college has over 52,000 members working hard to reform health policy and guidelines to drive change in care standards across hospitals and healthcare institutions. Dedicated to leading cardiovascular research and granting credentials to cardiovascular specialist that meet the required standards, their “Journal of the American College of Cardiology” ranks as the best cardiovascular journals worldwide.



  • High travel costs and loss of productivity associated with bringing together all employees from across the country to one physical location.
  • Extensive administrative planning required to ensure no overlapping with holidays and other company events.
  • Expensive event set up, hospitality and time intensive scouting of appropriate venue to accommodate hundreds of attendees.
  • Non eco-friendly and steep pricing of market collateral and brochures to share benefits related information with guests.
  • Coordination and travel hassles to bring in providers and representatives from healthcare and insurance partners to answer employee questions.
  • Overcrowding and impersonal event environment resulting in a disengaged audience.
  • Difficulty in measuring ROI to assess event impact, attendance, and frequency of communication.


Strategy & Functionality Solutions

1) Access To All Benefits Under One “Virtual” Roof

Expecting your employees to seek information about the company’s wellness initiatives by visiting each department or service provider will do little to boost their morale, in fact it’s likely to backfire in the form of uninterested individuals with little knowledge about available benefits. This is why the vFairs team brought together all exhibitors and attendees in one easy to access online setting that eliminated need for any travel, cumbersome administrative planning, hospitality, or even marketing collateral expenses.

An interactive 3-day long event running for pre-announced hours of the day, employees had the flexibility to attend based on their availability from anywhere in the world without feeling rushed in an overcrowded physical setting. Spouses and domestic partners were also encouraged to attend this event, breaking away from the inconvenience of restricted venue settings, there was seamless and exciting resource sharing amongst all.

2) Communicate & Inform With Ease

Wanting to transition from the hassles of paper based brochures and pamphlets, the host wanted to take advantage of digital assets to help spread awareness of new benefits such as loans, flexible spending option,  tax savings advice and more. This was one of the reasons all exhibitors, company departments and service providers were given customized booths to reflect branding, and serve as information hubs for all employees.

Equipped with videos, downloadable documents, message and chat options- it was easy for visitors to gain access to informative material and multimedia content, in addition to communicate with booth representatives. With designated chat hours, guests could take advantage of the audio, video and textual chat options to ask questions and gain clarity on benefits plans that they were curious to know more about. Providing a unique and relaxed environment for all participants, even employees working remotely could attend the Virtual Benefits Fair at leisure without feeling left out.


The “
Video Vault” was an additional feature that was filled with content from partners including success stories, interviews and company overviews- an excellent strategy to ensure that the employees felt confident and well aware of their benefit selections.


3) Long Lasting Digital Footprint With Auditorium Sessions

The success of an impactful virtual event depends on engaged audiences that are thrilled with their rich yet realistic experience delivered in a dynamic setting. This is why the vFair platform offers hosts the option to host live or prerecorded webinars that can be used to connect guests with company executives, guest speakers or industry influencers.

A powerful education tool, the American College of Cardiology’s used the unique “Auditorium” to host interesting sessions from company partners and key leadership that could be replayed as and when the users pleased while the event was live- a flexibility that was appreciated by all attendees.


The Results Recap

The 3-day Virtual Benefits Fair was a phenomenal success; fully customized, interactive and buzzing with activity, the employees availed a fun yet informative opportunity to explore the range of company benefits using their laptop or mobile devices. With vFairs ensuring seamless set up, branding, and an easy-to-use interface, the event captured and maintained employees attention, meanwhile enabling secure communication and seamless information exchange.

The webinars were a massive hit amongst the attendees and hit new levels of employee participation. Being able to track visitors, booth visits and video plays- the ROI was unprecedentedly easy to measure. As a result, the host expressed immense appreciation for the cost savings and unrestricted outreach achieved.


About vFairs

At, we strive to build a top-class online event platform that will help event organizers make memorable connections with their target audience. We’re obsessed with taking out the hassle normally associated with physical events and leaving organizers and exhibitors to focus on what’s most important: engagement with the audience.

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American College of Cardiology Empowers Employees With Virtual Benefits Fair

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