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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) strives to be a preeminent institution of higher education known for its globally competitive graduates, cutting-edge research, and leadership in energy fields. 

Having been a progressive industry leader for many years, KFUPM had been hosting a number of virtual workshops and webinars in the past, and was therefore not alien to the concept of a virtual job fair. 

As KFUPM focuses on its research and technology development in energy and related fields, it aims to achieve a high standing in this challenging area. With this, KFUPM aspires to be an esteemed organization, not just in the region, but worldwide. 

Carrying a strong aim in mind, KFUPM set out in the midst of a pandemic, to source high quality candidates from across the world in order to establish a top-notch global faculty at the institution. In doing so, they wanted a platform where they could reflect their brand image in all its glory, and provide candidates with an exceptional job-seeking experience at the same time.


After going through an extensive research process, KFUPM made the decision to trust and go forward with the vFairs platform to turn their high expectations into success. 

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On July 15th, 2020, KFUPM opened up its two-day Virtual Faculty Job Fair to the world. Hiring managers at the event included the Chairmen of the Academic Departments and Directors of the Research Centers, who were looking for highly qualified faculty and researchers belonging to various fields of academia. 

There were a number of effective approaches that KFUPM and vFairs decided to go forward with in order to achieve their goals.

landing page

Here’s what the two teams did to set up an outstanding Virtual Faculty Job Fair.  

1) Finely Crafted Landing Page to Attract a Global Audience

Every section of the event was very well-thought-out by the host, and the landing page was no exception. Each element on the event’s landing page was crafted in a way to not only compel a global audience, but also to provide them with a detailed understanding of the university as well as the virtual experience. For this, their landing page constituted of the following segments: 

i) A striking banner to showcase their state-of-the-art buildings and hospitality from across the globe 

ii) Access to the registration form

iii) A video on “How to Navigate a Virtual Job Fair.” Keeping in mind that virtual events may still be alien to many people, the university wanted to allow their audience to know what to expect from the event, and therefore achieve the most value out of it.  

iv) A list of programs falling under each department, for both passive and active job seekers

v) An agenda of the event, including the timings and schedule of each session, to cater to remote attendees belonging to multiple time zones

vi) Testimonial videos of existing faculty members from all over the world to narrate their experience at the institution 

vii) A section that talks “About King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals”

viii) Frequently asked questions

virtual job fair agenda


Schedule and Description

2) Stunning Designs to Imitate a Real Life Experience

KFUPM aimed to create an experience that was nothing short of an in-person event. They used the vFairs platform to create customized avatars that walked around the event lobby as though they were real attendees, just like the ones accessing the event from behind their screens.

virtual job fair lobby

3) Unique Elements to Showcase Brand Identity 

KFUPM, being a reputable, high-ranked university, wanted to ensure that their brand image made a memorable impression. They achieved this desire by using their brand colors throughout the event and in all of its areas. 

Moreover, they made use of the exhibit hall background to display their actual campus view from the glass windows, while candidates horizontally navigated through various virtual booths.

Exhibit Hall

4) Virtual Booths to Make Job Seeking & Hiring Faster & Smarter

At a traditional virtual event, job seekers usually have to wait in long queues to access various booths, and eventually gather a handful of brochures that they may or may not be able to absorb at once.

KFUPM’s Virtual Job Fair made this process absolutely seamless for both candidates and hiring managers with the help of virtual booths, which helped in the following ways: 

i) Each booth provided visitors with documents and videos — primarily all they needed to know about a certain job vacancy. Visitors could engage with content during the event or save their pieces of content for later use.

ii) The opportunity to interact and engage with hiring managers in real time during the available time slots. This included textual, audio, and video chat, making the entire process of job seeking more effective, especially in a socially distant world. 

iii) Job listings included job descriptions and the number of available vacancies.

Virtual Booth

5) Quick & Easy Resume Search for Hiring Managers

Now there’s a large number of applications at every job fair, and hiring managers are to look for the best fit for each available position. This consumes a lot of time and, quite honestly, a lot of energy to make the process successful. 

The good news is, Virtual Job Fairs take the hassle right out of this process, making the candidate search as effective as possible. 

KFUPM took this opportunity to add a tab for hiring managers to access targeted applications using multiple filters. This helped them shortlist relevant candidates, and take conversations forward from there. 

Resume Search at virtual job fair

6) Virtual Auditorium to Hold Sessions for the Audience

KFUPM hosted an exciting lineup of webinars in the virtual auditorium and college booths. This included sessions by the leadership based on the vision of the institution, and other discussions with respect to the fields of science, engineering, and business. 

The highlight of these webinars was two exclusive Q&A sessions with the President of KFUPM, who took live questions from the attendees. His presence marked the high importance attached to the event by KFUPM leadership.The President also met one-on-one with several job seekers at the Executive Booth specifically set up at the Virtual Job Fair.

Live Webinars

7) Info Desk for Further Assistance 

KFUPM further utilized the option of an information desk at their virtual event. The purpose of setting one up was to provide details to prospects such as employee benefits, research at KFUPM, social networking, and so on. 

Furthermore, this area of the event ensured prompt technical assistance, not just for attendees but also for the event organizers at any time during the event.

virtual faculty job fair Info Desk


King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), a massive organization with even bigger expectations, aimed to leave a bold impression on the world and connect with global talent — not just the LinkedIn way, but in a way that they could experience the actual interactions of a job fair. 

Therefore, after immense hard work and a crystal clear vision, KFUPM was able to meet its objectives as per the detailed reports that were generated by vFairs, pioneering the first-of-its-region Virtual Job Fair.

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