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Event Sponsorships

Event Sponsorship Features That Drive High Value

vFairs covers your sponsor’s goals regardless of the event type. Attract event sponsors with features that help them increase exposure, fill their pipeline, and generate new leads and sales.

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Event Sponsorship Features

Custom Exhibit Booth Designs

  • Help exhibitors showcase their brand with customizable exhibit booths

  • Offer primary placements, larger booths and more space in the exhibit hall to your top-tier sponsors.

  • Help them make their booth stand out from the rest by offering premium design options and templates.

Endless Visibility in Virtual Environments

  • Increase visibility for your sponsors throughout the virtual event platform.

  • Feature sponsor logos prominently on the landing page, lobby and other virtual spaces.

  • Create an entire exhibition floor themed around a sponsor’s brand.

Onsite Branding Opportunities

  • Showcase branding through customized badges and lanyards worn by attendees onsite.

  • Personalize them with the sponsors’ colors and logos, providing a prominent and visible placement for sponsorship for events.

Mobile App Sponsorships

  • Showcase your sponsors for events on the mobile app by using splash ads and banner ads.

  • Offer your sponsors video pop-ups upon attendee entrance.

  • Opt to white-label the mobile app and allow them to drive extra engagement by featuring their content within the resources section.

Gamification Activities

  • Drive engagement and add value to their fan experience by hosting a branded in-person or virtual scavenger hunt with your sponsors.

  • Let attendees win points and exciting prizes by finding hidden objects placed within the on-site or virtual environment.

Sponsored Webinar Sessions

  • Give top-tier sponsors direct facetime with prospects by offering slots for keynotes address or webinars

  • Push notifications to broadcast sponsor messages and promote these webinars

  • Set up timed announcements leading people to your virtual or in-person exhibit booths

Live Stats And Post-Event Reports

  • Help them measure impact by sharing live attendee stats and a post-event report with your sponsors.

  • Let exhibitors measure ROI for sponsored events by viewing real-time booth metrics within their own dashboard.

Our Customers Love the vFairs Event Sponsorship Features

“The platform gives the ability for sponsors and delegates to interact and have a virtual intimate conversation as much as possible with the virtual event.”

Samir O

Chief Executive Officer

“100% of the attendees reported they were able to develop new revenue opportunities because of attending our online conference which was our #1 goal.”

Sydni C


“The ability to customize each virtual space and make it on brand really made a difference to our attendees. The design team is simply amazing at creating whatever you need.”

Hanna Lindstrom


“The gamification element was popular with attendees.”

Margery Stearns, Board Secretary, Conference Planning Committee Member
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Game Changing Virtual, Hybrid and In-person Events

Whether you’re hosting events online, onsite or both, vFairs offers a customizable event platform and tech solutions to make your events epic.

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Explore Our Other Features

Event Marketing

Get the word out with a customized event landing page and email marketing campaigns.

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Chat and Networking

Promote engagement with our 1:1 or group chat, audio, and video features.

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Deliver speaker sessions that instantly hook audiences and make a lasting impact.

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Hook attendees and increase event engagement with a leaderboard and scavenger hunt.

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Extract event insights with real-time metrics, attendance data, and post-event reports.

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How to sponsor an event?

Sponsoring an event involves several steps to ensure a successful partnership. Begin by identifying your sponsorship goals, such as increasing brand visibility or reaching a specific target audience. Research and evaluate companies that sponsor events that align with your objectives and brand values.

How can sponsors get value out of the event?

Fulfill your sponsorship commitments leading up to and during the event, and measure the effectiveness of your sponsorship using relevant metrics. Maintain post-event engagement with event organizers and attendees to nurture relationships and capitalize on the sponsorship's impact. Adapt these steps to suit the unique requirements of each event, maximizing your brand's exposure and achieving your sponsorship goals.

How to get sponsors for an event?

To secure sponsors for an event, start by creating a compelling sponsorship package that outlines the benefits and opportunities for sponsors. Identify potential sponsors that align with your event's target audience and values. You can then reach out to these prospects through personalized pitches, emphasizing the value they would gain from the partnership. Learn more here .

What should a sponsorship package include?

A sponsorship package typically includes a range of benefits and opportunities for both the sponsor and the sponsored party. While the specific contents can vary depending on the nature of the sponsorship and the parties involved, here are some common elements included in a sponsorship package.

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