10 Best Virtual Exhibition Platforms (2024)

Virtual event and conference platforms are a great way to reach a wider audience while simultaneously reducing your event costs. However, you will need to think of a lot more if you’re organizing a virtual exhibition. A great virtual exhibition platform should have a virtual environment that promotes human interaction, has great networking features, some fun gamification tools, event analytics, and more.

If you’re not sure what you should be looking for when searching for the best virtual exhibition platform for your next event, this list can help.

10 Best Virtual Exhibition Platforms in 2024

1. vFairs

vFairs is one of the best virtual exhibition platforms that will help you initiate, create, market, and manage your virtual exhibition. vFairs offers some fantastic networking, marketing, and analytics features that will help you wow a global audience. 

When you’re looking for the best virtual exhibition platform, you need to think of the features as value-adds for event hosts, exhibitors, and attendees. vFairs offers something for everyone as it will assist you as an event host with event management features, help exhibitors with booth features unlike any other, and wow attendees with a remarkable virtual environment and engagement capabilities.  

vFairs: Key Features 

Virtual Environment

An example of a customized lobby design in the vFairs, your best virtual exhibition platforms.
An example of a customized lobby design in the vFairs virtual event platform.

An impressive environment for your next virtual exhibition can wow attendees and make a solid impact. vFairs offers some game-changing virtual environment features that are fully customizable to your needs. The virtual environment is one of the most loved features on the vFairs platform and includes rooms like a main lobby, auditoriums, immersive exhibit halls, and engaging networking lounges. 

The virtual expo platform environment offers customizable animated avatars and virtual booths for exhibitors and sponsors. The 3D designs are realistic and will instantly hook attendees. Whether you want a simple layout with color changes and branding or want to mirror an actual physical venue, nothing is impossible.

Networking Features

vFairs offers advanced networking features like Spatial Networking with customizable environments.
vFairs offers advanced networking features like Spatial Networking with customizable environments.

Without effective event networking features, your virtual event can fall flat. You need to choose the best virtual exhibition platform that offers immersive networking opportunities for attendees and exhibitors alike. 

The vFairs platform offers video, audio, and text chat capabilities along with more novel features like Spatial Connect, roundtables, and smart matchmaking. These new networking features will make networking online a more natural experience for your attendees and exhibitors. Striking up a conversation can be much simpler with ice-breaking questions in smart matchmaking and a more natural setting with Spatial Connect. Topic-based roundtables also make it easier for attendees to join in the conversations that they’re most interested in and connect with like-minded people.

Apart from these features, vFairs also makes it easier for attendees to connect with ad-hoc chatrooms, QR code contact sharing through the mobile app, a meeting scheduler, and profile search. 

Interactive Exhibit Hall

This animation shows a customized exhibit hall in the vFairs platform
vFairs can customize exhibit hall designs with interactive booth features.

A virtual exhibition, at its heart, is all about disseminating information and showcasing products and services by exhibitors to the event attendees. Most of this information sharing will take place through the exhibit hall through virtual booths. Therefore, the importance of choosing a virtual booth platform with an interactive and innovative exhibit hall cannot be overstated. vFairs offers great features for the exhibit hall that can both improve the physical look and the practicality of your virtual exhibition.

The virtual exhibit hall software offers a few different hall views to choose from and you can completely design the booth layouts from scratch. You can also add multiple halls to the same event with completely different functionality. The vFairs team also provides training videos, catch-up calls, and live day support to facilitate exhibitors even more. 

Impressive Booth Feature Set

Virtual exhibitions are all about sharing information at the booth. The vFairs exhibit booths allow you to talk to everyone who has a question, provide them with the right information, upload downloadable documents to your booth, link out to external pages, and so much more. One of the most impressive features is the chat queueing feature inside booth chats. It can make it a lot easier to handle the traffic at your booth. 

Your virtual expos’ exhibitors can also choose from multiple professional-looking booth design templates and then make them their own. You can also add custom graphics and avatars and use your brand’s colors. Book meetings, give visitors access to useful resources, and allow them to interact with booth reps through booth chat. 

You would think that all these virtual exhibit platform features mean it will be difficult to set up the booth, but that’s the easiest part. The booth setup starts from a simple form where exhibitors can upload all the booth content and that’s it, they’re set.  

