6Connex Review: Alternative, Pricing, Features & More

In a hybrid and remote world, companies are striving to make the virtual space more than just a call. There are multiple choices out there, but working through and understanding new software can be overwhelming. 

How do you determine what is the best choice for you and your company? Here is a 6Connex review that will help you better ascertain your platform choice.

What is 6Connex?

6connex review

6Connex is a virtual events platform for enterprises worldwide. The software includes virtual venues and environments, learning management, and webinars. It has been designed for marketing, sales, recruitment, training, and HR communications.

They market themselves as a cloud-based product portfolio that includes virtual venues and environments, learning management, and webinars.

6Connex Top Products

6Connex provides 4 major products: Eventory, Launch, Rise and Soar. They offer both virtual and hybrid events. Each product within 6Connex has features that are limited in the pack you purchase. 

Let’s take a look at each of these products.


This product is a streamlined organization process for virtual and hybrid events. This includes promotion, event management, digital registration, reporting, creation of 2D environments with attendee engagement tools. You can set it up in minutes as it is already set up.

However, this allows for little customization and little room for additional integrations. “I wish we could have customized more of it, like the graphics and the music,”says, Chinelo A. R, Director, Global Business Technology Leader. 

2. Launch

Is a self service platform where a preconfigured environment already exists. Hosts simply log in and create their events through a user friendly platform.

Yet this would require learning an entire software on your own with little support as the package does not hand over a team. First-time users may be overwhelmed with functionality at first on the back end,

3. Soar

Is the most advanced hybrid and virtual event solution. It manages multiple virtual environments simultaneously, and can use up to five virtual venues at a time for different cases.

This is a great feature, but only if you’re an expert. Without an intuitive platform, this can be incredibly difficult. “The backend isn’t very user friendly. It took me several months of training and orientation to feel comfortable navigating all the settings and understanding how the system works,” says, Keaton W, eLearning Coordinator.

4. Rise

Is a fully customizable and immersive virtual and hybrid space. It is hybrid ready and has the ability to deliver personalized experiences for users for optimal audience engagement. 


Some of the main features with 6Connex include;

1. Virtual Venues

6Connex enables you to create captivating virtual environments for any event type in order to connect people worldwide. You have a complete customizable option or pre-curated templates to make use of that are compatible on all devices. 

2. Hybrid Events

In a world where people are oscillating between remote and in-person, 6Connex offers hybrid solutions as well for all event types. 

3. Engagement Tools

The platform offers multiple interactive tools to keep attendees engaged. Including 3D environments, AI technology that curates the event to each attendees’ needs, chat features, multiple integrations and more. 

4. Open Universe Integrations

You can choose to integrate any tech platform that 6Connex is in partnership with. This includes for event registration, webcasting and live streaming, content, CRM and marketing and many more.

5. Security and Privacy

 With a global reach you want to run risk-free. 6Connex provide events to our customers, building trust and protecting audiences worldwide

6. Certification

If you are an event company, and wish to certify yourself as a virtual events planner, 6Connex offers 2 courses

i) For promoting virtual events 

ii) For designing and delivering virtual events. 

6Connex Pricing

6Connex does not seem to offer pricing information on its website. However you can gain some general pricing information after answering a few questions. The pricing is based on attaining a year long license, choosing services, and selecting your package.

There is a free option, with limited features, in the Launch package. This includes one virtual venue, three virtual booths, a cap at 1000 attendees and five virtual rooms. However, this package is not customizable.

Other products such as Eventory, Soar and Rise, all are customizable. However, if you want to add items such as webcasting, video chats, reporting etc., there are additional costs. vFairs on the other hand includes no additional costs on these features. You simply pick and choose the features you wish to include when purchasing your license.

The estimated pricing structure is as follows:

Standard License: $16,000/year, with limitations of up to 10 rooms, 2,000 attendees, and 50 sponsors per event.
Upgraded License: $40,000/year, offers customizations,  a limit of up to 10,000 attendees, 50 rooms and 250 sponsors

To learn more about pricing, you will have to contact the 6Connex team.

