Networking is one of the most common practices used to expand businesses and open passageways for new opportunities. However, the means to carry this out plays a huge role in its eventual success.

Physical networking events, such as job fairs and conferences, for over a decade, have provided a number of people a platform to conduct such activities. However, with advancements in technology as well as adaptation to the existing global covid crisis, these events have been moved online, leading us to our next question, i.e., “how can I build a strong network in the midst of a socially distanced world?”

Well, what if we told you that connecting with professionals and top talent beyond borders was not just possible, but could take place from the comfort of your very home?

That’s right – vFairs helps you find online networking events ‘nearest to you’ with features that help you finally hit the bull’s eye!

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How are Online Networking Events More Effective

Whether you’re an organizer, an employer, or a job seeker, here’s a list of questions that you can answer with a Online Networking Event:

Q1) Do I bring a resume to a networking event?

Distributing hard copies of your resume to everyone you meet at a physical networking event would, without a doubt, put an unpleasant impression on your potential employers. In fact, employers will always avoid the hassle of carrying a stack of resumes and later scanning through each one of them. Then what? An online networking event solves the problem and enables job seekers to submit resumes on a virtual job board for interested employers to access in real time. Isn’t that a win-win for everyone? resume stack

Q2) How do I start a conversation at an online networking event?

The expected outcome of any successful networking event is a fruitful exchange of information allowing for more informed interactions. To fulfill this purpose, the following features give an online event an advantage over any other networking event:

  • Consume relevant company content by navigating through booths prior to making conversation with a professional 
  • Chat with professionals in real time by using the live text/audio/video chat option
  • Appear for Interviews on the spot, accelerating your chances of being hired

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Q3) How do I minimize the cost to network with key speakers at an event?

Neither do you have to bear the extra cost of travel, nor do you have to miss out on your networking opportunity anymore. An online networking event let’s you meet people from across the world from the comfort of your home, and on any device of your use. across the world

Learn more by reading how NYU overcame the setbacks associated with traditional networking events at their virtual career conference.

Q4) How do I find relevant people at events with a larger network size?

Larger events can be overwhelming when you have a specific set of requirements in mind. Prior to approaching any individual, you can access their bios and read up on information about companies that can allow you to hold a more healthy and effective conversation and boost your career opportunities. Similarly, employers can access resumes of job seekers in real time and make an informed judgement.

Read how Aviation Job Search enabled job seekers from across the world to network successfully on a single accessible platform.


Q5) How do I make sure I acquire all the right information?

Online networking events can typically be tricky in terms of the information that you’re likely to gather and make use of. To organize all the information and present it to multiple people looking for relevant information at the same time, online networking events use Live Webinars. The schedule for each webinar is shared with each attendee, while on the other hand, attendees have the option of saving any webinar they’d like to access later. webinar

Q6) How do I follow-up after meeting someone?

Follow-ups are almost always necessary for individuals to maintain a connection. However, at physical events, collecting business cards does not necessarily guarantee the acquisition of the relevant point of contact. Virtual events, therefore, connect you to the relevant individual to save your opportunity. Here’s how this is a great idea for all the individuals at an online networking event:

  • Job seekers are able to find the relevant point of contact and save company brochures for future viewing and sharing
  • Employers find it much easier to follow up with attendees using innovative recruitment tools such as a job board that consists of filtered resumes, and live interviews that accelerates the hiring procedure
  • Organizers can make use of the contact information collected through online registration forms in order to send post-event emails. They can also segment them based on the profile data to make them highly personalized.

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Q7) Can I attend a networking event if I’m differently abled?

Networking is, in fact, all about building new connections and adding value to your circle. But are we doing it right if we’re excluding potential talent based on their disabilities? Online Networking Events such as virtual job fairs allow easy participation of those who are held back due to their disabilities. They offer an opportunity based on ‘potential’ instead of ‘shortcomings’. vFairs’ virtual events incorporate options to cater to several listening and reading disabilities, making the platform accessible for all. disabled

Click here to learn more about accessibility features at vFairs’ online events.

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You can also hear what our customers have to say about their online networking event here.


At, we strive to build a top-class online event platform that will help event organizers make memorable connections with their target audience. We’re obsessed with taking out the hassle normally associated with physical events and leaving organizers and exhibitors to focus on what’s most important: engagement with the audience.

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