Document Hosting

vFairs event platform can host documents, videos, and other resources within the exhibit booths.
vFairs event platform can host documents, videos, and other resources within the exhibit booths.

vFairs, one of the best virtual exhibition platforms, offers unlimited document uploads within the virtual booths. Exhibitors can upload documents, videos, presentations, brochures, etc., for booth visitors. When visitors find something worthwhile, they can save it for viewing later in their virtual swag bag. This makes it easy for attendees to gather information without being overwhelmed by too much at once. It is a convenient option that adds value to the overall attendee experience.

E-Commerce Module

The vFairs online virtual exhibition platform offers specific features for e-commerce that are ideal for any virtual exhibition. The e-commerce features help your exhibitors enlist and showcase products within booths and manage their customers efficiently. The module allows you to create dynamic product listings through a customizable form. You can organize and list products by categories and incorporate your organization’s sales hierarchy by assigning customers to specific sales reps.     

Lead Capture App

vFairs also offers an event lead capture app to streamline the process of lead capture at events. Exhibitors at your virtual exhibition can utilize the app to scan, capture, and score leads. The app allows you to integrate with the virtual events platform seamlessly and sync all data with a CRM or marketing automation software. Moreover, the app itself has an analytics dashboard for quicker analysis of event ROI.

Event Marketing

Various means available for virtual event marketing through the vFairs platform marketing solutions.
Various means available for virtual event marketing through the vFairs platform marketing solutions.

vFairs is more than just a platform to host virtual events, you can also use it to market your events. The event planning phase will start with designing a custom landing page for your event. You can also choose a custom URL for the landing page and design it however you want. The landing page can help you draw more traffic and registrations and is a great way to share event information and agenda. 

You can leverage the AI-powered tools to create marketing collateral quickly and efficiently. The platform also offers a built-in email marketing engine that allows you to design customized emails and build email lists. Target specific user types or groups with email segmentation, for example, an email sent out to logged in attendees only.  

Event Reporting & Analytics

You can set up live and post-event event analytics reports through vFairs.
You can set up live and post-event event analytics reports through vFairs.

Event analytics can be a fantastic way to gauge the success of your event with real numbers and statistics. vFairs offers multiple analytics dashboards for event organizers and booth exhibitors. The booth Exhibitor Dashboard can show tabulations for booth visits, link clicks, resource downloads, and other metrics. This is a stand-out feature that can take your virtual exhibition up a notch.

Other metrics also include real-time event analytics, user journeys for exhibitors and organizers, resource downloads, product views, etc. You can also download a detailed post-event analytics report that has all you need to know to understand the highs and lows of your event. If you don’t want to manually sift through reports, you can use the AI Reporting Chatbot. Use conversational language to ask the chatbot questions and get the numbers you’re looking for.

Event Gamification Tools

Virtual leaderboards in the vFairs platform can make your virtual exhibition more fun and engaging.
Virtual leaderboards in the vFairs platform can make your virtual exhibition more fun and engaging.

As an event host, there is a lot that you can do to help your attendees feel more engaged at the event. Gamification tools like scavenger hunts, trivia, spin the wheel, and leaderboard are effective features of the vFairs platform. Not only do they make your event fun and memorable, they are also a way to generate more revenue.

You can add sponsored games to your event and add more value to your sponsorship proposals. Hiding scavenger hunt items in specific areas of the platform can help boost traffic to a webinar or a booth. Leaderboards can help you motivate your attendees to perform certain actions like logging in every day, attending a webinar, etc. Prizes can also be sponsored for leaderboard winners, spin the wheel, or trivia.

vFairs Pricing

vFairs does not offer upfront pricing as they can customize every aspect of your event to offer a special package. You can easily book a demo with vFairs and talk to their sales team to get a curated quote for your next event.

Pros & Cons


“From the beginning of our Learning at Work Week platform, Ahmed Sajjad provided amazing customer service and was always focused on our goals. The Platform enabled us to host a wide range of learning activities, from within Booths, to Webinars, with a global reach and no platform accessibility issues.” – Julie C, Learning Technology Specialist


“Unfortunately, I have no dislikes about vFairs. When you have a virtual event platform that goes above and beyond in supporting its clients, look no further than vFairs. I would recommend others who are seeking a partner in the virtual event space.” – Cassandra H

2. EventX

EventX - Virtual Events, Exhibits, Classes & Online Meeting
EventX – Virtual Events, Exhibits, Classes & Online Meeting

EventX makes it to our list of the best virtual exhibition platforms as it promises to make your virtual exhibitions global with increased attendance and engagement for your business. They offer some basic virtual event features such as live streaming options, virtual booths, lead generation, and secure payments. However, the virtual event platform might be a few steps behind when it comes to networking features. Spatial networking, roundtables, breakout rooms, etc., can be a great way to bring exhibitors and attendees together and EventX does not have such capabilities.