6Connex Pros & Cons


1. Feature-rich Platform

6Connex seems to have a lot of features that might suit your needs, including virtual or hybrid events. They have a lot of integrations as well such as with CBM software such as HubSpot or Salesforce. They even have integrations with Soundcloud and Spotify in order to invoke a mood in your event. 

2. Budget Friendly

The great thing for each product is that you can find a suitable option within your budget. All of the processes are streamlined for you. 

3. Certifications

If you wish to be an advanced virtual events planner, the 6Connex certification is also a great tool. They offer 6Connex certified badges for your email, website or LinkedIn, certificate and a delivery partner.


1. Restrictions

For each solution there are certain limitations. This poses quite a restriction in products.

A user of G2 has mentioned:

“Currently the platform is a bit limited on how much peer to peer interaction they can support.” Keaton W – eLearning Coordinator

vFairs, however, allows complete customization to suit client’s needs. It offers the option to create a complete 3D environment for your event with an event landing page and all features you wish to include in your event. 6Connex only includes certain features in each package. 

2. Integrations

A lot of the integrations are not seamless. A user on G2 reported: 

“The one area that 6Connex can improve on is their integration of engagement features within sessions. We use an external streaming service, and so the polls, comments, session surveys, etc. have to be worked in.” Talia B – Manager of Virtual Events

3. Pricing

In order to include crucial features such as video chats, webcasting, learning modules etc., you have to incur another cost. This makes 6Connex pricing go up.

“This platform is a little bit more expensive than some.” Consultant in Textiles

There are bound to be kinks and errors on the day of the event and you will need a support team. A dedicated event manager such as that vFairs provides will assist you to develop a top notch virtual event. A technical assistance team will also be ready for you on the day of your event. No matter how big or small the error, vFairs support team will be at your beck and call.

6Connex Final Verdict

In the post pandemic world with individuals oscillating between working remotely and in person, the use of hybrid and virtual events is on the rise. 

Using virtual platforms gives you greater reach, and a low carbon footprint. 6Connex has great integrations and products. The fact that it offers certified courses too gives it a little bit of an edge. 

Yet it has its limitations. What might be a better option for you, based on these limitations?

vFairs: A 6Connex Better Alternative

5 Reasons Why vFairs Can Be a Fantastic Alternative to 6Connex

1.Backed by Experience

vFairs It is an all-in-one platform backed by years of experience.  It is a virtual events platform that offers both hybrid and virtual events. It is a user-friendly platform for both hosts and attendees, which is easy to navigate. 

2. All-in-one Solutions

It offers solutions all the way from education events, corporate, recruitment, trade shows, career fairs, conferences and internal events. No matter your event type, vFairs is able to contribute meaningfully to your event.

3. Project Management

For every customer, vFairs assigns a Project Manager and team that then provides all the support they need. They manage everything down from inception, to managing any technical difficulties on live days, to post event analytics.

4. Customizations

Whether a virtual job fair or food show, vFairs offers entirely customizable features – all at the client’s behest. You simply pick and choose what you wish to include within your event. Your dedicated project manager will best guide you with this as well. After which, you offer just a one time payment license. No added costs, no limited feature packs. 

5. Virtual 3D Environment

With a 3D virtual environment and animated avatars, and event gamification, vFairs is a one stop solution for everything your event requires.

vFairs vs Cvent

The comparison between 6Connex and vFairs, according to G2 reviews, depends on a combination of factors.

6connex review

What Next?

Want to know more about vFairs? Check out our customer reviews and feel free to get in touch with us or book a free guided demo.

6Connex Review: Alternative, Pricing, Features & More

Azal Zahir

Azal Zahir is content and copy writer at vFairs, working closely with and providing support to the marketing team. She has a Masters degeree from New York University, and has dabbled in journalism, education, research projects and project management in the last 5 years. Primarily an environmentalist, she identifies as an environmental educator. vFairs is the perfect zero carbon footprint platform for the likes of her!


6Connex Review: Alternative, Pricing, Features & More

Azal Zahir

Azal Zahir is content and copy writer at vFairs, working closely with and providing support to the marketing team. She has a Masters degeree from New York University, and has dabbled in journalism, education, research projects and project management in the last 5 years. Primarily an environmentalist, she identifies as an environmental educator. vFairs is the perfect zero carbon footprint platform for the likes of her!
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