5 Stellar Trade Show Booth Ideas for a Game Changing Event

In today’s time where the whole world is just a fingertip away, virtual events have proven to be the new big thing. Due to an increase in accessibility and a global reach, virtual events such as Virtual Trade Shows are rapidly growing in popularity and are proving to be highly profitable for organizers and exhibitors.

Virtual trade shows allow exhibitors to showcase their products in a highly customized virtual environment, and benefit from engagement tools such as live chat (text, audio and video) with individual prospects, excite them with live webinars and convert them using an eCommerce platform.

Therefore, unlike a physical trade show where creative options are costly and particularly limited, crafting an attractive and engaging user experience at a virtual event can go as far as your imagination – all you need is your creativity!

So if you’re looking for ways to attract your audience and make your brand stand out, here’s a list of cool Trade Show ‘Booth’ Ideas that will help you set a remarkable impression.

1) Rich Corporate Branding

Virtual Trade Show booths can provide a great opportunity to exhibitors to boost corporate branding through a number of creative ways, and benefiting from a virtual setting.

Sky is the limit when we talk about branding options since the hassle of printing and vendors is eliminated from virtual events. You can design your own banners and standees, choose the size of your booth  and set your own brand theme to display your brand persona and attract attendees to visit your booth. You can also display your brand in the visitors lobby or any page of your choice to drive more audience to your booth.

Best of all, you can boost your company branding at your trade show booth by adding avatars as company representatives in order to welcome visitors to your booth. These representatives will be responsible for passing on relevant information to the audience and giving your booth a personalized touch.

2) Pack Your Booth with Value-Added Content

Just as a real life event, a virtual trade show imitates all the real aspects and adds exciting and effective features to maximize your chances of landing qualified leads. Exhibitors can thus regulate and offer content such as documents, presentations and videos to their visitors to educate them about their products and services. All of your assets can also be downloaded for later purchase decisions. You can add multiple tabs that would allow chat options and product information at all times for these visitors. At all times, therefore, your booth will have readily available content for your visitors without the hassle of printing or distributing.

3) Provide an Online Store

What do you once you’ve attracted, engaged and educated your leads? You would like to convert them to sales! Integrated e-commerce flows can provide exhibitors with the option of incorporating online payments at their booths and conduct on the spot sales. In addition, for passive buyers, a wish cart can enable them to stay in the loop for later purchases.

4) Gamification

Gamification is an exciting aspect of Virtual Trade Shows that can help exhibitors direct he attendees to booths that they would like them to visit. This allows them to increase the no. of visitors and their chances of converting to customers. This activity also adds a fun element to the show to increase the time that attendees spend at the event. Moreover, visitors can be incentivized by participating in lucky draws, contests, and scavenger hunts for surprises at the end of the event.

5) Hand Out Some Swag

Virtual Swag Bags are the new wave of the future. How many times have you provided your trade show booth visitors with personal Swag Bags which include a handful of company branded goodies only for them to end up in the trash cans right after? Not only is this disheartening for your company, but is also detrimental to the environment.

Virtual Swag Bags are therefore an exciting, environment friendly alternative for companies to cater to audiences they want to market their offerings to. Digital gifts connect the visitors with the brand without the hassle of them having to carry anything home. In a virtual space, companies that have trade show booths can use these elements to attract visitors and direct traffic to their websites as well, serving the purpose for your brand.


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5 Stellar Trade Show Booth Ideas for a Game Changing Event

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