Best HR Tech Conferences 2023

HR professionals are always seeking technology solutions to simplify their job.  These solutions cover onboarding, communication, employee well-being, analytics, and learning and development.

As technology continues to advance, the HR tech landscape is evolving. In 2023, with the progress of AI and blockchain, there are many intriguing trends to keep an eye on. 

Attend HR tech conferences to stay updated on the latest trends and innovations. These conferences help you with valuable insights and answers from industry leaders.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top HR technology conferences in 2023. So please grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

Upcoming HR Tech Conferences to Look Out For in 2023

The events below gather HR leaders and tech experts to discuss the latest HR trends in the industry. Attendees can access the latest research, best practices, and advanced HR tech solutions.

These HR Tech conferences are a hub for insightful sessions. You can join sessions on talent acquisition, employee engagement, diversity, inclusion, and leadership. Also, learn about exciting use cases of AI, machine learning, and blockchain technology.

Here are 5 HR conferences happening in 2023 that are worth checking out.

  1. HR Transform (March 27-29, 2023)

Location: Las Vegas

HR Transform is a three-day conference bringing together HR leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs. At this conference, speakers will discuss the latest HR technology trends and innovations. The conference talks about AI, data analytics, and employee engagement in different sessions. You can also attend a startup pitch competition and an expo hall to check out the latest HR tech solutions. 

2. HR Festival Asia (May 10-11, 2023)

Location: Singapore

HR Festival Asia is a major event for HR professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. The event features keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions. These sessions cover topics including talent management, employee engagement, and leadership development. The expo hall will showcase the latest HR technology solutions.  Each year, the conference draws thousands of attendees. It is a great way of networking and learning about the latest HR trends and technologies. 

3. SHRM Annual Conference & Expo (June 11-14, 2023)

Location: Las Vegas (in-person) & Global Access (virtual)

The SHRM Annual Conference & Expo is a major event for HR professionals and leaders. It covers talent acquisition, engagement, diversity, and leadership through keynotes, panels, and sessions. Attendees can also take part in a startup pitch competition. It offers networking opportunities and innovative ideas to take back to your organization.  

4. HR Technology Conference (October 10-13, 2023)

Location: Las Vegas

The HR Technology Conference is a great event that features HR Women in technology. It has virtual and in-person options, providing flexibility to attendees. People can learn from experts, network, attend sessions, and visit the expo hall.

The Women in HR Technology Summit will also be a part of the conference that helps connect with other women. The topics include diversity and inclusion, leadership, and technological advancements.  Also, you can receive a certificate of attendance to apply for certification credits.

5. HRTechX (TBA, 2023)

Location: London, United Kingdom

HRTechX is a conference that spans 3 days.  The event brings together HR leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs from across the globe.  You’ll hear from these experts in keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions. The sessions will discuss new technologies and help you learn best practices. This helps you improve your HR processes and drive business success. HRTechX covers a diverse range of topics, making it a must-attend event for anyone involved in HR.  

Why You Should Attend HR Tech Conferences?

HR tech conferences offer benefits for attendees and organizers. 

Attendees get a chance to learn from experts, discover new technologies, and network. Keeping up with HR tech trends is a need for success in the technology-focused future.

Organizers can showcase products, generate leads, and build relationships with industry partners. Conferences also establish thought leadership in the HR technology space.

In conclusion, HR Tech conferences are a great way to explore and learn from experts in the HR space.

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Best HR Tech Conferences 2023

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