EventX: Key Features

Reliable Hosting Platform

The EventX hosting platform offers a virtual venue for your virtual exhibitions. You can set up an event website, marketing campaigns, and manage your contact lists through the same platform. It also offers an immersive environment with virtual booths that exhibitors can customize according to their brand image. 

The virtual exhibition platform also offers some networking features so that exhibitors can connect with attendees. All these features are very high-level that a basic online exhibition platform needs to have. So, EventX can be a reliable hosting platform for an online expo if that’s all you’re looking for but there are more advanced platforms also available.

Event Marketing Capabilities

Getting the word out about your event and making sure it reaches the right audience is an important step in the process. EventX tries to solve that problem with its lead capture and email marketing features. 

You can use the platform to manage your contact lists and use their built-in lead capture feature to generate leads and spread information about your product or services. However, some users believe that the program does not offer detailed instructions and can sometimes be difficult to navigate. 

Moreover, they offer an email tool that can automate your campaigns and send out event invites but the features are basic and nothing out of the ordinary. For example, no segmentation is available and there are no AI tools to help generate marketing content quickly.

EventX Pricing

EventX offers three different payment tiers that offer varying feature sets. If you’re looking to host a small event, you can opt for the EventX Lite which is free to sign up for. There are no pricing details available for the other two tiers: EventX Pro and Virtual Event & Expo and you will need to contact their sales department for a customized plan.

Pros & Cons


“Easy to use, UI friendly, lite version is enough to run a small event.” – Konie T., Business Analyst 

“The product is very easy to use. As an event organizer, the administration work including ticketing, attendance management, reporting, is usually the heavy lifting work – but EventX helps us to streamline everything – saving a lot of admin work and time where we can focus on marketing. By the way, they also help you market the event with their network.” – Hin Lok C., Co-Founder


“I dislike one thing about this product and i.e., it always creates confusion to organize any event. It is because the clients need proper description and instruction about any product they are going to use for themselves but it lacks in explaining the clients with proper description about their product.” – Olivier G., President

“It might be a little complicated to have the virtual expo set up.” – Vivian L., Marketing & Communications Officer 

3. Hexafair

Hexafair can help you host virtual & hybrid events
Hexafair can help you host virtual & hybrid events

Hexafair claims that they can replicate the entire floor plan for your in-person exhibition onto a virtual venue in five minutes. That is a bold claim as you can expect other best virtual exhibition platforms to take at least two weeks to set up your virtual event. Some other features include ticketing and registration, contact card sharing, and customized 3D avatars.

Hexafair can be a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable, quick, and interactive virtual exhibition venue. However, there are not a lot of engagement features to connect attendees and exhibitors. 

Hexafair: Key Features

Immersive 3D Experience

Hexafair is one of the best virtual exhibition platforms that offers a 3D avatar and environment experience that not many competitors offer. The virtual expo software can mimic a real in-person venue as well if you want virtual attendees to attend a digital twin for your organization’s building. The Metaverse environment can be a step closer to making your attendees feel more engaged in a virtual setting. However, it does not make up for a lack of more robust networking and gamification features.

As a competitor, vFairs also offers a fully immersive 3D environment with animated avatars, customizable virtual expo booth options, and customized mirror images for in-person venues. But on top of all that, it also has novel engagement features like roundtables, Spatial Networking, group and 1:1 audio and video chats, Smart Matchmaking, etc. 

Event Analytics

The Control Panel within the platform offers great insights into the overall activity happening in the exhibition. The analytics can track various metrics like booth activity, lead capture, and attendee information. Exhibitors get access to downloadable reports that can help them understand and gauge attendees’ interest in their booth. They can also transfer these reports to a CRM instantaneously.

Event Branding

If you are looking for ultimate customization, Hexafair can help you with that. They offer a robust and 360-degree branded virtual event platform. You can design your event to showcase all your products and services to a wider audience and use your organization’s branding around the lobbies and virtual expo halls. 

The customizable event branding can also be a great way to sell more sponsorship deals for your virtual exhibition. The customization allows you to consider more spaces for sponsorship visibility. You can add sponsor logos around all the rooms of the platform and can even host sponsored webinars and other events.

