Event Mobile Apps: A Must-Have For In-Person Events

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Learn how to host engaging in-person events in the post-COVID-19 era.

About the episode

In-person events are back in full swing but a lot has changed since we last met them in 2019. Gone are the days when attendees would scramble through the venue hall to find event resources. Or run out of contact cards to give away.

But what truly takes the cake in terms of in-person event advancements is event reporting. Organizers no longer have to sit in their office scratching their heads trying to figure out if the time and resources were worth it.

2022 experienced the rebirth of in-person events. This edition of events is offering content accessibility, in-depth event metrics, contactless touch-ins, and much more.

We’re sitting down to talk about the technology that has made all this possible: event mobile apps.

Come learn how you can use this resource to boost engagement and accessibility at your events.

This episode covers

  • Why have mobile apps become a must-have for in-person events?
  • The best way to deploy event mobile apps.
  • Tips to elevate in-person events.
  • A demo of the vFairs mobile app.
  • Katy Simkiss

    Our host for this edition, Katy is a Senior Account Executive at vFairs. She nurtures relationships with new and existing customers and works with them to create memorable event experiences while ensuring that vFairs meets all of their event needs.

  • Carlos Herrera

    Carlos will be presenting a live vFairs app demo, As Sales Manager at vFairs, he has been helping corporations, universities & non-profit associations turn big event ideas into memorable virtually realistic experiences.

  • Salman Saeed

    To answer all your burning questions, we're bringing our Director of Product Management, Salman to this edition of EpicEvents. He builds teams that craft inspiring visions to create innovative product experiences that users love.