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Streamline Your Medical Events Through vFairs Healthcare Event Management Platform

Manage speakers from around the world and leverage our cutting-edge networking tools for knowledge-sharing and professional development.

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All You Need to Drive Engagement and Impact for Your Next Healthcare Event

Host impressive virtual, hybrid, and in-person events with our all-in-one healthcare event management platform. Live stream webinars, set up exhibit and poster halls, and upload documents for attendees to access with vFairs customizable event solutions.

Create a Memorable Event Experience with Customized Event Design

  • Build a highly customized event platform or mobile app that aligns with your branding and theme.
  • Design immersive lobbies, virtual booths, and exhibit halls from scratch, or choose from a library of preset templates.
  • Offer exhibitors and sponsors dedicated spaces within the event platform to showcase their products, services, and brand.

Enjoy Efficient Check-in with Advanced Mobile App and Badge Printing

  • Accelerate QR-based on-site check-ins with the vFairs mobile app.
  • Conveniently print badges in bulk beforehand to save time or use our badge printing tech to do it onsite.
  • Display attendee QR codes on badges to enable seamless session check-ins, networking, and lead capture throughout the event.

Foster Meaningful Connections with Powerful Networking Tools

  • Enable onsite and online attendees to connect via 1:1 chats, group chats, and audio/video calls.
  • Connect healthcare professionals, researchers, and industry leaders in networking lounges.
  • Empower attendees to foster valuable professional relationships by scheduling meetings.
  • Implement AI-driven matchmaking that connects virtual and in-person attendees based on their interests and preferences.
  • Facilitate roundtable discussions to encourage engagement and collaboration.

Maximize Attendee Engagement with Interactive Features

  • Gamify the event experience with leaderboards, and scavenger hunts to keep attendees engaged via mobile app and virtual platform.
  • Enable live polling and real-time audience response systems to gather attendee feedback, conduct surveys, and drive interactive discussions.
  • Offer breakout sessions, workshops, or hands-on demonstrations to provide interactive learning opportunities for attendees.

Host Informative Sessions with Immersive Presentation Solutions

  • Conduct interactive and engaging webinars to deliver awareness sessions, panel discussions, and keynote presentations.
  • Seamlessly integrate with popular webinar platforms for smooth streaming on the mobile app and virtual platform.
  • Provide access to recorded webinars for attendees to revisit sessions at their convenience.
  • Allow onsite attendees to check in to different sessions and keep track via their QR codes.

Streamline Poster and Abstract Management at Healthcare Research Events

  • Offer abstract submission and review management for research presentations.
  • Schedule multiple sessions, workshops, and keynote speakers with ease.
  • Provide digital poster presentation capabilities for researchers to showcase their work.
  • Present selected research papers and posters in live sessions and poster halls.

Empower Success Through Strategic Event Marketing

  • Write targeted emails for your marketing campaigns with AI in minutes.
  • Get insights into event analytics by asking AI chatbots for reports.
  • Highlight event details and agenda on visually appealing landing pages.
  • Optimize event promotion with AI-generated landing page content.
  • Collect required information with custom registration and ticketing forms.
  • Establish communities around your event with our LinkedIn community builder integration.
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Elevate Your Medical Events with Our Comprehensive Healthcare Event Management Solutions

Offer unforgettable experiences and lasting impact by hosting virtual, hybrid, and in-person healthcare events with vFairs.


Share information about breakthroughs and industry trends with healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients.


Connect industry leaders and experts and empower them through collaborative discussions.


Host medical workshops, lectures, and training for professionals in the healthcare industry.

Career Fairs

Hire talent from around the world to complement your organizational goals.

Job Fairs

Connect job seekers and employers in healthcare via interactive exhibit booths.

Onboarding Fairs

Introduce your new employees to your company culture and host training sessions.



“The fact we could make the lobby our own, the animated avatars, the exhibition hall with customizable booths - overall a great concept that supports branding. We were able to reach a much larger audience than if we tried to host hospital tours in person.”

Verified User in Hospital & Health Care

“vFairs allowed us to host an event where we could reach out to various researchers and showcase the work that we do through 6 sessions with talks from a range of different speakers who have used BioResource data and how easy it is to use our services.

Ross M.

“2022 marks the 3rd virtual health fair with vFairs, and I like that there is continuous creativity on the design end. Each year there are new templates to choose from and new features to explore, which keep the event fresh.”

Janice C.

“Our virtual career fair went from stale to stellar with the vFairs platform. Our job seekers and exhibitors were thrilled.”

Janine S

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What is healthcare event management?

Healthcare event management refers to the planning, organization, coordination, and execution of events specifically tailored for the healthcare industry. These events can range from medical conferences and seminars to hospital conferences, workshops, job fairs, awareness events, and more. You can use efficient healthcare event management software to help with all the planning and execution of medical events.

How can your event management software benefit healthcare events?

The vFairs healthcare event management software is designed to cater to the needs of hosting virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. It streamlines event registration, in-event networking, attendee engagement, and analytics, resulting in better-organized and more successful healthcare events.

How can your healthcare event management software enhance medical conferences?

Our healthcare event management software provides a comprehensive suite of features for medical conferences. From customizable landing pages and registration forms to seamless integration with webinar solutions and networking tools, our platform empowers organizers to deliver engaging and informative healthcare conferences.

Does vFairs offer life sciences event management solution?

Our life sciences event management software offers tailored solutions with features like research paper submission, poster sessions, and live seminars. We help life sciences professionals host successful conferences and research symposia.

Can your software handle virtual health fairs or wellness fairs?

Yes, our medical event management software is well-equipped to handle virtual wellness fairs and health fairs. We provide a 3D immersive virtual environment, virtual exhibit hall capabilities, virtual booth management, networking tools, and engagement features to create seamless virtual experiences for healthcare professionals, patients, and researchers with healthcare event management.

Can we get an app for medical conference management?

vFairs offers an immersive mobile app with healthcare event management to host virtual, hybrid, and in-person hospital conferences. Users can check in to the event with the app for medical conference management, connect with other attendees and enjoy fun gamification such as scavenger hunts and trivia.

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