Hexafair Pricing

Hexafair has a pricing page on its website. They mention three different licenses that you can get on a monthly or per event basis. However, they don’t mention pricing for any of their plans. You will have to get in touch with the sales team to get more details. 

Pros & Cons 


“I especially want to commend the live streaming services and chatbot that promoted a positive tone for the event. This is the most effective tool that I have encountered. It demonstrated positive and supportive team functioning of co-operation and cohesiveness.” – Sureshkumar M., Software Engineer 

“The platform is very easy to set up. It just takes 5 mins to set up the event. Comes with all integrations and responsive features. Live chats, on-demand videos, streaming, broadcasting, breakout rooms and many more. Also provides a unique event website feature. No hidden costs in registration and ticketing.” – Rekha N., Digital Advertising 


“I like to see more native integrations with CRMs and email marketing tools.” – Vimal G., Marketing Manager 

“No Facebook or Youtube Live Streams can be embedded. 3D Models could be improved slightly.” – Martin S., Managing Director

4. Dreamcast

Dreamcast logo
Dreamcast – Bringing world-class event experiences to you

Dreamcast is an all-in-one virtual events platform that offers a 360-degree virtual environment to give your virtual exhibition an immersive feel. Dreamcast offers end-to-end support for designing and executing a virtual exhibition with immersive exhibit booths and 1:1 communication channels. It offers a unique DIY booth-builder that can facilitate the complete customization of virtual booths for exhibitors and vendors. 

However, it might not be the best option compared to others according to user reviews on G2. The event configuration option is rated 2% below average on G2 and might be a bit complicated for most users. Reporting and networking features also fall short as the G2 rating based on user reviews put them as 2% below average.

Dreamcast: Key Features

DIY Booth Builder

Dreamcast offers a do-it-yourself-style booth builder that offers immense customization capabilities. You can choose the style of your booth and build it as per your likes and dislikes. The booth can have your choice of buttons, tabs, color, banners, and company branding. You can edit and change even the smallest details like the colors and shapes of buttons on your booth. The booth builder also allows touchpoint customizations to make the attendee experience more seamless.

However, the customization options available don’t seem to be as effective or impactful as marketed by Dreamcast and something like advanced networking tools could’ve been a better addition instead. The shape and color of buttons are less important than basic functionalities like booth networking features, document hosting, external link tabs, etc. So, it might be a good addition to have but it isn’t a proprietary or must-have feature.

Communication Integrations

Dreamcast offers a series of third-party integrations for attendee and exhibitor communication. This is one of the reasons we’ve included it in the best virtual exhibition platform list. You can integrate apps like WhatsApp and Zoom to ease communication among all attendees. The platform also offers a meeting scheduler and agenda builder for attendees. 

Exhibitors and attendees can search for others during the event and set up meetings with them through the B2B meeting scheduler. There are multiple methods of 1:1 communication as well such as audio, video, and group chat features.

Dreamcast Pricing

Dreamcast offers no information about their pricing on their website. You won’t find a standalone pricing page or any information about how they calculate and give out price quotes. The only way to connect with them is to fill out a small online form requesting a product demo. However, according to G2, they have three different pricing tiers – the basic, lite, and pro.

Pros & Cons


“The best thing about the entire virtual event has to be the incredible assistance that team Dreamcast provided throughout the event. Every time I had any problem, the Dreamcast team was there to assist me through the event.” – Kishan S., SEO Specialist 

“I like gamification the best. I have never experienced a virtual meeting with so much fun. The leaderboard even increased the enthusiasm in my team. I guess AR/VR games are the best you can get.” – Hinal S., Search Engine Optimization Expert 


“Since the exhibition had multiple sessions going on simultaneously, I got a bit confused and wasn’t able to navigate through the platform and find the session I wanted to attend.” – Monika B., Social Media Consultant 

“I wish there was even more coordination concerning deliverables of the product giving us the best experience and bang for the buck.” – Harish V.

5. Accelevents

Accelevents – Event Management & Marketing Software

Accelevents promises to offer an immersive virtual exhibition experience with unique exhibit booths, workshops, keynote speaker sessions, and breakout rooms. You can host a full-scale virtual event with Accelevents and wow attendees with Accelevents’ features set. 

The exhibit hall is a value add for attendees who want to extract the most information out of the virtual exhibition and tiered sponsorship packages can also help event hosts generate more revenue. However, according to user reviews on G2, the event settings can be a bit complicated. Users have also reported experiencing a lag during the sessions damaging the user experience.  

