When COVID-19 put all plans for in-person events to a halt, ReSound immediately got to work on hosting their first global virtual event

What is ReSound? 

ReSound is part of The GN Group, the global leader in intelligent audio solutions that let you hear more. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark ReSound constantly strives to develop better solutions that help people rediscover hearing so they can live rich, active, and fulfilling lives. ReSound logo

Determined to continue with their plans to host their scheduled conference, ReSound did not let COVID-19 obstruct their plans. And the result? ReSound’s first ever, 24 hour global virtual event was hosted on September 1st, 2020. 

But how? 

ReSound had never hosted a virtual event. In past years, they would host a product launch in-person, gathering all their attendees in a physical venue. This year, ReSound needed a new way to present their new product offerings in an exciting and engaging way. Amidst COVID-19 they were undeterred, and opted for a virtual conference

Why vFairs? 

After much research, ReSound knew vFairs was the obvious choice. According to Tamra Leif, “vFairs was very cost-effective and easy-to-use in terms of putting things together”. 

So how did vFairs bring ReSound’s vision to life in a virtual venue? 

vFairs carefully designed a virtual platform that would help ReSound achieve their objectives. 

Let’s explore in greater detail how vFairs made this possible. 

Exciting and colorful lobby

A vibrant virtual lobby greeted the attendees into the event. ReSound’s lobby featured a welcome video right at the front, where the CEO GN Hearing, Gitte Pugholm Aabo welcomed the participants and introduced them to the event. 

The lobby also incorporated the word “Welcome” in many different languages, making it feel inclusive and inviting to visitors from around the world.

lobby virtual conference lobby

Informative presentations in the virtual auditorium

ReSound wanted to host presentations with live Q&A sessions. These covered topics ranging from hardware and design to sound quality to fitting solutions. ReSound’s concerns about technical issues were resolved by hosting pre-recorded embedded webinars in the virtual auditorium as opposed to a live webinar option. 

virtual auditorium

Maximize engagement with customers via exhibitor booths

ReSound was very clear on one key objective: facilitating engagement between exhibitors and the participants. 

There were two types of exhibitors booths at ReSound ONE:

  • Product booths for Design and Hardware, M&RIE Technology Advantages and ReSound smart fit 1.8.
  • Booths with representatives that serviced various countries.

Event participants included hearing care providers, audiologists, ENT doctors and other medical professionals. 

These booths also had a live audio, text, and video chat option built in, that facilitated one-on-one interaction between the sales reps and customers. This feature was also a great support in the product booth, where one-on-one contact was enabled with the trainer. This allowed attendees to better understand the product offerings.  

exhibit hall virtual conference booths descriptions of exhibit booths

Access downloadable support materials 

ReSound provided their participants with support materials such as features, benefits, brochures, reference guides, and best practices that could be added to their virtual “swag bags” to be downloaded later. A video vault was even set up where important videos, such as sound demo and many other valuable resources, were uploaded for the participants to view and download. 

resources video vault

What’s next for ReSound? 

With a far greater reach than an in-person event, ReSound was happy with the outcome. Approximately 10,000 logged in as attendees as compared to a mere 300 at the in-person event. On top of that, ReSound saved on extra costs such as hotels, flights, meals, and entertainment for the attendees. The virtual venue proved to be more cost-effective and open to a wider  global audience of attendees. 

ReSound also had a wonderful time working with the vFairs team. Shahram Ali, the vFairs Project Manager was especially appreciated by Tamra Leif, Senior Events Manager at ReSound. In her experience, “the vFairs team exceeded expectations and were extremely responsive and walked us through the entire setup process.” 

Virtual events will be a part of ReSound’s offering in the future even post the COVID-19 crisis because of the larger number of customers they can reach around the globe. They plan to virtually launch and share content in the future as well. 

We can say ReSound was a resounding success! 

About vFairs

vFairs strives to deliver top-class virtual events for all audiences, with an intuitive platform that recreates physical events through an immersive online experience. With a range of powerful features and dedicated support for users around the world, vFairs removes the hassle from organizing, exhibiting at, and attending events such as conferences, trade shows, and career fairs. Contact the vFairs team to learn more or request a demo to see a virtual event in action. 

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