Accelevents: Key Features

Customized Exhibit Hall

Similar to other competitors, Accelevents’ virtual exhibit hall platform also offers a customizable exhibit hall and multiple options for booth setup for all exhibitors. Vendors at the event can easily set up their booths using the booth builder. Exhibitors can leave a digital footprint by adding company logos and branding to the booth.

The booths in the 3D virtual exhibition platform also include effective networking features that can help exhibitors turn passive leads into buying customers. You can connect with booth visitors through 1:1 chats, promo videos, and add downloadable materials to the booth. The exhibit hall also offers a dedicated live stream through the booth which is a functionality that most competitors don’t have.

Booth Exhibitor Dashboard

Exhibitors at the booths will get access to live event statistics such as booth visits, link clicks, resource downloads, and other such metrics. 

This is comparable to the Exhibitor Dashboard offered by vFairs and has similar functionality. However, vFairs also offers live event analytics for event admins or organizers. You can still follow-up with the booth analytics on Accelevents to gauge which exhibitor content resonated the most with attendees. But a separate event admin dashboard can give more detailed analytics such as registration data, webinar views and engagement, etc.   

People Page

Accelevents also has a People Page that is a list of all the event attendees at once place. This can be a good way for event exhibitors to capture more leads at the virtual exhibition. You can take a look around the attendee list and connect with the most promising leads. This way, the platform helps bring the exhibitors to the attendees instead of the other way around.

However, this may not be as effective as it sounds because there is no guarantee that the message will land well or that the attendees will be interested. A better way would be to attract attendees to your booth by putting up downloadable resources, taking part in panel discussions, or hosting sponsored webinars.

Accelevents Pricing 

Accelevents offers a transparent pricing page on their website that has separate plans for per event and unlimited event licenses. Packages include: 

  • Professional plan starts at $5000 per event. 
  • Business plan starting from $12000 per event.
  • Enterprise plan
  • White Label plan

The pricing details aren’t available for Enterprise and White Label on the website but you can get in touch with the sales team to know more. You can also create a customized plan with elective add-ons such as a mobile app, dedicated customer support, etc. 

Pros & Cons


“The user interface is relatively straightforward once you get used to the navigation. I liked how attendees at our event were able to create their own personalized profiles. The chat function was also a huge plus.” – Brenna S., Student 

“Very user friendly. The customer service is very much on top of things.” – Anonymous Verified User in Higher Education 


“In session, the lag time was frustrating. When questions were asked of the presenter(s), there was a disconnect between asking and answering. The backstage communication did not work the way we thought it was supposed to.” – Anonymous Verified User in Non-Profit Organization Management 

“We received comments from our exhibitors that they wished they could have viewed the calendars and availabilities of other exhibitors in their booth…. The pricing was also unclear to our group until after the event was held. Several exhibitors did not like the restrictions on logo sizes when creating their virtual booths.” – Brenna S., Student

6. Whova 

Whova – Epic Virtual Events

Whova offers a lead retrieval app for interactive virtual exhibitions that attract attendees and exhibitors. Their primary focus for the virtual exhibition is to convert leads into buying customers and their messaging promotes a more transactional type of event. However, they also offer interesting features for feature, service, or product showcases.

If you’re looking for a mobile app for virtual exhibitions, Whova can be a good choice but you’ll need to invest in exhibitor training beforehand as the user guide provided might not be enough for non-tech savvy users. Let’s talk about some of its key features.

Whova: Key Features

Exhibit Booths 

The Whova mobile app and desktop platform offer interactive exhibit halls and booths for exhibitors to showcase their products and services. You can attract more visitors, generate leads, and make profits all through the exhibit hall within the app. Exhibitors can build an innovative and interactive exhibit hall showcase to bring their products front and center. 

The booths can also offer more brand visibility to exhibitors and event sponsors. High-paying exhibitors can get more advanced features in their exhibit booths. The demo features also include adding videos to the booths for attendees to watch and learn more about the service. Exhibitors can host documents, presentations, and brochures inside the exhibit halls as well.

Networking & Gamification

The Whova virtual platform has effective networking features and gamification tools to make the event more interactive and fun. It can be easier to attract attendees with games such as trivia, a passport contest, and a leaderboard. You can also give away prizes and coupons to the winners. 

Networking features of Whova have been rated 10% above average by users on G2. They include 1:1 messaging and video chat options as well as group communication. However, they lack additional features like matchmaking and spatial connect that can add more value to the attendee’s experience.

Capture Leads & Contacts

Whova facilitates lead capture and integrations with CRM software like Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.. This way, you can maintain all your data through the same platform and don’t have to move it around manually. You can collect the leads through QR code scans and record booth interactions as well. The app also makes contact card sharing virtual, effortless, and easy. Exhibitors can search for relevant leads through attendee profiles and schedule meetings with the best prospects. 

Whova Pricing

Whova does not offer any pricing details on their website and you will need to get in touch with the sales team to get more information. There is a short online form that you can fill out and the relevant representative will contact you.

Pros & Cons


“I appreciate the event agenda being in one place in my hand. I like that the entire agenda is there, and I can create my agenda directly from it-adding, adjusting and changing it if I need to.” – Nancy B., Second Grade Teacher 

“Whova is constantly improving, adding new exciting features, and they have found ways to build in networking and Community Board features that make even virtual attendees feel connected. Most importantly, their customer service is top-notch. “ Michelle S., Executive Director 


“The Zoom integration is great, but creating 50+ sessions with meetings/webinars is time consuming. “ – Ryan G., Online Resources Officer 

“The interface for uploading PDFs to my session was a little confusing because it was embedded within my profile page.” – Patrick B., Program Manager

7. Swapcard

Swapcard – Event platform for all event types

Swapcard claims to offer a solution to completely digitalize your virtual exhibition and increase ROI. They are one of the key players in the industry and offer a unique feature set that can help you set up an event that’s easy to navigate, offers innovative networking features, and increases revenue digitally.

However, the platform does not offer a lot of streaming and customization options. You may end up wanting more in terms of the overall feel and virtual environment of the event. Their primary focus might be in-person or hybrid events..

Swapcard: Key Features

Exhibitor Booths

Swapcard offers virtual booth options for exhibitors to showcase their products to the attendees. However, there aren’t too many customization or demonstration options available. Other competitors mentioned above can integrate third-party apps and even help you set up a product showcase within the booth. Swapcard offers a simple solution without any frills to it. Exhibitors who want to make their product the star can have a good time with Swapcard.

Interactive Webinars & Presentations 

Swapcard aims to make your virtual events more interactive and end webinar fatigue. Boring 1:1 meetings and presentations can take the fun out of any virtual event and Swapcard adds some fun additions to make it better. You can use the backstage options from Swapcard to attract and engage your attendees and glue them to their screens. 

Attendees can engage with each other through webinar breakrooms, panels, chat rooms, roundtables, and live discussions. You can also collect live feedback through Q&As and polls during webinars. The feature set is very high-level though and many competitors can have an edge over Swapcard.

Event Statistics & Lead Capture

Swapcard can make your event more successful by offering easy integrations with CRM software and capturing leads that can convert. When an attendee interacts with a booth, they are captured as a potential lead. You can also get your hands on attendee and booth stats that further help you gauge event success. The more data you have, the easier it can be to build a post-event feedback and follow-up campaign. 

Swapcard Pricing

You will find four different plans on the pricing page of Swapcard’s website. The plans are:

  • Free: For small events with up to 100 attendees.
  • Starter: For up to 1500 attendees, starting from $1,064.
  • Professional: For more than 1500 attendees, starting from $6,438.
  • Enterprise: For multiple event licenses annually, get in touch with the sales team for price details. 

Pros & Cons


“Users can navigate public content quickly; we can build the experience by tailoring it to the event activities and schedule. In our case, we have a massive and complex program, and we can map it to Swapcard in a way its easy to navigate.” – Eduardo C., Organizer 

“The client service is very good. They are following up closely and are very friendly. You always have the same contact points which is great.” – Chloe D., Event Manager 


“It was not as simple as I hoped to share documents, but there were a number of workarounds that the support team provided, which did meet our needs. I would love to see a “documents” option for the content display buttons.” – Anonymous Verified User in Higher Education 

“The onboarding experience for users could be better; having single sign-on with Google auth improves it, but you need to build it outside and hook it up via SAML. Also, the back office gets a bit slow, and you need a lot of clicks to edit sessions when the number goes over 100.” – Eduardo C., Organizer

8. Pheedloop

Pheedloop – Powerful Event Automation Platform

Pheedloop offers 3D customizable booth options and fantastic sponsorship options which makes it a great choice as a virtual exhibitions platform. If you are looking for a platform that covers all the basics and will make hosting a virtual event easier, then choose Pheedloop. 

The platform may not offer truly innovative or standout features, but it does the job that it promises to do. You can offer custom booths to exhibitors, offer promotional spaces for sponsors, create floor plans, and manage the entire event through a single platform.

Pheedloop: Key Features

Exhibit Halls & Floor Plans

Pheedloop offers unique 3D virtual booths with live video capabilities that set it apart from other expo platforms. This feature can be exclusively great for virtual exhibitions as live streaming video can be a great way to showcase products and send out information. Along with the live video, the virtual booths also have interactive networking options, document hosting, chat options, and style customization.

Another additional feature of the platform is the interactive floor plan. Floor plans can be great for virtual exhibitions as they help attendees better plan and visualize how they’re going to spend their time during the event. They can check out all the exhibitors present in one go and make an agenda of which booths to visit later on. This may not make a lot of difference for exhibitors, but is a huge value add for attendees.

Sponsorship Options

Generating revenue is an important part of any virtual event as long as you want some ROI. One of the best ways to do it is to collect sponsors for your event. Pheedloop offers over 20 different options for promoting sponsors and exhibitors in the most creative ways at your event. No other platform puts so much focus on its ability to offer effective sponsorship visibility for creating a new revenue stream for event hosts. 

Some of the fun ways to attract more sponsors to the Pheedloop platform are a sponsored photo booth, sponsored live stream backgrounds, adding sponsor logos and banners, and sending out push notifications.

Pheedloop Pricing

Pheedloop does not offer pricing details through its website. So, you will have to fill out an online form to get any information about their pricing criteria or to get a quote. However, they promise to send out price quotes instantly after you fill out the form and you will receive some other resources like case studies and product demos as well.

Pros & Cons


“I am not tech savvy but setting up a virtual event portal using Pheedloop has been simple, efficient and intuitive.” – Jennifer S., Director 

“The platform offers lots of customization without you needing to know how to code, which is awesome. The support team is very responsive and helpful, and they share our suggestions with the developers’ team which already implemented several of them. It’s very easy to learn how to use it.” – May V., Event Coordinator  


“The downside is Pheedloop is a do-it-yourself program so this may not work for people who want to outsource the entire process.” – Jennifer S., Director  

“Support – we ended up using our internal support instead of Pheedloops.” – Anonymous Verified User in Non-Profit Organization Management

9. Remo

Remo - Virtual Exhibition Platform
Remo – Virtual Exhibition Platform

Remo is an immersive virtual event and meeting platform that lets you recreate natural interactions in any kind of gathering, from global events to remote work meetings. With Remo, your online exhibition will look and feel the same as a real one. Your guests can walk around and stop at an exhibitor’s booth to ask questions, get information, network in the exhibition hall, andt more.

You can use the pre-built environments that come with Remo, make your environment just the way you want it, or get it made professionally. The platform offers a lot, however, it can be challenging for beginners who are using it for the first time as the setup can be confusing.

Remo: Key Features

Virtual Booths

Remo works with tables that you can use for breakout sessions, group workshops, private conversations, or in this case, as booths for your virtual exhibition. Each table is like a virtual booth at a fair. You can add content, pictures of new products, links, and posters to each table with whiteboards. However, this can be hard to navigate for users.

Virtual Environment

Your virtual event platform should be a fun place where your attendees and managing directors can engage and network, just like they would at an actual exhibition. They can do lead generation projects and make new partnerships. You can then notify them when a presentation is about to begin. Remu offers a virtual environment that helps your attendees network with each other and make lasting connections.

Remo Pricing

According to their website, Remo offers three different types of plans. They are: 

  • Starter: From $380 per month
  • One-Time Events: Get in touch for pricing
  • Enterprise: Get in touch for pricing 

Pros & Cons


“I love how large groups of people can gather, move around freely, share, collaborate & connect so easily while networking.” Sue S., President 

“Nice and easy platform to join an online event. It enables attendees to see who is at the table.” – Anonymous Verified User in International Trade 


“On-boarding takes up a lot of our time – each event we stage has a new set of speakers and attendees – onboarding speakers and hosts is particularly time-consuming BUT it is getting easier as we learn new hacks!” – Anonymous Verified User in Renewables & Environment 

“Even though it is easy to navigate and understand, it is confusing and difficult sometimes for first-time users.” – Anonymous Verified User in Higher Education

10. RingCentral (Formerly Hopin)

RingCentral – virtual exhibition platform

RingCentral (previously Hopin) is one of the top rated virtual event platforms with a 4.5 stars rating from 883 reviews on G2. RingCentral makes a tall claim to offer an immersive virtual exhibition platform with the ability to design customized exhibit halls in minutes. However, G2 user reviews rate its event configuration capabilities 3% below average. 

RingCentral offers a lot of great features but there are some drawbacks as well. For instance, it might be on the pricier side of things so it can be a choice only if you’re not worried about staying on a budget. Moreover, events with RingCentral don’t look to be as immersive as those from competitors like vFairs who offer a 3D virtual environment. This can lead to usability issues, particularly with your non-tech-savvy audience. 

RingCentral: Key Features

Customizable Virtual Exhibit Booth

RingCentral offers easy to customize setup for exhibit booths and they claim that you can set up multiple virtual exhibit halls within minutes. This is a bold claim as setting up an event with other platforms can take up to two weeks at times. Exhibitors can completely customize their booths to reflect their brand’s style and products. They also offer branded content and document hosting and customizable call to action buttons within the booth.

Exhibitors can also use some third-party integrations within their booths that facilitate product demos. You can set up the demo through a presentation slide, set up a YouTube playlist and demonstrate through videos, or even share your story through a Miro whiteboard.

Sponsor Visibility 

Offering a sponsorship deal to potential exhibitors can increase their chances of setting up a booth at your virtual event. You can offer sponsorship proposals with great visibility options through the RingCentral platform. The customization options make it possible to put sponsored content, logos, and branding throughout the interactive platform.

Event Analytics & Lead Capture

Virtual exhibitions are all about spreading awareness about your product and service while capturing potential leads. RingCentral is one of the few platforms that makes lead generation and capture an easier process for everyone. You can use the platform to build out email campaigns for the potential connections you’ve made and integrate with Salesforce, Zapier, and other CRM platforms.

It also offers event analytics tools for exhibitors and event hosts. You can gauge various booth and event metrics to draw conclusions about how well the content is landing for your attendees. However, G2 user reviews also rate RingCentral’s advanced reporting tools 4% below average which can be an important consideration for exhibitors at your event.   

RingCentral Pricing

RingCentral has a standalone pricing page on its website that offers transparent insights into their payment plans. You can choose to take advantage of a monthly license if your events are further apart or you’re only looking to host one. For more frequent hosting, you can choose an annual plan and save 15% on licensing costs.

There are three different paid subscriptions: Starter, Growth, and Advanced Plans. You can get a Starter license for $99 per month, Growth for $799 a month, and devise a customized plan with sales on call for Advanced package options. They also offer a basic free plan with minimal features and smaller events with up to 100 attendees.

Pros & Cons


“The analytics feature is fantastic, allowing you to see in real-time what is going on at the event, as well as analyzing data post-event.” – Ollie J., Festival Director 

“Everything we wanted to feature, we were able to integrate into Hopin (RingCentral) so it became the one and only destination for our attendees.” – Nia G., Program Coordinator 


“The software is pricey and not customizable enough. For how much we are paying we should be able to make more changes.” – Anonymous Verified User in Fund Raising 

“We noticed a few minor bugs in the platform, which may have been fixed by now. Also, their support team needs to react quickly to user queries.” – Dhiren G., Global Head of Events


Are virtual exhibition platforms free?

Most virtual exhibition platforms have various payment packages depending upon the added feature set. You may be able to find a free package with basic features for a small duration event with less than 100 attendees. However, for longer events with more attendees you will have to purchase a paid license.

How long does it take to set up a virtual exhibition?

It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to set up an entire virtual exhibition depending upon the platform and the extent of the customization you choose.

How do I choose a virtual exhibition?

Here are a few tips to choose the best virtual exhibition platform:
- Start planning out what you want from the event at least three months in advance.
- Make a list of the best virtual exhibition platforms that you may come across.
- Read user reviews about all of them on sites like G2 or Capterra.
- Make a pros and cons list for each.
- Compare the pros and cons of each platform to your actual requirement from the event.
- Get in touch with the sales team of the platform you choose and start planning your next event.

What is a virtual exhibition?

A virtual exhibition, often called a virtual expo, is an online event that showcases products and services or gives out information to a remote/global audience.

10 Best Virtual Exhibition Platforms (2024)

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